My Top 5 Christmas Movies

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My Top Five Christmas Films, Love Actually, Arthur Christmas, The Santa Clause, ELF & Home Alone.
It's the month we've been all been waiting for, for the past eleven, it's December and Christmas is in full swing! I start thinking about Christmas in August but December is the month we can officially start to celebrate and not get judged for it! The build up to Christmas is one of the most exciting parts for me. I love to Christmas shop, decorate, plan and watch Christmas films. Today I want to share with you five of my most favourite must have Christmas films to watch during the Christmas period.

1. Love Actually | We've kind of made it a bit of a tradition of watching Love Actually an ordering Prezzo pizza on Christmas Eve. I look forward to this so much. Love actually is a classic British romcon with a festive feel to it. We follow the love lives of more than a dozen characters during the Christmas period with a climax at Christmas eve. Love Actually is filled with all the laughter and all the feels. I can't go a year without being snuggled up and watching Love Actually!

2. Arthur Christmas | I watched Arthur Christmas last year for the first time and absolutely loved it, I think this is my new favourite Christmas film! This animated family comedy will show you what really goes on in the North Pole and high tech operation of delivering the world their Christmas presents, in just one night. We get to know the dysfunctional Santa family and learn which of Santa's two sons will take on the role of Santa Clause when their Father retires.

3. Elf | Is it really Christmas if you don't watch Elf? ELF is a Christmas family classic. We follow Buddy and his adventure in to New York to find his biological Dad. Buddy grew up in the North Pole and believes he is an Elf (all 6ft of him!). Until Santa sends him off to find his Father, after his size starts to become a liability in the elf-sized working environment. Elf will truly have the whole family laughing - the perfect after dinner Christmas film!

4. The Santa Clause | To me this is a Christmas classic and I find myself watching The Santa Clause every year. We follow Scott Calvin (a non believer) and his son Charlie (Santa's number one fan). Scott Calvin is forced to take on the role of Santa Clause when the previous falls of his roof, Scott finds himself putting on weight, growing a beard and fastly becoming Santa Clause! We watch as this interrupts Scott's life tremendously, will he manage to get into the spirit of things?

5. Home Alone | The Home Alone films are THE family Christmas classics! You can't go a Christmas without watching at least one! We watch the McCallister family prepare for a trip away but fail to keep track of Kevin McCallister. Kevin is left Home Alone during the Christmas period and must learn to fend for himself, but he also has bigger problems. We see him continuously fight of two incompetent burglars. This film is full of classic comedy that will have all the family laughing.

Of course there are so many more amazing Christmas films but these are the ones I watch without fail every Christmas. You just can't beat a good Christmas film and a warm hot chocolate to get you in the festive spirit.

What will you be watching the Christmas beauties?

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  1. I watched Arthur Christmas for the first time this christmas it's become one of my faves too! Love Actually has to be in one of my faves as well such a classic




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