My Me Time Must Haves


As I get older I find it even more important to take some much needed me time. I find that life is just so busy and moves so fast now that it's incredibly easy to let it just zoom past without taking anything in. Taking a couple of hours for myself every week is definitely something I've been trying to incorporate in my life. I have a few me time must haves that really help me to take a minute and relax!

The first and most important step in taking my my time moment, is of course the hot bubble bath! I've found the perfect pick me up double act from LUSH to turn any bath into a mini spa break! First you need bubbles and Brightside Bubble Bar gives the softest most luxurious bubbles! I'm a sucker for a citrus fresh scent, and Brightside is just delicious it smells good enough to eat! The sicilian mandarin, bergamot and tangerine oils are so uplifting, it's pretty impossible not to feel great afterwards. The bubbles are lovely and creamy, they feel so amazing on the skin.
I've found the perfect bath bomb to pair up with my Brightside Bubble Bar, Cheer Up Buttercup. This little wonder packs a hell of a punch in the citrus scent department - it's not to be underestimated. The uplifting lemon, lime and neroli scents compliment Brightside bubble bar so well - you'll be in citrus heaven. This citrus duo are the perfect pair to give a well deserved uplift, it's exactly what I need after a long week.
The next thing I do to make sure I'm enjoying every moment of my me time, is light my favourite cosy candle. At the moment I'm loving the spicy and warm festive scents. I still have plenty left from my Bath & Body Works haul from last year. I've really been enjoying Leaves this season. To me it smells exactly like Christmas. It's spicy and warm but oh so cosy. Salted Caramel is also one of my favourites, it's warm and sweet and smells absolutely delicious. Having a candle burning not only smells delicious, but it really creates a relaxing environment with the flickering flame - get some fairy lights on and it may just feel like heaven!
So I'm now utterly relaxed after my indulgent bubble bath, it's time to settle down with a festive candle and watch one of my favourite films or read a good book. I love to find a couple of hours a week to cosy up on the sofa and get stuck into a film. At the moment I'm feeling Bridget Jones. It's so festive but hilarious at the same time - a real pick me up! Nothing is cosier than a good rom com right?

Taking these few hours a week really gets me going for the week ahead. I'd love to know what you do in your all important me time beauties?

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  1. Bridget Jones and Harry Potter have to be my favourite movies around this time of the year haha! I also love Bath and Body works candles, I just wish they were easier to get a hold of in the UK! xx

    1. Eeeeek they're my favourites too! I know, that's exactly why I haven't ordered any the year, thankfully I bought soooo many last year haha! xx

  2. I LOVE this!! I love a good bridget jones binge, makes me feel so cosy!
    a life of a charlotte

    1. Thanks! Aww I know, the perfect Sunday film! xx


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