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Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation and Concealer
I've relied on Rimmel for my foundation since I was a teenager! I always go back to my trusty Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation and wouldn't be without it. So of course when I saw the new Lasting Finish 25hr Breathable Foundation and Concealer I just had to try them! The original Lasting Finish has been my staple for the longest time, I love the medium/full coverage it gives and the great colour match.
Lasting Finish 25hr Breathable is Rimmel's most lightweight but long wearing foundation yet. I love a long wearing foundation, there's nothing worse than having to touch up half way through the day - it never looks as flawless as you first first applied! Lasting Finish Breathable has an applicator like no other, instead of a pump we have a soft applicator. This is great to apply straight onto your face with, say goodbye to foundation stained hands (I always forget to wash it off!). The formula is of course a lot thinner than the original, but still has the same moisturising feel to it. This foundation blends so easily thanks to the lightweight formula, I like to build this up to create a medium coverage. I love how this makes my skin look and feel so healthy! I feel like this is the perfect foundation for a good skin day. This is definitely a great option for people who don't want the full coverage the original gives. I'm a full coverage kind of girl, but I actually really love this for chilled or good skin days!
The Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer was probably the product I was most excited to try. Finally Rimmel have come out with a concealer with tons of shade options! I picked up the lightest shade, this has been perfect for the under eyes. It's light and bright and provides a lovely coverage. The concealer has a lovely medium coverage, it's not cakey at all but still adds that cover you need. I need to get my hands on the next shade up to hide my blemishes. The concealer has a cushion applicator that feels so lovely on the skin, especially under the eyes. It doesn't drag or irritate at all!
Rimmel have won me over again with their base products. I will definitely be reaching for Lasting Finish Breathable on a good skin day or chilled weekend, I'll save the original for night outs or terrible breakouts! The new breathable concealer is perfect for brightening up the under eyes and adding extra coverage to blemishes.

Have you tried the new Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Breathable Foundation and Concealer yet beauties?

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  1. I love Rimmel base products too, I basically like all of their foundations so I really must try these new ones!

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