The White Company Winter Candle

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We can officially call it candle season! If you're not cosying up under a blanket and lighting your favourite festive candles right about now, then you're doing Autumn/Winter all wrong! This time of year is all about getting cosy and festive. The weather has got really chilly lately and there's nothing I love more than being snug with a warming scent burning. I couldn't ignore the hype The White Company Winter has been getting the last couple of years. So this year I picked up the Winter Botanical Pillar to see what all the fuss is about.
Now my favourite candle this time of year is usually Bath and Body Works Leaves. I love the festive warm cinnamon scent and I was hoping The White Company Winter would be similar. The White Company Winter is a gorgeous festive candle with cinnamon, cloves and orange to give you that spicy but sweet scent. It smells absolutely gorgeous, you just can't beat cinnamon and cloves this time of year. The difference in Winter is it has a fresh orange hint to it. This is such a gorgeous combination, it really balances out the candle so it doesn't get too spicy or sickly. You could have this burning in any room to add a festive feel. The added orange make sure the candle isn't too over powering and too spicy, but you still get that warm spicy scent.
I chose the botanical pillar because I absolutely adore the added cinnamon sticks, orange slices and berrys in the candle. This makes the candle just that little bit more cosy and festive, it just looks so gorgeous and Christmassy - a perfect Christmas decoration.  The botanical candles have a hard wax outer so the candle burns down on the inside and stays looking beautiful and festive on the outside.
This is the perfect Winter candle to cosy up to, it will warm you up and relax your mood. I definitely think this is up there with Bath & Body Works Leaves. It's a gorgeous festive spicy candle with a sweet orange touch, making this a perfect all rounder you couldn't get sick of.

Have you tried The White Company Winter Candle yet beauties? What are your festive favourites?

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1 comment

  1. i am ALL ABOUT cinnamon smells at this time of year - yes pls! the first thing i do when i get home from work is change into my pjs (obvs) and stick on a candle! definitely my happy place :)

    katie. xx ♥



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