2017 Goals!


2017 New Year Goals
Welcome 2017!
For my first proper post in 2017 I want to welcome in the new year and set some goals for myself. Last year I wrote in my diary a few targets for myself and I found this so helpful and I actually managed to achieve my goals. There's just something about writing things down, knowing it's out there and you can look back on them, that kind of pushes you to achieve them. I think it's great to set yourself some things you would like to achieve and what better time than at the beginning of a new year? I don't believe in 'New Year, New Me' I'm all about New Year, Better Me!

Blogging/YouTube Goals
1. Go into everything with a can do attitude. I went into 2016 believing if you say you can do something and you set your goal, you are more likely to achieve this. If you look at things in a positive way, I've found you generally may be a happier person. There's no point being negative about something before you've even tried. I truly believe if you want something you should go out and achieve it! In 2017 I want to work hard and believe I CAN do it!
2. Grow my blog & YouTube channel. I want to really put my all into my blog and YouTube this year, more than I ever have before. I'm so proud of myself for keeping up with my weekly posts last year and starting my YouTube channel and keeping it up. This year is the time to grow and improve both platforms. I enjoy doing this so much and I just want to focus on creating bigger and better content. I know it's not all about numbers but I do think it's good to set yourself a goal. In 2017 I want to reach 1200 Bloglovin' followers and 400 YouTube subscribers. I'm not far off my first 1000 blog followers and I really think it's going to happen this year. This will be the first big milestone for me and I'm so excited to make this happen. I've just started out with YouTube and I will be happy to try and double my following by next year. Baby steps!
3. Be more active on Instagram. I looove Instagram but I'm a just a bit rubbish at posting. I feel like you need to be posting everyday to create a great feed and I'm lucky if I post one photo a week! I enjoy taking beautiful pictures and love sharing with other people. This year I would love to post at least 3 Instagram posts a week.
4. Support the blogging/youtube community. Last year I made an effort to share the love and comment on my favourite blogger posts. I love commenting on people blogs and taking part in the beauty chats. I think it's so great to share the love and support each other because I know how great it feels to receive a positive comment. This year I want to continue to make time supporting other bloggers and really take on supporting other smaller YouTubers too. 

Personal Goals
5. Focus on making healthier choices. Now how many people have this goal? Every year I go into it saying I'm going to drink more water, eat healthy and work out. And I have accomplished drinking more water lately, so I will be bringing that into this year. In 2017 I will focus on the nutrients and benefits in the food I eat and I will make time to work out. I have an active job so I excuse myself in my spare time for sitting on my bum watching YouTube videos! This year we've ordered a Wii Fit and I can't wait to incorporate this in my daily routine. I used to have one and loved it, until it kept saying I was nearly overweight haha! This year I will be positive and healthy.
6. Less screen time. When I'm at home if Im not on the laptop, blogging or watching TV, I'm on my phone. I want to focus on reading and doing positive things rather than straining my eyes all the time. I'd like to be more present in the moment. 
7. Have a better bed time\sleep routine. I have a job that requires me to get up at 4:30am and I really struggle with this. This really effects me in my day to day life and brings me down. In 2017 I want to focus on getting a good nights rest and this means no screen time! My phone is the last thing I look at, at night and the first thing I wake up to. I want to make time to read before bed and hopefully have more energy in the day.
8. Save money and stop unnecessary spending. Simon and I have a lot of expenses this year and I want to focus on spending my money on important things and being more organised with my money. I want to continue to focus on saving for a house and stop wasting money. I believe you can make anything happen if you set your mind on it and work hard.

I'm going into 2017 believing all these things are going to happen. I really did have a great 2016 and intend on having a great 2017. I really hope this has helped you go into 2017 with a positive and confident attitude, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve if you believe in yourself.

What are your goals for 2017 beauties?

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  1. Your post is absolutely great and I really appreciate the great advice you have given to all of us with this amazing post!
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  2. Love the goal about less screen time, this needs to be one of mine too!

    Parie x

    1. So important in the modern world now! xx

  3. These are great goals! I'm trying to become more active on Instagram too :)
    sammy xx

  4. You've got some really great goals here. Lovely post as always Corrie! Lizzie X




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