My Makeup Base Staples


Last week I talked about my favourite concealers and this week I want to talk about my base staples. These are my trusty favourites I use day after day, to make me look a little more alive. I want to talk about my all time favourite foundation, concealer and powder. Now I'm not one of those girls who can just go out with a little bit of BB cream and look beautifully radiant. I need all the foundation, concealer and then powder just to start me off! 
My all time go to foundation has been the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation. This has been my saviour for at least six or severn years. I always have to have this in my collection. To me this is the perfect foundation. It gives medium to full coverage and is so blendable. I can really rely on this foundation for all occasions. This will cover any blemishes and problem areas and I know I can rely on this to still be flawless all throughout the day and night. I've even slept in this after a night out (gross I know!) and woke up with flawless makeup! Even though it gives you a flawless finish, this isn't heavy. With the added comfort serum, this foundation will leave your skin fresh and able to breath all day long. This is the one foundation I always recommend, with the added SPF you just cannot go wrong. I often choose my trusty Rimmel Lasting Finish over any high end foundations - this is a true saviour!
My next base staple is my go to concealer. Although I have a fair few favourite concealers, this one has just stood by me for so many years and never let me down, it's the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. To me this is the drugstore concealer of all concealers! I use this to cover my blemishes, even out my skin tone and lighten up my under eyes. This gives me amazing added coverage that lasts me all day long. It's creamy and so blendable, I cannot fault this. For under £5 you can't afford not to try this!
My last go to base staple is my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I'm one of those people that just cannot complete my base look without setting with a powder, it just doesn't feel complete! For years I've used the translucent stay matte powder just to give that added coverage and reduce the shine. My makeup always stays put all day and night and I put this down to using this powder. It creates a gorgeous flawless base every time. This powder is perfect for all occasions, the lightweight formula makes it so easy to create a beautiful natural finish for those no makeup - makeup days. If you're having trouble trying to get your makeup to last all day long, then you need to give the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder a go, it's a real handbag staple too!

I'd be lost without my base staples, I've relied on them for so many years I don't know what I'd do without them. I'd love to know what your base staples are beauties?

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The Concealer Edit


The Concealer Edit Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer and Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer
If you ask me what makeup product I couldn't live without was, concealer may just be that one. Concealer is a god send to any makeup junkie! It's one of the most universal products out there, you can use it to conceal blemishes, spots and redness, contour and highlight! Using the right concealer can really up your makeup game and boost your confidence. I want to talk about four of my most used and loved concealers.

The first concealer I just have to talk about is the most affordable on the list. Of course it's the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Now I have been using this for years now and could not be without it! This is under £5 and I regularly pick this over some of my higher end concealers! This is the perfect concealer to hide those nasties! I use this to hide my spots and redness. I like to apply this to any blemishes after I've applied my foundation. I then dab and blend with a brush - this really helps correct your blemishes and blend into your makeup. I really couldn't recommend this concealer enough, it's so long wearing and definitely a staple in my makeup collection.
The next Concealer I want to talk about was the first high end concealer I ever tried, it's the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. Now this is a real all rounder. It's a beautiful creamy concealer that has so many different shades you'll be sure to find your perfect match. I like to use this to highlight my under eyes. As the name suggests, this gives you a beautiful radiant finish, and I find this the perfect concealer to give my under eyes a light and radiant glow. Of course this is a great concealer to correct any blemishes and spots, the formula is lovely and creamy and very long lasting. This gives you medium to high coverage without being cakey. You can create high coverage, whilst achieving a beautiful natural glow. 
The newest high end concealer I've tried is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. This is much like the NARS concealer but with a more liquid formula. I think this is the perfect under eye concealer. It's weightless and duey, giving you a luminous under eye. I like to use a thinner formula like this one under my eyes, as it's so easy to blend in. I've been using this recently to cover my flaws and I've found this to be very buildable too. Although the formula is thinner than the Collection and NARS concealer, it certainly is still buildable and can very much give high coverage too. This is the perfect concealer if you want to create a duey and luminous finish. 
My newest go to concealer is the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer. I've heard so much about this, I just had to try it. On first impressions, I love the smell! This does exactly what you need a concealer to - it covers your dark circles and blemishes without being heavy at all. The formula is pretty light and leaves your skin with a healthy hydrated finish. I think this would be perfect for your under eyes, but I would prefer a lighter colour to really brighten up my eyes. The concealer only comes in three shades and for me, that's the only down fall. 

What's your go to concealer beauties?

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Real Techniques Your Picks Set


Real Techniques Your Picks Set Berlin Beauty Review
You can never have enough makeup brushes right? This Christmas my lovely friend bought me this gorgeous Real Techniques Your Picks set. Of course I was over the moon because it has some of my most used and favourite brushes in it with a funky new design! I love having multiples of my favourite brushes, it's always handy when you need to wash them. The Your Picks set has so many great brushes, this is a great set to start your collection off with- or just to add to your collection.

Real Techniques Your Picks Set Berlin Beauty Review
I want to start with talking about the Buffing Brush. The buffing brush is perfect for achieving full coverage with either liquid or powder makeup. This is a gorgeous foundation brush, the shape is full enough to give you full coverage quickly, but small enough to get in every corner of your face. The buffing brush is so versatile and can be used for so many different things, it's also great to apply powder, bronzer and blush.
I haven't used the Stippling Brush yet, but Sam & Nic say this is the trade secret to apply flawless, airbrushed high definition makeup. This brush is perfect with all types of makeup. It's also very lightweight helping if you want to apply a light coverage. I already have the original stippling brush and never really gave it a chance, now I have two and can't wait to try this brush out properly.
Also in this set you get the Contour Brush. Like all Real Technique brushes, this is sooo versatile! You can use this for so many things, concealer, bronzer, contouring, highlighting - the list is endless. I love to use this to apply my concealer. The tapered face helps to achieve precise and detailed application. It's perfect for getting in all the creases and corners. You can use this brush to apply your contour as well. It's small enough to get in under your cheekbones and around your face. This is definitely a staple brush in my collection!

Real Techniques Your Picks Set Berlin Beauty Review
Another staple in my collection and a favourite in the Your Picks set is the Deluxe Crease Brush. I use this to apply my base shade on my eyes, the brush is big enough to apply an even coverage quickly. You can use this to apply your crease shade too, it's great for a smokey eye. The soft synthetic bristles are perfect for your eyes, there's nothing worse than having a harsh brush that irritates your eyes! Of course this brush is great for precise contouring also.
The last brush in the collection is the Base Shadow Brush. Despite the name, I love to use this to apply my crease shade. Like all Real Technique brushes, this brush is perfect for multiple jobs. The light soft bristles and the tapered shaped make this the perfect tool to blend your eye look and give your crease real definition. This brush would also be perfect for precise highlighting too . It's the perfect size and shape to apply to your inner eyes, bridge of your nose and cupids bow.

All of these synthetic Real Techniques brushes are so beautiful and soft. They're the most versatile brushes in my collection, each brush can be used for so many different things. The synthetic bristles and lightweight design makes them so easy to look after. I like to wash and condition mine with normal shampoo and conditioner, I find this works great - some of my RT brushes are over four years old and still wash like brand new!

If you're after some new brushes then the Real Techniques Your Picks Set is the perfect place to start. All of these brushes are real staples in my collection and can be used for any job you can imagine. Of course the new funky design adds a bit of a pop to your brush collection!

What are your favourite Real Technique brushes beauties?

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2017 Goals!


2017 New Year Goals
Welcome 2017!
For my first proper post in 2017 I want to welcome in the new year and set some goals for myself. Last year I wrote in my diary a few targets for myself and I found this so helpful and I actually managed to achieve my goals. There's just something about writing things down, knowing it's out there and you can look back on them, that kind of pushes you to achieve them. I think it's great to set yourself some things you would like to achieve and what better time than at the beginning of a new year? I don't believe in 'New Year, New Me' I'm all about New Year, Better Me!

Blogging/YouTube Goals
1. Go into everything with a can do attitude. I went into 2016 believing if you say you can do something and you set your goal, you are more likely to achieve this. If you look at things in a positive way, I've found you generally may be a happier person. There's no point being negative about something before you've even tried. I truly believe if you want something you should go out and achieve it! In 2017 I want to work hard and believe I CAN do it!
2. Grow my blog & YouTube channel. I want to really put my all into my blog and YouTube this year, more than I ever have before. I'm so proud of myself for keeping up with my weekly posts last year and starting my YouTube channel and keeping it up. This year is the time to grow and improve both platforms. I enjoy doing this so much and I just want to focus on creating bigger and better content. I know it's not all about numbers but I do think it's good to set yourself a goal. In 2017 I want to reach 1200 Bloglovin' followers and 400 YouTube subscribers. I'm not far off my first 1000 blog followers and I really think it's going to happen this year. This will be the first big milestone for me and I'm so excited to make this happen. I've just started out with YouTube and I will be happy to try and double my following by next year. Baby steps!
3. Be more active on Instagram. I looove Instagram but I'm a just a bit rubbish at posting. I feel like you need to be posting everyday to create a great feed and I'm lucky if I post one photo a week! I enjoy taking beautiful pictures and love sharing with other people. This year I would love to post at least 3 Instagram posts a week.
4. Support the blogging/youtube community. Last year I made an effort to share the love and comment on my favourite blogger posts. I love commenting on people blogs and taking part in the beauty chats. I think it's so great to share the love and support each other because I know how great it feels to receive a positive comment. This year I want to continue to make time supporting other bloggers and really take on supporting other smaller YouTubers too. 

Personal Goals
5. Focus on making healthier choices. Now how many people have this goal? Every year I go into it saying I'm going to drink more water, eat healthy and work out. And I have accomplished drinking more water lately, so I will be bringing that into this year. In 2017 I will focus on the nutrients and benefits in the food I eat and I will make time to work out. I have an active job so I excuse myself in my spare time for sitting on my bum watching YouTube videos! This year we've ordered a Wii Fit and I can't wait to incorporate this in my daily routine. I used to have one and loved it, until it kept saying I was nearly overweight haha! This year I will be positive and healthy.
6. Less screen time. When I'm at home if Im not on the laptop, blogging or watching TV, I'm on my phone. I want to focus on reading and doing positive things rather than straining my eyes all the time. I'd like to be more present in the moment. 
7. Have a better bed time\sleep routine. I have a job that requires me to get up at 4:30am and I really struggle with this. This really effects me in my day to day life and brings me down. In 2017 I want to focus on getting a good nights rest and this means no screen time! My phone is the last thing I look at, at night and the first thing I wake up to. I want to make time to read before bed and hopefully have more energy in the day.
8. Save money and stop unnecessary spending. Simon and I have a lot of expenses this year and I want to focus on spending my money on important things and being more organised with my money. I want to continue to focus on saving for a house and stop wasting money. I believe you can make anything happen if you set your mind on it and work hard.

I'm going into 2017 believing all these things are going to happen. I really did have a great 2016 and intend on having a great 2017. I really hope this has helped you go into 2017 with a positive and confident attitude, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve if you believe in yourself.

What are your goals for 2017 beauties?

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New Year MAC Giveaway 2017!


New Year Mac Giveaway 2017 MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette
Happy New Year Beauties!

2016 has been a pretty good year for me. I moved out, hit my set blogging goals and started my YouTube channel. I want to say a massive thank you to all of you who have supported me and my little blog and channel. I thought what better way to say thank you, than give you a chance to win some gorgeous makeup! I chose the Mac Burgundy Times Nine palette, because of course it's just so beautiful and I know the lucky winner will get a lot of use out of it (MAC Haul Post). So if you'd like to start the New Year off with something new to add to your makeup bag, here's a chance to bag yourself a brand new MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette.
I'm planning a lot for 2017 and really want to throw myself into my blog and YouTube this year. I want to create better and stronger content for you and I hope you will continue to share my journey. I wish you all a happy and positive 2017!

Thank you again for supporting me on my little journey. 

Terms & Conditions are linked below.

Giveaway closes at 12am 05/02/2017

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