Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara


Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara
As promised a week a go I'm here with a review on Maybelline's newest mascara, The Falsies Push Up Angel. I've mentioned this before in my Mascara Must Haves and today I want to show you why I love it so much! 

I'm a huge fan of Maybelline mascaras, I just think they do exactly what a mascara should do and I've never been let down by them. So of course I couldn't contain my excitement when Maybelline sent me their new The Falsies Push Up Angel. I had of course tried the original The Falsies Push Up Drama and loved it, so couldn't wait to give the newest addition a go! At first I was very surprised when I saw the wand, it was unlike anything I've ever seen before. The new Push Up Drama Angel has a plastic angel winged brush with very small plastic bristles. Now I'm a big supporter of Maybelline, especially their mascaras but I was concerned with how much these tiny little bristles could actually do! To my delight I was very wrong to question Maybelline, these little bristles are a force to be reckoned with. The angel winged brush has longer bristles on the edges to give your lashes that fluttering romantic look we all crave. Your lashes will be longer on the edges for an angelic alluring feel. As the name suggests, the brush instantly pushes up and coats your lashes for a bold black finish. At first I wasn't sure, but now I can't get enough. I love that this is so unlike any other mascara I've tried. Instead of the thick heavy bold long lashes, this gives romantic fluttering lashes. Sometimes you just need a change and the romantic angelic winged look, can make so many makeup looks, less dramatic and more glamorous and sophisticated. This is perfect for everyday for a fun flirty look and of course great for evenings for a glamorous feel. Of course I'm still a fan of thick long lashes, but this is perfect for a softer feel. Despite the size, the bristles grab on to every lash and lift and separate, they'll be no clumps in sight - just long gorgeous lashes.

If you're ready to hang up your big bold dramatic lashes for a minute and give a more sophisticated and flirty look a go, The Falsies Push Up Angel is the way forward!

I'd love to know your go to mascara right now beauties?

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MAC Mehr Lipstick Review


MAC Mehr Lipstick Review
I'm a self confessed lipstick addict and if I hear someone talk about a certain lippy more than once, It's on my radar! MAC Mehr had been on my radar for quite some time so I finally picked it up a few months ago. Ever since I first tried it I've been obsessed!

MAC Mehr Lipstick Review
I've been having a bit of a love affair with darker nude lips recently and if there's one person who pulls of a nude well, it's the gorgeous Anna Saccone Joly. I've heard her talk about how MAC's Mehr was her go to nude lip, so of course I was right on that! Mehr is a dusty warm mauve in a matte formula. I find this shade to be very complimentary. I think this looks so flattering and looks gorgeous on many different skin tones. This lipstick makes me feel a million dollars, it just gives my lips the added extra to give a natural look a kick up the bum! My lips feel bold, full and beautiful! Mehr is beautiful for a gorgeous everyday look, or a fierce evening pout. The dusty nude shade will go with any makeup look, it really is a must have lippy. I find the matte formula to be very flattering and long wearing too. I often apply lipstick after a balm anyway, so I don't end up with dry crusty lips (yuck!). This looks gorgeous all day long, but a little reapplication doesn't hurt after drinking/eating. I like to use Mehr with MAC's Soar or Whirl lip liner to give my nude lip that little bit extra. I find they're very complimentary and really fill your lips out - your lips will be bold, beautiful and precise! I've had many compliments when wearing Mehr and I really think it's a must have MAC lippy. Mehr is definitely one to recommend and I will even repurchase this when I run out, it's a lipstick I can't not have anymore. You can trust it to go with every look and compliment every outfit - a real hand bag staple!

What's your go to must have lipstick beauties?

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Mascara Must Haves


Mascara Must Haves including Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and the new Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Angel Mascara
If you asked me what one makeup product I have always been obsessed with was, it would have to be mascara. For as long as I've been wearing makeup, I cannot live without a good mascara. I've been through my fair share of mascaras and love trying different brands and types. I currently have about 14 in my collection, I don't know whether that's something to be proud of or ashamed (probably the latter!). As much as I love having a new mascara to try, I can't help but have my trusty favourites, I want to share with you my mascara must haves.

Mascara Must Haves including Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and the new Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Angel Mascara
It will come to no surprise that Maybelline's Lash Sensational is being mentioned as one of my mascara must haves. For a long time now this has been my go to everyday mascara, to be honest it's gorgeous for night time too. I'd like to think it's the high street's number one mascara, if you want big bold long curled lashes, this is your winner. The thick curved wand grabs all of your lashes, leaving no strays behind. The mascara will instantly multiply and volumize your lashes. This is so easy to use and does exactly what you want a mascara to do, If I was a normal human being, I would go as far as saying this is the only mascara you will ever need - but we all know I'm not that kinda gal! That being said, I will always have this in my makeup collection! Lash Sensational has never let me down, it's effortless to use and certainly isn't hit or miss. This will leave you with bold volumised lashes, that will last all day and night with not a clump in sight. When people ask me what mascara I would really recommend, I will always answer with Maybelline's Lash Sensational - I would even go as far as saying you NEED to try this!

Now I've always been a massive fan of high street mascaras, they've never let me down. I've never really felt the need to try a high end mascara because I just got on so well with my more affordable mascaras. If you gave me one mascara for the rest of my life - yes I would be perfectly happy with my previous must have, but what's the fun in that!? I'm a self confessed makeup hoarder/addict and finally in 2016, I pushed the boat out and treated myself to my first high end mascara. I couldn't ignore the hype the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara was getting, so I thought I'd give it a go. It had a lot to live up to as my high street mascaras were doing a grand job up until this point (they still are by the way!). To my joy, I found this to be very similar to my beloved Lash Sensational. This has a thick, full curved brush but with an hourglass shape, I had never seen anything like it. The wand grabs all of your lashes and instantly curls and lengthens. The brush makes it so easy to add that bold, dramatic effect we all crave, you'll lash will be luscious and dramatic - you'll have lashes for days! There will be no stickiness or clumps, this will instantly separate and multiply your lashes. Of course you can use this for every day too, just to add a little length, volume and colour. I cannot fault this mascara, it's perfect and beautiful for all occasions and I will definitely repurchase. Who needs false eyelashes when you have the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara?

By this point you may be wondering why I would need to mention a third mascara, the previous two sound perfect right!? Yes they are, but when Maybelline comes up with a new mascara, I can't help but squeal with excitement. When Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Angel made it's way into my makeup collection, I was so eager to try it out. I have the original Push Up Drama, so of course I had high hopes for this little newbie. Push Up Drama Angel has a wand unlike anything I had ever seen before, it's a plastic angel winged shaped brush with very small bristles, I actually wondered if this could really do anything to my lashes. The push up wing will instantly lift and curl your lashes. Your lashes will be left with this gorgeous angelic winged effect - longer on the outer. This is perfect if you want that romantic fluttering lash look, oh so flirty! I would love to do a full review on this mascara in the coming weeks so I don't want to go into too much detail, but I'm so impressed with this mascara and I love how it's not like everything else on the shelf. If you're getting bored of the thick bold dramatic lashes, this is the mascara for you. This will give you more sophisticated and glamorous lashes, you'll feel a million dollars!

There's a mascara must have out there for everyone, I'd love to know which one tickles your fancy and also if there's any I need to get my hands on beauties!

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Blogging With A Full Time Job


Blogging With A Full Time Job
Now I've been blogging for a couple of years now and like thousands of people in this community, I try and run my blog, social media and now YouTube channel a long side my full time job! This can be a great challenge, now I'm no master at it and I definitely haven't got this special formula cracked yet, but I want to do a post on some tips on how to juggle your blog whilst working full time. I've got to be honest, I'm writing this post to mainly help myself to try and organise my life more, but if this helps one of you guys, then that's great too!

I work Tuesday to Saturday so I have Sunday and Monday to myself, this is my proposed blogging plan!

Any Time Any Place!
Brainstorm Ideas | I love having a whole list of blog and YouTube ideas, it just makes me feel so much more secure in my content. I keep a diary that at the front I've created a whole list of ideas, I also have a list on my phone and laptop too. It's great to keep a blogging notepad or list on your phone, so if you suddenly think of an idea or get inspiration on the go, you can quickly jot it down. I just don't see the point in scheduling time to brainstorm ideas, because I have to be inspired and who knows when that may happen.

1. Make The Time | I think one of the things I struggle with most is finding the time to produce my content, whilst having the energy to do it properly. It's one thing having a couple of hours free, but you need to have the energy and motivation to create good quality content. I find myself just not having motivation because working and running a household kind of takes over. I want to devote a piece of my time purely for writing/filming. I think the key to producing quality content and regular posting, is scheduling the time. Wether that's once a week or every evening for an hour, whatever suits you. I feel like I'm most motivated when I don't have work, so on Sundays I want to devote a lot of time to create my content for the coming weeks.
2. Get Ahead Of The Game | There's no better feeling than being up to date and organised with your content, so being a few weeks ahead is key to providing great regular content, without being stressed. I find if I'm rushing around to create a post/video, I just don't have the motivation to create it or just don't feel good about it. If I'm a week ahead and I'm organised I feel much brighter about creating new content. I've devoted two days purely on getting ahead with my blog and videos. I would love to be two weeks ahead and have my posts and videos in advance and scheduled. If this means you need to take a longer period of time to get ahead, then this is worth the effort. After that, there's no need to rush around every week for a post you already have one in the bank. (Just remember to keep creating content for the following weeks). I want to devote my Sundays to write at least one post, two would be great!
3. Bulk Photo Taking | A great way to keep up to date and organised with your posting is to take your Instagram and blog photos in bulk. Now I used to do this but recently haven't made the time to do so, I find myself rushing last minute to take my blog photos and forgetting about Instagram for the majority of the week. Even if I just take photos for two or three posts ahead, it will keep me more motivated and organised.

Monday Mornings
1. Scheduling Tweets | One thing I've introduced this year is scheduling my tweets. I know I'm late to the game but I've only just made the time do this. I use Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule my tweets. This way I can schedule them for the days I'm at work and don't lose out on that promoting time.
2. Film Videos | Mondays are my only day to myself, so this is usually the day I film my videos. I like to film in the morning before I get on with anything else, to get it out the way. I'm then ready for the day ahead and have produced all of my content.

During the Week
1. Keep Up To Date | I also want to start using my time wisely. For example on lunch breaks I could be brainstorming ideas, commenting on people's posts/videos, replying to emails, posting on Instagram etc. I love commenting on people's posts and spreading the love, it also gives me inspiration too. I always like to comment back on peoples blogs if they have mine, so it's a great way to create traffic too. I want to spend half an hour-an hour a few times a week to comment  on others work.
2. Edit Videos | Most of the time I will start editing my videos on the Monday I filmed them, but then this leaves me with no free time to see my friends etc, I want to start editing on the weekdays to create more free time for myself.

I'm hoping if I keep up with my proposed blogging schedule, I will be able to create better quality content regularly. Already this year I feel much more positive and organised with my blogging and YouTube schedule. I would love to post more times a week but need to get this organisation thing down first.

I'd love to know your tips about blogging with a full time job beauties?

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Valentine's Day Makeup Picks


Valentine's Day Makeup Picks NARS, MAC, Soap & Glory, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced, Dior, Maybelline, Essie, Nails Inc
Valentine's Day is fastly approaching and it's time to think about your makeup look! Wether you're going on a romantic date night or meeting up with your friends, whatever you're doing I've got your Valentine's Day makeup sorted! To me Valentine's Day is all about everything pink, girly and pretty and I like to represent this in my makeup. I've done a quick round up of my favourite Valentine's Day makeup picks.

Valentine's Day Makeup Picks MAC Dollymix Blush, NARS Orgasm Blush and MAC Soft & Gentle Highlighter
The Cheeks
A rosy shimmering pink cheek is the perfect compliment to your romantic Valentine's Day look. If you can't have a pretty pink cheek on Valentine's, when can you? My go to Valentine's blush is of course NARS Orgasm. This is a perfect blend of pinky peach goodness with a golden shimmer to add a subtle romantic glow. If you're after that real rosy cheek, then my pick would be MAC's Dollymix, this is a pure candy pink with a sheer shimmer. If you don't go to overboard,  Dollymix will give your cheeks a natural pink flush - oh so romantic! To compliment my blush I always like to use a good highlighter and to me Valentine's Day calls for a gorgeous shimmering glow! To bring out my inner golden goddess this Valentine's Day, I'm going to be using MAC's Soft & Gentle. This gives your cheeks a beautiful peachy golden glow that looks oh so natural. Soft & Gentle will leave you looking radiant and luminous, it's the perfect compliment to your Valentine's look.

Valentine's Day Makeup Picks Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, MAC Burgundy Times Nine Eye Shadow, Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner.
The Eyes
Now they say our eyes are the windows to our soul and if you're going to be having a romantic evening of staring into one another eyes, then you need the perfect picks to compliment your eye look! I can't get enough of my MAC Burgundy Times Nine palette recently. I'm a sucker for a shimmering bronze pink eye and this just has it all! This is going to be perfect for Valentines day, my go to shades are Honey Lust, Antiqued and Star Violet to add a bit of shimmer and Poppy Seed, Quarry and Haux to add a subtle mauve base. You can see a more in depth review of all the shades here beauties. Now I love a good cat eye and my go to liquid eyeliner is the Soap & Glory Supercat. This is the perfect tool to give you a sexy winged liner look. Its felt marker tip makes it so effortless to apply, you'll have the perfect cat eye in no time. This liner is jet black for a dramatic bold statement that will stay put for hours on your steamy Valentine's night! Most importantly for my Valentine's eye look, I want long fluttering eyelashes! My go to mascara has got to be the Too Faced Better Than Sex. The hourglass full brush grabs on to every last lash leaving no strays behind! This gives me bold black long lashes, I couldn't be without it. If you're after perfectly curled and luscious lashes this Valentine's day, then you need to pick up Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, it will perfect any eye look!

Valentine's Day Makeup Picks Dior Lip Addict Lip Glow Balm, Maybelline Babylips Colour Balm Crayon and Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips
The Lips
Now your lip choice could arguably be the most important decision of your Valentine's makeup look. Wether you're going natural and kissable or bold and biteable, I've got just the picks for you! Sometimes a natural, angelic lip is the perfect compliment to your look. If you want a 'your lips but better' look, then the Dior Addict Lip Glow is the perfect pick. This balm will leave your lips looking so natural and gorgeous. Lip Glow enhances your lips and brings out their natural and beautiful colour. Your lips will just look so moisturised and kissable! If you want to add a bit more colour to your lips this Valentine's Day, I may have just the thing for you. One of my newest obsessions has been the Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon in Creamy Caramel. This is so effortless to use, just like a lip balm it's so creamy and moisturising, but with this you get an added burst of colour too - how perfect! Creamy Caramel is a perfect natural peachy pink, it's so much more wearable than a lipstick. You won't have to worry about getting lipstick on your teeth this Valentine's Day! Now if you're after a real statement look this V-day, Charlotte Tilbury's Hot Lips in Electric Poppy is the way to go! If you'd like to see this beauty in action then pop over to my full review. Electric Poppy is a cerise cherry shade that will be sure to help you stand out from the crowd. The colour itself is so enticing and the matte revolution formula just tops it off. Electric Poppy was inspired by Poppy Delevingne, it's electric, bold and really compliments the English rose completion. Electric Poppy will have your date just eager to have a go on those beautiful, bold kissable lips!

Valentine's Day Makeup Picks Essie Gel Couture and Nails Inc Alexa Heart
The Nails
To top of your Valentine's Look, a themed nail is always the way to go! Essie's Gel Couture in The it-Factor is the perfect bright fuchsia pink that will compliment your Valentine's Look. It's bright and bold with a sophisticated feel. The gel couture formula is super shiny for the perfect polished nails - you'll look like you've just come out of the nail salon! If you're feeling a bit more fun and flirty a V-Day top coat is always a great choice. Nails Inc Alexa Hearts is the perfect added extra to your Valentine's nails. Wether you top these gorgeous little red love hearts on a pale pink or a glitter - your  nails will look so pretty and cute this Valentine's Day!

I've really enjoyed routing around my makeup collection and digging out my perfect Valentine's Day Makeup Picks, I'd love to know your go to V-Day picks beauties?

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LUSH Valentine's Haul 2017


LUSH Valentine's Haul 2017 Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, Cupid Bath Bomb, Two Hearts As One Bath Melt, Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb and the Lovestruck Bubble Bar.
Just as my Christmas LUSH stash was dwindling away, Valentine's Day appears around the corner. We've made it to February and know one does Valentine's Day better than LUSH. If you have a partner or not, a few festive goodies from LUSH will always be the perfect pick me up. Of course whenever LUSH have a new range in, I can't help but go and stock up my stash. This year I didn't go all out, I wanted to just try some new ones I haven't before and a couple trusty favourites. 

LUSH Valentine's Haul 2017 Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and Lovestruck Bubble Bar.
The first goodie I picked up was the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. This is THE cutest, most magical thing I have ever seen, it's like it fell right out of a fairytale! What more could you want from life than a multi pastel coloured swirled, shimmering bubble bar shaped like a unicorn horn!? (maybe a new figure, lifetime supply of chocolate and a designer wardrobe...). The little girl inside me just had heart eyes as soon as I saw this. Bubble bars are probably one of my favourite things to get from LUSH. There's nothing better than running a hot bath filled with mountains of bubbles and a gorgeous scent to get you feeling relaxed. The Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar is filled with lavender oil that will see you feeling relaxed and calm. The ylang ylang and neroli oil will brighten and uplift any mood.
The next thing I picked up was the Lovestruck Bubble Bar. This year LUSH have bought into the whole emoji craze with this little heart eyed cutie. Immediately this caught my eye and I had to give it a sniff. Lovestruck is right up my ally, it's a beautiful blend of lemon and geranium - a real citrus treat! I think this is going to be the perfect pick me up. The refreshing scent, the soothing bubbles and the adorable heart eyes will leave anyone feeling upbeat and uplifted.

LUSH Valentine's Haul 2017 Cupid Bath Bomb and Two Hearts As One Bath Melt.
Next on my list is the Cupid Bath Bomb. Now this just has Valentine's Day written all over it. This would make for the perfect gift. The scent is sweet and delicious, it kind of reminds me of those little parma violet sweets. I haven't tried this yet, but I've read this leaves you with gorgeous frothy pink waters with a raspberry, lime and rose scent. 
Another newbie to my LUSH collection is the Two Hearts Beating As One Bath Melt. This screams Valentine's Day! This would be the perfect little treat for a romantic Valentine's bath for two! To use this, you can just pop in half (or as much as you like) to your bath and it will begin to melt and leave you with the most glorious softening and moisturising waters. I don't use bath melts that often as I like to save them as a little treat to myself, when I really need to relax unwind and take some me time (they're perfect for a romantic bath for two also!). Two Hearts Beating As One has a strong floral rose and ylang ylang scent, you'll feel like you're at the spa!

LUSH Valentine's Haul 2017 Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb.
Last on my list is the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb. Now I'm not that into the floral scents but I seem to have picked a few up. Rose Bombshell of course has a floral rose scent but with a bit of sweetness. I haven't used this yet, but I think this is going to be a real treat. It will leave your waters a gorgeous shade of pink with a trio of rose petals floating around - how romantic! Rose Bombshell would make for the perfect Valentine's gift. 

This year LUSH have really done well with they're Valentine's range, I'm pretty proud of myself for only picking a handful up. I'm sure I will be in again before the big day, so let me know what your favourite Valentine's LUSH goodies are beauties?

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