This year Valentine's Day was extra special for me, Simon popped the question! He asked me to marry him and I said yes. Ever since we've been living in a dream land and loving every minute of it. It's been so exciting telling our friends and family and sharing the story of how it happened and showing off my beautiful ring! I thought I would share the story on my blog for you guys too. I knew a proposal was on the cards for the past couple of months, but he still did amazing at surprising me. First let's get onto the lead up of the proposal...

The times I thought it was going to happen...
So you may remember over a year ago we booked a trip to Disneyland Paris for Christmas 2017. Now, in my head I booked this thinking I was going to get proposed to at Disneyland. I thought Simon would be silly not to surely? Simon and I had talked about getting married for a year or too now, so it wasn't a question of if, just when? All the way leading up to Disneyland Paris, I had been silly enough to tell my friends that I'm probably going to get proposed to at Disneyland and we were all so excited. A couple of weeks leading up to Disneyland I got the inkling Simon hadn't bought a ring yet. I was showing him rings I like and he asked me to send him the link to the one I wanted - alarm bells rang, he should have my ring by now!! So the chances of getting proposed to at Disneyland were very slim. Although I didn't think it was going to happen any more, when we got to Disneyland I couldn't help but wonder. There were a couple of times he gave me the impression it may just happen!
When we first walked into Disneyland it was absolutely magical. It was so Christmassy and so beautiful. As we were leading up to the cutest princess gazebo and the huge magical Christmas tree, Simon grabbed my hand and said let's go up here. This was it, this is the moment I'm getting proposed to! In my head this was the kind of proposal I was expecting, Disneyland at Christmas time in the cute princess gazebo... it didn't happen. Then we were walking through the park and Simon saw a statue of Mickey and Minnie, and he goes "look it's me proposing to you". For that moment I was thinking OMG, he's let it slip, he is going to propose to me at Disneyland! The next day we were in line for a ride and I tried to put my hand in his pocket to keep it warm, normally he would let me. not this time, he said "No the important things are in that pocket". He had never done this before, immediately I was thinking MY RING IS IN HIS POCKET!! I was buzzing on the inside, he's going to propose to me at Disneyland! Maybe tonight whilst we watch the fireworks, how cute! So a few days in and no proposal, I was starting to get back to the idea of it's not going to happen - it didn't. On the last day Simon bought me a beautiful glass Beauty & The Beast rose ornament that we'd been looking at all week. He said "Now I've bought you this, I feel complete and ready to go home" - I bloody didn't, where was my proposal!? I then had to go home and explain to all my friends who were expecting me to come back as an engaged woman, that it didn't happen (my fault I know!).
I was quietly pissed of that it didn't happen at Disneyland haha! Christmas was just around the corner and all of my friends were convinced it was going to happen - I was not. I was not letting myself get my hopes up again... until Simon had a delivery come through the door. The crazy person in me couldn't help but search the sender on the box, it was a jewellery site! Immediately I was buzzing thinking this is my engagement ring, he's going to do it at Christmas - how magical! Then I searched the site, they did everything but Engagement rings. Christmas morning came around and I didn't think it would happen, but a teeny tiny part of me was kind of looking out for it. 
So Christmas had passed and I was done expecting an engagement any time soon, he'll do it in his own time. We bought kittens in the new year and they are the cutest things ever. I went to go and see my Dad and was telling him all about my new babies. Out of know where he said "Are you two engaged now?". Ummm no we just have kitten babies! He then told me that Simon had come and asked his permission that day! He definitely shouldn't have been telling me this. A week or so later Simon had another delivery, this time a special delivery! Again the crazy in me had to search the sender, it was the site I sent him with my ring eeeeekkkk!!! It was my engagement ring!! Granted, I knew way too much at this point.

The time it actually happened...
So I had stopped wondering when it was going to happen by this point because it feels really sucky if you get it wrong. I was thinking it will probably be before the Summer, maybe our anniversary in March? It was Valentine's Day, all of my friends were saying oooh it's going to happen. Simon hadn't even wished me Happy Valentine's Day yet. I honestly didn't even in the tiniest way, think it was going to happen on Valentine's Day. My hair was greasy, my nails weren't done, I'd been at work all day - this isn't the day I'm going to get engaged. Simon picked me up from work and I made him take my friend home and then asked if we could go to Tesco to get a baguette, you know just the normal everyday life things. We got home and I took my coat off and walked into the bedroom and it was the cutest thing! There were little heart fairy lights around our bed, red glittery love heart candles and a Beauty & The Beast rose on the bed. It was so sweet and so cute. He asked me to pick up the Beauty & The Beast rose and open the little draw. This was the moment, my ring is going to be in the draw!!!  I opened the draw and the rose lit up and it started to play the Beauty & The Beast music and a little fake Beauty & The Beast ring was in the draw... is he taking the piss!? I actually asked him are you taking the piss, when he asked me if it fits hahaha! He then told me to close my eyes, when I opened them and he was down on one knee and it was actually happening. The Beauty & The Beast music was playing, the candles were burning and the fairy lights were shining. It was so cute and so romantic, he'd really thought about it. I was so surprised it was actually happening I can't even remember saying yes, but I know there's a gorgeous diamond on my finger now! 

I've been living in a little love bubble ever since. I'd been hoping for it for so long and really on the case about when it was going to happen. I thought I would know exactly when he was going to do it, but I didn't - he totally surprised me! I'm so glad it wasn't in Disneyland now. Our engagement was so sweet and thoughtful and personal to us, I wouldn't change anything. We celebrated by ordering pizza, drinking prosecco and snuggling up and watching Valentine's Day - it was completely magical.

I can't quite believe I'm actually engaged to the most amazing man. I'm wearing the most beautiful ring and I can't stop staring at it. Soppy I know, but I love him more than anything and I can't thank him enough for making the moment so magical and thoughtful.

I now need to plan a weeding and have no idea where to start eeek! If you have any tips for a newly engaged couple, please leave them below beauties.

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  1. Huge Congratulations! Enjoy every minute of the wedding planning!! xx

    Beautylymin| CharlotteTilburyBlush&BronzeGiveaway

    1. Thank you! I will, we're going to the NEC wedding show this weekend I can't wait to get some ideas :) xx

  2. Such a lovely story! Congratulations to you both! x




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