12 Blog Prop Ideas To Up Your Blogging Game


12 Blog Prop Ideas To Up Your Blogging Game
I for sure have not got my blog photography down (especially the editing side), but one thing I really do enjoy about blog photography is the props! I love adding new little trinkets and additions to photos, they can make all the difference. I want to share with you some of my favourite blog props that can bring your blogging photography game up a level!

1. Flowers
Flowers are one of my most favourite things to add to my photos, they just make any photo look so pretty. I think flowers compliment makeup so much, I love how girly they look together. Fresh flowers are always gorgeous in photography but who can faff around buying fresh flowers a couple times a week, I certainly can't! You can find some lovely artificial flowers online from Amazon, I've also found some gorgeous flowers from Next & Asda that definitely don't break the bank!

2. Candles
Candles are my next must have blog prop for your photos. There's something so calming about candles, even just photos of candles! I recently purchased this candle from Next and it's so pretty I don't want to burn it, I just want to save it for my blog photos! (Is that sad?).

3. Stationary
There are so many gorgeous notepads, little paperclips and pretty little stationary pieces out there these days, they make the perfect blog prop. I picked up the marble notebook from Primark for just £1, what a bargain!

4. Magazines and Books
Using your favourite books or magazines in your photography can really bring the image up a gear or two. Blogosphere and high end magazines like Vogue always look very fitting in a blog post photo.

5. Jewellery Dishes
One of the prettiest blog post props you can use I think are little jewellery and trinket dishes. I bought a marble dish from H&M a couple of years ago and had so many compliments on it. I love this little lashes dish I picked up from Next recently. It's perfect for a makeup post.

6. Vases
Using different colours and textured vases in the background of your photography can be a nice little addition to your photos. I use them to fill out some space sometimes, so I don't just have a white background.

7. Ribbon
I love using coloured ribbon in some of my photos. I like to curl it a little bit so it brings a bit of texture into your image. It's a great way to fill up some background space as well as bring some colour into a photo.

8. Floor Samples
I've previously used some floor samples from B&Q for the background of my photos and love the effect it can give an image. This can be a really affordable way to bring your photos up a notch.

9. Photography Backdrops
For most my photos I use a sticky back plastic vinyl film like this one from Amazon. I roll this out on to my coffee table to create the background of my photos. This is a great way to get an affordable background for photos, but if you leave them rolled they do tend to crease up! I think next time I buy a sticky back plastic backdrop, I'm going to stick it to some card.

10. Card
I really want to find some huge bits of card I can start using in my photos. I would love a plain white one and some cute pastel colours. I think this is a great way to inject some colour in to your blog photos.

11. Blankets & Cushions
I love using fluffy blankets or textured cushions in my photos, they're great way to add some texture in to your photos. I especially love using them in the Autumn & Winter, it's a lovely way to make your photography look a little bit cosier! I think I might try and get hold of come delicate lace for Summer photos.

12. Makeup & Beauty Tools
Of course if you're a beauty blogger, most of your posts will involve makeup products. A great way to compliment your beauty posts are to add some makeup tools to the post. Adding a few pretty makeup brushes or eyelash curlers to your image can be a pretty touch.

What are your favourite blog props to use?

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  1. Fantastic post! It's great to get some ideas for props, I love using flowers - they really give a pop of colour to some images, particularly flat-lays x


    1. Thank you! They really do, I use them in all my photos x

  2. Such good ideas! I use a few of these already but I've been after some new bits and bobs to change things up a bit!

    Grace xxx


    1. Thank you! I need to get my hands on some new props soon too! x

  3. Great ideas! I love using artificial flowers, trinket dishes and over pieces of homeware in my photos x

  4. I love flowers, ribbons and trinket dishes! I think those are what I use most.

    1. They're the perfect props, I need to come some more cute ribbon. x



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