The Lazy Girl's Answer To Face Masks


The Lazy Girl's Answer To Face Masks Sephora
This post is a long time coming. Last year (yes last year!), I went to Disneyland Paris and had the most magical trip - I still need to write a blog post about that, oops! Whilst I was in Paris I just knew I had to escape the most magical place in the word for just a couple of hours, to go and find a Sephora! I had never been to Sephora before and knew I wouldn't be able to go again for a very long time, so I needed to take the opportunity to go. For the longest time I've seen people raving about the Sephora skincare, the face makes especially. I had to get a couple for myself, I picked up the Green Tea and Algae Sheet Masks and I've finally got round to trying them myself!

I was immediately impressed with these masks before even trying them because they require such minimal effort! All you have to do is apply the mask wait 15 minutes and then massage the excess in - no face washing at all! This is right up my ally, I love applying and relaxing with a mask on, but I hate the faff of scrubbing your face after to get it off, the Sephora sheet masks are the lazy girls answer to skin care! The masks are very wide so would fit the majority of face shapes and sizes. I did find the eye holes to be a rather odd shape and I'm not sure they fitted very well, but apart from that the masks are very easy to apply. They're very... moist - I'm so sorry to use this word I know the majority of people will be cringing like there's no tomorrow, but it really is the best way to describe them! I almost feel like a lot of the moisture gets wasted which is a bit disappointing, I just want to slather it all on my face!
I tried the Green Tea mask first because I've been noticing myself become very shiny by afternoon time and the Green Tea mask is supposed to mattify, whilst sort your blemishes out! The scent was very calming and this felt so soothing on my skin. It's very refreshing and cleansing - everything you would expect from a face mask! When it was time to peel off the mask, I was very excited to not have to wash my face! Instead you just peel this off, chuck it in the bin and massage the excess moisture. These masks do feel glorious to massage in to your skin, I almost felt like I was giving myself a mini at home facial. After about five minutes or so, your skin has soaked up all the goodness and is ready for the rest of your skin care routine. So, did the Green Tea face mask work? Well I kid you not, the next morning my blemishes that I just knew were ready to expose their disgusting little heads, had dramatically reduced! I had a couple spots that were brewing and these had been completely shut down by this Green Tea mask! To be honest I didn't really notice any changes to my shininess, but it definitely did reduce my blemishes!
After my great success with the Green Tea Mask, the next evening I tried the Algae mask. This one is  supposed to purify and detoxify. Again this mask felt amazing on the skin, so moisturising and cleansing. This ones smells a little salty/sea weed like, but not at all in an offencive way. I love how soothing these masks feel, they're so relaxing! After my 15 minutes were up, I peeled of the mask and massaged the excess thoroughly into my skin. The next day if I'm honest, I didn't really notice a difference but it was definitely a lovely experience!

I have definitely found the perfect type of face mask for me. The Sephora sheet masks are just genius and no fuss at all. I need to get my hands on some more of these, I think I'll be making my first little Sephora online purchase soon.

What other Sephora sheet masks do I need to try beauties?

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  1. I'm going to pick up some Sephora masks when I'm in New York next month! They sound fab! xx


    1. Oooh yes do, they're so lovely and so easy to use!



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