LUSH Valentines Day Haul 2018


LUSH Valentine's Day Haul 2018 Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon and Love Boat Bubble Bar.
It's that time of year again where love and romance are kind of forced onto us. Some people love it, it's a time to celebrate love and spend time with your loved ones. Then on the other hand, some people really hate it. For those who may not have a partner it can be a reminder of how everyone else is so loved up and living a "perfect" life. Even a lot of people in relationships hate on Valentine's Day, they think it's a whole gimmick for companies to make a fortune and how love "shouldn't just be celebrated on one day". Personally I think these people are wrong. Most of the people who say this are acting as if they're Prince Charming himself every other day of the year, when in reality they wouldn't even be able tell you when they last did something romantic for their partner. I don't see the harm in having one day a year where we can all celebrate our loved ones, you don't have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine's day.

Whether you're in to the whole Valentine's day thing or not, one good thing that has come out of V-Day  is the LUSH Valentine's Day collection! Every year LUSH come out with the cutest little bath and body treats for the festive season. Whether you're buying for your partner or treating yourself, you need to check out the LUSH Valentine's Day goodies. This year I couldn't help myself and made a little online order.
The first thing I bought was the LUSH Love Boat Bath Bomb. I'm pretty sure this is new this year so I couldn't wait to get my mits on it, it's the cutest little blue boat with a pink love heart on it. I can't wait to see if this actually floats in the bath. The scent is right up my street thanks to the zesty orange and Sicilian lemon, it's refreshing and sweet and good enough to eat! I think this is going to look so cute in the bath with the pink and blue, I've even spotted some cute little red love hearts at the bottom!
The next thing I picked up was the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. Now of course I only bought this because of how cute it looks! I didn't even research what's in it, I just saw the cute pastel colours and had to have it! I'm pretty sure I picked this up last year too. I'm not sure why this is in the Valentine's range - I didn't realise Unicorns were romantic, but this would be a great Valentine's gift for your best gal pal! The Unicorn Horn Bubble bar has a subtle lavender scent with Neroli Oil to brighten your mood. Usually I don't go for Lavender but I do quite like the scent of this, it's very relaxing! Bubble Bars are my favourite thing to pick up from LUSH, so I can't wait to create some gorgeous magical Unicorn bubbles and drift away into some magical dreamy land.
The last thing I picked up this year was the Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon. I'm not too sure if this is new or not, I think LUSH have definitely done something similar previously. This is the most adorable little bubbleroon ever. I love the deep pink love hearts and the shimmering golden centre - this would make a perfect gift for your loved one. Of course I love the lemongrass scent with a hint of rose, it gives the normal citrusy scent that I love a romantic little twist. This is going to make the cutest bubbles, I can't wait!

Whether you're in to Valentine's Day or not, your can't ignore the fact that there are some amazing LUSH products out for the festive season. If you're buying as a gift or treating yourself this Valentine's Day, LUSH have the cutest bombs and bubble bars to choose from.

Have you tried anything from the LUSH Valentine's collection this year beauties?

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  1. I've tried the Rose Bombshell bath bomb so far from the Lush Valentine's Day range - I loved it! Definitely would recommend trying that one!

    1. Ooooh maybe I need to pick it up, thanks!



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