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There's not a lot of things in life where I could proudly blow my own trumpet and say, yeah - I'm awesome at that! But the one thing I know I do right is a cosy home day! Life can be so busy and fast pased these days, it can be hard to find time to wind down and relax. It's so important to make the time to chill out and just have a cosy home day. I'm going to share with you my essentials for the perfect cosy home day.

The scene
You need to start of by setting the most relaxing and cosy scene. For me this usually involves my bed or the sofa with the cosiest blanket and my pyjamas/dressing gown. Simon and I both have a cream soft blanket from Tesco. I think they were only £10 each and they're so huge and so soft, they've even stayed super snuggly after being washed a zillion times. I love to have clean and tidy surroundings, otherwise I just can't relax. There's nothing better than chilling out in a nice and tidy house. I like to have everything smelling delicious and this normally involves burning a couple of candles. At the moment I'm trying to bring Spring in to my home so I've been burning my Yankee Candle in Pink Dragon Fruit, it's a lovely sweet fruity scent. In the colder months I love Bath & Body Works Leaves & The White Company's Winter candle. The new little essential that has made it's way into my cosy scene are my two adorable little kittens. Currently right now they are snuggled up on my arm whilst typing. They refuse to let me have five minutes without them, especially if I'm in my pyjamas with a fluffy blanket they can get all cosy in! As much as they can be annoying and get in the way, I just can't get enough of them and absolutely love that they feel like they have to be on me 24/7. They're cute, warm and fluffy - I think everyone needs a couple of kittens to make their cosy home day!

The chill time
So you're in your best pyjamas and have your favourite candles burning, now what do I do I hear you asking. Whatever you want to do! My favourite thing to do when I don't want to do anything productive is watch a boxset or a film! At the moment every spare moment I get I'm watching The Sex & The City boxset. I've watched it at least 3 or four times but I just think it's such a good binge worthy boxset I always go back to it. Another great cosy home day boxset is Gilmore Girls - I like to save this for Autumn time though! I've been trying to read more lately as I love just having a couple of hours getting lost in some love story or made up world. I've just finished reading Louise Pentland's Wild Like Me and it's such a cosy little read, you can definitely see Louise's sense of humour in this book! Of course I have a Harry Potter book on the go at the moment too, so I cannot wait to get back into the magical world of Hogwarts! Another amazing way to relax and unwind is of course taking the time to have a self indulgent bubble bath. I'm talking candles, all the LUSH products and maybe even getting the razor out! Again once I spend time relaxing I love to be watching a good boxset or catching up with my favourite YouTubers and TV shows. I love to bring the iPad in to watch vlogs in the bath!

The food
Every cosy home day must involve some of your favourite naughty little treats! I like to start a cosy home day with a my favourite go to breakfast - a bacon baguette! Most days I don't normally have time to make a delicious cooked breakfast (thank good because I'm sure that wouldn't be good for my waste line!). So usually on a Sunday I like to get a fresh baguette and have a delicious bacon baguette with ketchup and a coffee whilst again, I watch YouTube! Usually Simon & like to watch Louise Pentland's weekly vlogs on a Sunday morning with a bacon sarnie! Now as much as I would love to, you shouldn't really just eat a ton of crap all day long so I like to think I'm being super healthy by having a jacket potato and salad for lunch times usually. Then onto dinner time, now the ultimate cosy home day dinner for me is a home cooked roast dinner! I just can't get enough of the Yorkshires and the stuffing and roast potatoes with all the gravy! I'm the one who has to actually spend the two hours making the roast dinner, so if I'm having a really chilled out day, the next best option is of course a takeaway! Who doesn't want to slob around all day then order their favourite pizza to come to their door - perfect!

I love spending time in my home being super cosy and doing all my favourite things with Simon and the kittens, or if I'm feeling extra sociable my friends! It's so important to let yourself have a day or just a few hours in the afternoon to chill out and have some me time, so you'r ready to conquer the world again tomorrow!
I'm now going to make myself that healthy jacket potato and salad (to counter act that big fat Toby Carvery I had last night and the pizza I'm thinking about ordering tonight!) and snuggle up with my kittens, whilst I relax and maybe read a book this afternoon!

I'd love to know what your cosy home day essentials are beauties?

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  1. This makes for the perfect night in! I love being at home!

  2. Sounds like a lovely night in! I always like to cosy up under the blanket with a bit of telly, scoffing down food(as you do when pregnant) haha. X

    1. I can't imagine what I'll be like once I'm pregnant haha!

  3. Oh gosh what I wouldn't give for an evening of Gilmore Girls and a bar of chocolate x



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