My First Week At The Gym


My First Week At The Gym
Last week I did something absolutely mental, from the comfort of my bed and pj's I joined the gym! The gym and I have a bit of a strained relationship. I've joined for a few months before with complete motivation and desire to become a full on gym bunny, but then found myself becoming bored, underwhelmed and disappointed with the whole thing.

I recently started a new job and thought why not start the gym too! I love the thought of going to the gym, keeping active and having something to do etc, but I do tend to get bored of doing the same thing. I would always start of with the cross trainer, move on to the treadmill (no running though, not with these boobies!) maybe do some crunches and a few minutes on the rowing machine and that would be it. Everything else is just completely foreign to me. The intimidating machines and mechanisms I just don't understand. I would be too scared to even try anything else with the fear of sitting the wrong way round or pulling the wrong lever and causing a mighty F*** up! I've always wanted to be one of those girls by the gym mirrors doing countless different exercises and maybe even lifting a few weights and looking super sexy doing it, but the thought of even going over to that bit of the gym is just too intimidating! The thought of even trying to do a squat or a lunge frightens me, I would totally do it wrong and fall over or look like a complete freak and I wouldn't even know where to start.

This time it's different
Simon and I went to the gym together for my first time back and I headed straight to the ladies section! I've tried to workout with Simon before and it's a completely different world! As soon as men get into the gym they change, they're in the zone and fierce. There's big bulky men everywhere trying to out do everyone else, grunting and straining attached to these weird metal contraptions - I just do not belong in this section! So I let Simon do his thing whilst I made my way to the ladies section and went straight for my old friend the cross trainer. After about ten minutes - I am done! I love the cross trainer, it really gets your heart rate up but I can't keep it up for a long period of time. Next was you guessed it, the treadmill. Now I'm not the running type, so I just stick to speed walking at an incline. I can keep this up for a good 20-30 minutes but of course it does get a bit boring. After that I wasn't really sure what else I should do, I don't really know how to do anything else! I made my way back to Simon, but quickly learned not to get in the way of a man and his workout, so I hopped back onto a treadmill. All in all I wasn't too disheartened with my first day back at the gym, because I just wanted to ease my way back in. I did a good 45 minutes of cardio, which was good enough for now.

My first gym class
I've always wanted to be the girl that goes to pilates or spin class, but the fear of collapsing and having a heart attack 10 minutes in, has always been too much! I could never go to a class alone! I told a couple of my friends that I joined the gym and they should too, thankfully Jazz was all on board and asked me to go to Body Pump with her and her friends a couple days later! Both Jazz and I are complete gym class newbs and were so pumped to go to our first gym class, but also a little nervous to what to expect! We arrived first and were told we had to set up. Both of us were like wtf! Not having a clue where to start or what we were going to be doing, we found ourselves with all these different foreign objects in front of us -a stepper, bar and weights (god know the actual names of these things!). Then it was time to start! The instructor asked if there was anyone new and she came over to introduce herself and told us she was going to keep an eye on us. I don't if this was a nice feeling or slightly intimidating the thought of a super fit gym bunny watching Jazz and I struggle, but I guess it's her job and she's there to look out for us.
We started by lifting our bar and weights and completing some lunges and squats to music. Now I had never done anything like this before so it took me a couple times to even feel like I was squatting right. After ten minutes me and Jazz were definitely feeling it and the instructor told us we were actually going to start the class now - WTF! We both looked at each other with sympathy! 45 minutes later we had now completed the class and managed to squat, lunge, and deadlift our way to the end without any major hiccups or catastrophes! I'm not going to lie we were feeling it, I felt like I couldn't even see straight about 20 minutes in! I was so proud we got to the end and completed everything though! It's tough but the good thing about body pump is you only spend around ten minutes on each part, so then when you feel like you just can't go on anymore you can move on to a different part of the body.
We had so much fun and were both are buzzing to go again! Classes are perfect for people who want to start doing more things at the gym and learning how to use equipment. I'm rubbish at knowing what I'm supposed to be doing, so having a 45 minute class just copying the instructor then your workout is done, is perfect for me! I would totally recommend gym classes to anyone!
We left feeling like jelly, I could hardly change gear in my car! I'm not going to lie that class hit me, for a week after I couldn't even touch my own face because my arms ached that much - we may have slightly over done it.

I managed to go the gym once more my first week at do my usual crosstrainer/treadmill sesh, but I feel so much more open to trying new things and mixing it up a bit. I even bought some Protein World Slender Blend Protein Shakes! Protein shakes are great for an after gym pick me up, they repair your body and also help fill you up a bit so you don't go snacking on all things bad. The thought of a drinking a protein shake has always cringed me out, but I actually really enjoy Protein Worlds Strawberry Slender Blend, it tastes like nesquik!

My first week at the gym has been a success, I'm getting over the whole fear of the gym and trying new things and I'm really excited to try more gym classes! I'd love to know what you beauties do at the gym and if you have any recommendations for a gym newb?

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  1. Well done lovely! The first few times are always the hardest. I love classes, as going to the main gym can be so dull and there isnt anyone to motivate you. Stick with it :) x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed Pump class! I want to try more out for sure!

  2. The gym can be so intimidating but well done for going. Classes are a great way to start your gym journey. I enjoy body balance which is great for stretching and toning your muscles if you've been doing pump x



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