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Beauty Blvd Glitter Lips
Now I'm edging towards my mid 20's, I don't spend as much time drinking and partying. So when I do, it's a real excuse to go all out with the makeup! I'm talking winged eyeliner, big bold lashes and glitter lips! Yes glitter lips. I want to share with you my go to party makeup picks.

Beauty Blvd Glitter Lips
A lip craze new on the block recently are glitter lips. Glitter lips are the perfect statement for festivals, parties or maybe just a Sunday afternoon if you're feeling it! I had been sent some Glitter Lips from Beauty Blvd and to be honest, I wasn't sure when I would have the chance to wear them or if they'd actually be any good! I decided to try them one afternoon and was sooo impressed! The idea of having actual glitter lips is pretty cool but I did think it would be more of a pain than it's worth - I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. I managed to apply my glitter lips in under five minutes. First off you apply the glue like a lipgloss to one lip and then start packing on the glitter with the applicator. I was expecting to end up with glitter all over my face, all over my makeup desk - just everywhere! In fact there was no fall out at all! The glitter sticks very easy to your lips and the applicator makes it super easy to create an even neat finish. Once you're done you can remove any excess. I was expecting Glitter Lips to be very uncomfortable and messy, I thought I would want to take it off straightaway. In fact I kept my Glitter Lips on for the best part of four hours and even managed to do all my housework feeling like a disco ball! I was able to drink, eat and even kiss without any transfer! The only thing I will say is when I drank from the cup, there was a slight taste of glitter or glue, but nothing major and my lips still looked dazzling! 
I've been so impressed with Glitter Lips I would definitely consider trying more shades. I think these would be perfect for a fun night out or festival weekend! I couldn't recommend Beauty Blvd's Glitter Lips enough if you want to create a fun and flirty party look.

Next on my party makeup picks is the new Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara. You all know I'm a Maybelline mascara girl, so of course this is my go to party mascara. I had always been content with lash sensational for all occasions but Big Shot takes your lashes that one step higher! To me this is lash sensation but bigger, longer and bossier! The volume is unbelievable and I have never had such volumous long lashes and I've tried a fair few mascaras in my time! This is perfect for a night out. I'm a fan of big bold lashes for all occasions, but even for me this is a little too extreme for everyday. This mascara is so easy to use to create gorgeous boss lashes thanks to it's fuller wand - a definite for going out out!

Last but not least of my party makeup picks is my trusty Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner. I used to rock a cat eye most days when I was younger but now I save it for a special occasion. Supercat is my go to, to create a gorgeous winged eye. I find this so easy to use thanks to the marker tip. It's so easy to create a thin defined finish due to the fine point - it's just like a more controlled felt tip! You can easily create a thicker and bolder look depending on how hard you press. I've never expereienced this smudging or rubbing off during the day and I usually do with all other parts of my makeup! Supercat stays bold and black all day and night! If you want to perfect your cat eye or smouldering smokey eye look, then you need to give Supercat a go!

I'd love to know if you've tried any of my party makeup picks beauties? What are your go to party must haves?

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