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2018 was a bit of a sucky year for me in terms of blogging and some personal aspects of my life. I really ran out of momentum and motivation and had a blogging break without meaning to. Once you slip into not being active of social media and not creating content, it can be sooo hard to get back into the swing of things. I love creating content for my blog and YouTube but I just find it so hard to stay motivated with a full time job. I've realised though, I definitely am happiest when I'm actively blogging, so I want to make much more of an effort this year to get back into the swing of things.

What better post to get back into blogging, than a little hello to 2019 and the things I have planned for this year...

Get married. Although there were things in my life that were pretty crap in 2018, it wasn't all bad - I did get engaged and started planning my dream wedding! (and we got 2 adorable kitties). This year in August I get to marry the love of my life and my best friend. We are so excited for this day and we've been spending our time recently (and all of our money - hence the lack of hauls on my blog/youtube!) planning our dream day. It truly is gong to be magical and we cannot wait to be Mr & Mrs Lake. I've been wondering wether to change all of my blog/social media to Corrie Lake, it could be a nice little revamp - what do you think?

Honeymoon. Not only do I get to marry my dream man, but we've also booked a bit of a boujee (for us anyway) trip to Mexico (if you can't go all out on your honeymoon, then when can you!?). Simon and I have been together 4 years and we've never actually gone on a Summer beach holiday, we've only really been to London, Centre Parcs, Disneyland etc together - so kind of exhausting! We can't wait to have 11 days in a tropical paradise in a 5 star adult only resort, soaking up the sun as a newlywed couple. I will probably vlog some of our honeymoon as I would love to have the memories!

Start the process of buying our first home. This ones a bit of a stretch, hence why I say start the process.  Once we have the wedding out of the way, we will have some spare money to put towards our house savings. Hopefully by the end of the year we can start getting some advise from mortgage advisors and be able to buy our own house the following year. We want to own a home so badly and I really feel like unfortunately we can't move on with our life/family until we move. We live in a small 2 bedroom maisonette at the moment that would be too small to start a family and it's too small for me really to get a lot of blogging/YouTube works done. Our second bedroom is full with my wardrobe, laundry, Simon's clothes and desk and our freezer! We would love to start our own family and I know everyone says there's no perfect time - but I'm a big believer in there certainly can be a better time. I want to enjoy raising our children, not be stressed we have no room to even have a push chair!

Be more active on social media including instagram. As I haven't been posting recently on my blog and Youtube, I haven't really been active on social media. I just end up scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and not interacting. I wonder why I feel so lost in this community at the moment - it would help if I actually interacted with people or created content! I especially want to get into Instagram this year. I've never planned content for my Instagram itself, I always just post my new blog posts and maybe a few spur of the moment snaps. Recently I've really loved using Instagram though and I want to make a conscious effort to plan content and have fun on Instagram!

Plan and enjoy creating content again. I really did have a blogging slump in 2018. I think a lot of this could be to do with planning our wedding, as I've mentioned we've been putting every penny into being able to afford to get married and save for a house, it's left zilch for personal treats. I love to blog about new makeup/skincare purchases etc and there just hasn't been a lot of that recently. I need to find a way to blog on a budget and not rely on new purchases as post ideas. I want to put more time in planning my content and enjoy doing so. I think I'm going to start by brainstorming ideas and planning my posts a month at a time. Knowing I have a ton of ideas for my blog, really helps with my motivation and lets me enjoy creating my content. If you have any tips on how you plan your content, I'd love some advise!

Open and Etsy shop. Since we've been planning our wedding, I've been going to Etsy for a lot of the decorations and stationery. I've found so many small shops with gorgeous designs it's inspired me to create my own shop. I would like to design and print foil printed stationery. I've already created a few designs for save the dates, will you be my bridesmaid cards, seating plans etc and I've really been enjoying it. I've also been finding it hard to get the exact table plan design for my own wedding, I would love a copper hanging hoop plan. I've decided I'm going to make it myself and if it goes well, I'd love to add that to my shop too. I'm not too sure what to call my shop yet as I don't want to be restricted to just wedding and prints. Any ideas hit me up beauties! I want to be as prepared and professional as possible before starting my own shop, I'm hoping I can open in the next few months.

I'm very lucky to have an exciting year ahead of me with my wedding and honeymoon and I honestly feel like anything blog/YouTube wise will be an improvement for me this year as apposed to my crappy 2018 effort! I'm excited for 2019 and I'm not going to put pressure on myself with unrealistic blog goals like every other year. I just want to be happy with the content I'm creating and not disappear for a couple of months this year!

I'd love to know what you have planned for 2019 beauties?

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