Design.ME Hold.ME Three Ways Hairspray


Design.ME Hold.ME Three Ways Hairspray
I'm someone who is normally useless with hair, I either have my hair in a scruffy up do or I straighten it - that's as much effort as I usually put in. I would love to have gorgeous waves and curls everyday but they just drop out of my hair as it's long and thick and I normally just grab the most affordable hairspray available (that usually has a very strong granny scent!). So when Sparkle PR asked if they could send me some products of course I was up for trying the Design.ME Hold.Me Three Ways Hairspray.

Design.Me Hold.Me Three Ways is the perfect hairspray for all occasions. It's a unique adjustable hairspray that gives you the option for a light, medium or high hold. Having the choice is just a lifesaver. If you're like me and you normally just go for a straight look or you just want to keep your natural waves in place, the light option is perfect. Of course there are going to be times where you want a stronger hold (especially with all the Christmas and New Years parties coming up) and you can use the same hairspray for a party look too!
First off, I love the packing how cute is the baby pink!? It has a lovely soft feel to the bottle too, that makes the bottle so lovely to hold and use. The adjustable nozzle at the top is super easy to use all you need to do is switch the nozzle to your desired finish. I first tried the light hold on an everyday straight hair look. The hairspray itself is lovely and soft and has a light fragrance that isn't overpowering like many other sprays on the market! The hairspray made my hair feel soft and shiny and kept my hair straight and smooth all day long. I love that you have the lighter option, so your hair still has the natural movement in it, whilst keeping the flyaways at bay!
I decided to try the medium hold when I lightly curled my hair to go wedding dress shopping. Of course on my big day I'm going to step away from the straight hair, I would love some soft curls and I wanted to see what the dresses would look like whilst I had my hair done this way. I switched to the medium hold, to keep my curls in place. Again this keeps your hair lovely and smooth, but it also helps add a bit of volume and lift to your hair which was perfect for my soft curly look. This was the perfect day to try out what this hairspray could really do, as it was pretty much stormy in the UK! My hair had to battle the wind and spitting rain whilst we found the bridal shop from the carpark! Normally I would look like a drowned rat within 2 seconds of being out in that kind of weather, but honestly my hair still had it's loose curls in. I'm so happy I used this hairspray, as I managed to try on wedding dresses with a cute hairstyle, rather than a wet frizzy look.
I haven't got round to trying the high hold yet as it's more for up do's and tight curls, which is a rarity for me, but I have no doubt this would do the job. The Hold.ME Three Ways Hairspray also offers UV protection to help decrease sun damage on your gorgeous locks. I love how smooth this feels on my hair, there's not a crispy or crunchy hair in sight!

I love that this has made me put more effort into my hair and create some cute curled looks and also perfect my high ponytail. This really is THE perfect all rounder for any kind of hair style and for any occasion, wether you're just wanting to tame your baby hairs or wether you're getting ready on your wedding day and needing to hold those tight curls all day long. Not to mention how cute this looks on your dressing table!

I'm so impressed with the Design.ME Hold.ME Three Ways Hairspray and love that it's made me take more pride into my hair, I really want to try more products from them too. I have my eyes on the Puff.Me Volumising Powder Mist and the Fab.ME Hair Moisturising Mist.

Have your tried anything from Design.ME beauties?

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