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Maybelline's Limited Edition Pixie Collection
When it comes to makeup, there's nothing more exciting than a limited edition collection. So of course when the new Maybelline The Pixie Collection came through my door I couldn't wait to tear open the package and see what was inside. Maybelline have released some of their trusty best sellers, in the new magical holographic Pixie packaging - it's just like fairy dust!
The new Pixie Collection is exclusive to Superdrug and is in stores now until the 30th May. So if you're like me and need to get your hands on the hottest new limited edition makeup collections, you better act fast!

Maybelline's Limited Edition Pixie Collection Vivid Hot Laquers
Maybelline's Limited Edition Pixie Collection Vivid Hot Laquers Swatches
Left to right: Slay It, Obsessed, Unreal.
The Pixie Collection:
 One of the only liquid eyeliners I can get on with is the Maybelline Master Ink Liquid Eyeliner. This little beauty has a smart tip brush making application so easy and controlled. The formula is lovely and jet black, not at all drying. I love that the tip and handle make for effortless, controlled application.
Maybelline Strobing Stick Light Iridescent is the perfect product for Spring/Summer. I wasn't that into strobing last year, but this year I'm fully prepared. This is perfect for a flirty highlight. The light iridescent shade works so well with my pale skin, it gives a glowy and fun look without being to over board. I love to apply this with my fingers to my cheekbones.
 Just like the iridescent shade, Maybelline Strobing Stick Medium Glow is gorgeous for Spring/Summer. I think this one works better on me if I have a tan, it's also beautiful for the evening. This gives you that warm golden glow we all crave during the Summer!
Of course Maybelline have included one of the most popular high street eye concealers in their new Pixie Collection, the Maybelline Instant Anti Age The Eraser Eye Concealer. Unfortunately I've never been able to join in on the hype with this one because the lightest shade is just a little to dark for me. I have noticed Maybelline have a brightening Age Rewind concealer so I definitely need to get my hands on that one. If you're lucky enough to find a shade for your skin type in this you need to try it. I hear it works wonders for bags, lines and tired eyes.
Next on my list is a product that I have so much love for already, the Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara. I have the original, but this is also included with the super fun and magical Pixie Collection wrap. This is one of my all time favourite mascaras, Maybelline can do no wrong for me when it comes to mascara. This lifts and lengthens lashes, whilst giving you that thick bold lash look we all crave.
Last but certainly not least in Maybelline's new Pixie Collection are the Vivid Hot Laquers. Laquered lips seem to be the new craze going into Summer and Maybelline have us covered! Say goodbye to the nude matte lips and hello to bold vivid colour packed full of shine! The Pixie Collection Vivid Hot Laquers come in three shades, Unreal (a warm nude), Obsessed (flirty raspberry) and Slay It (a dark sultry plum).

My favourites from Maybelline's Pixie Collection are the Light Iridescent Strobing Stick, Master Ink Liquid Eyeliner, Push Up Drama Mascara and of course the new Vivid Hot Laquers! Maybelline have us covered for our flirty shimmering pixie makeup looks this Summer.

What are your must haves from the new Maybelline Pixie Collection beauties?

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