Blogging With A Full Time Job


Blogging With A Full Time Job
Now I've been blogging for a couple of years now and like thousands of people in this community, I try and run my blog, social media and now YouTube channel a long side my full time job! This can be a great challenge, now I'm no master at it and I definitely haven't got this special formula cracked yet, but I want to do a post on some tips on how to juggle your blog whilst working full time. I've got to be honest, I'm writing this post to mainly help myself to try and organise my life more, but if this helps one of you guys, then that's great too!

I work Tuesday to Saturday so I have Sunday and Monday to myself, this is my proposed blogging plan!

Any Time Any Place!
Brainstorm Ideas | I love having a whole list of blog and YouTube ideas, it just makes me feel so much more secure in my content. I keep a diary that at the front I've created a whole list of ideas, I also have a list on my phone and laptop too. It's great to keep a blogging notepad or list on your phone, so if you suddenly think of an idea or get inspiration on the go, you can quickly jot it down. I just don't see the point in scheduling time to brainstorm ideas, because I have to be inspired and who knows when that may happen.

1. Make The Time | I think one of the things I struggle with most is finding the time to produce my content, whilst having the energy to do it properly. It's one thing having a couple of hours free, but you need to have the energy and motivation to create good quality content. I find myself just not having motivation because working and running a household kind of takes over. I want to devote a piece of my time purely for writing/filming. I think the key to producing quality content and regular posting, is scheduling the time. Wether that's once a week or every evening for an hour, whatever suits you. I feel like I'm most motivated when I don't have work, so on Sundays I want to devote a lot of time to create my content for the coming weeks.
2. Get Ahead Of The Game | There's no better feeling than being up to date and organised with your content, so being a few weeks ahead is key to providing great regular content, without being stressed. I find if I'm rushing around to create a post/video, I just don't have the motivation to create it or just don't feel good about it. If I'm a week ahead and I'm organised I feel much brighter about creating new content. I've devoted two days purely on getting ahead with my blog and videos. I would love to be two weeks ahead and have my posts and videos in advance and scheduled. If this means you need to take a longer period of time to get ahead, then this is worth the effort. After that, there's no need to rush around every week for a post you already have one in the bank. (Just remember to keep creating content for the following weeks). I want to devote my Sundays to write at least one post, two would be great!
3. Bulk Photo Taking | A great way to keep up to date and organised with your posting is to take your Instagram and blog photos in bulk. Now I used to do this but recently haven't made the time to do so, I find myself rushing last minute to take my blog photos and forgetting about Instagram for the majority of the week. Even if I just take photos for two or three posts ahead, it will keep me more motivated and organised.

Monday Mornings
1. Scheduling Tweets | One thing I've introduced this year is scheduling my tweets. I know I'm late to the game but I've only just made the time do this. I use Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule my tweets. This way I can schedule them for the days I'm at work and don't lose out on that promoting time.
2. Film Videos | Mondays are my only day to myself, so this is usually the day I film my videos. I like to film in the morning before I get on with anything else, to get it out the way. I'm then ready for the day ahead and have produced all of my content.

During the Week
1. Keep Up To Date | I also want to start using my time wisely. For example on lunch breaks I could be brainstorming ideas, commenting on people's posts/videos, replying to emails, posting on Instagram etc. I love commenting on people's posts and spreading the love, it also gives me inspiration too. I always like to comment back on peoples blogs if they have mine, so it's a great way to create traffic too. I want to spend half an hour-an hour a few times a week to comment  on others work.
2. Edit Videos | Most of the time I will start editing my videos on the Monday I filmed them, but then this leaves me with no free time to see my friends etc, I want to start editing on the weekdays to create more free time for myself.

I'm hoping if I keep up with my proposed blogging schedule, I will be able to create better quality content regularly. Already this year I feel much more positive and organised with my blogging and YouTube schedule. I would love to post more times a week but need to get this organisation thing down first.

I'd love to know your tips about blogging with a full time job beauties?

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  1. When I was at university blogging was so easy-going because I could think of the blog post to post on that day and then do the photos, write it up, all in one day. Nowadays I have to dedicate my Sunday mornings to blogging, planning the week before my 3x blog posts for the upcoming week and really ensuring I have the time for it! Bulk photo taking is definitely something I need to up my game in. Not for blog posts but for Instagram and twitter etc to keep my social game up! xx

  2. i think blogging when working full time is such a task and i envy everyone who manages to do it. i'm at uni and i also try to be as scheduled as i can. sundays are reserved for blogging and i schedule all my posts and try to get the whole week planned out and it helps so much.



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