Huge Bath & Body Works Christmas Haul


Huge Bath & Body Works Christmas Haul 3 Wick Candles
I'm very excited to finally share with you my HUGE Christmas Bath & Body Works Haul. There's nothing better during Christmas time than being all cosy or getting ready for Christmas with your favourite festive scents burning. I loved my Autumn BBW candles so much I just knew I had to get some festive favourites. Due to us not having Bath & Body Works in the UK, I did have to wait a good two months to get my hands on these, finally they're here! If you'd like to see my first reaction to all my Christmas Bath & Body Works goodies, then you can watch my haul video here beauties.

Huge Bath & Body Works Christmas Haul 3 Wick Candles Spiced Gingerbread & Vanilla Bean Noel
Huge Bath & Body Works Christmas Haul 3 Wick Candles Maple Cinnamon Pancakes & Frosted Cranberry
Huge Bath & Body Works Christmas Haul 3 Wick Candles Salted Caramel & Twisted Peppermint
Ok, I did go a bit OTT on the candles, but when you can only make one order, you kind of have to go all out right? I took advantage of the opportunity and ordered a few candles for gifts for Christmas, here are the ones I bought for myself:

Spiced Gingerbread | Festive spicy scent, warming gingerbread and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla.
Vanilla Bean Noel | Warm vanilla caramel scent, sweet and musky - not too much.
Maple Cinnamon Pancakes | Sweet maple syrup and cinnamon scent, festive and sweet.
Frosted Cranberry | My favourites scent! Fruity berry and apple scent with a festive frost.
Salted Caramel | Warm salted caramel scent with festive roasted chestnut and caramelised sugar.
Twisted Peppermint | Cool peppermint scent with a warm vanilla musk.

I'm obsessed with all my festive candles and can't wait to work my way through them during the Christmas period, I know I will still be enjoying them in the new year. My favourites are Frosted Cranberry, Salted Caramel and Twisted Peppermint.

Huge Bath & Body Works Christmas Haul Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps Frosted Coconut Snowball & Merry Berry Kiss
Huge Bath & Body Works Christmas Haul Creamy Luxe Hand Soaps Snow Kissed Citrus & Frosted Cranberry
Huge Bath & Body Works Christmas Haul Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps Winter Candle Apple & Vanilla Snowflake
Last time I ordered from Bath & Body Works I tried one of their Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps and loved it so much! I made sure I took advantage of the 6 for $24. This time I bought a range of different types. I also made sure I bought a range of different scents so I could make the most of it and try as many scents as possible!

Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
Frosted Coconut | A coconut vanilla scent.
Merry Berry Kiss | A delicious berry scent with vanilla.

Creamy Luxe Hand Soap
Snow Kissed Citrus | Refreshing sparkling lemon scent.
Frosted Cranberry | Frosted Berry scent with a vanilla hint.

Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
Winter Candy Apple | A sweet apple scent (similar to the red herbal essences!)
Vanilla Snowflake | Iced vanilla with a hint of coconut.

I'm so happy I've stocked up on some gorgeous hand soaps and I can't wait to try the new formulas. My favourites are Winter Candy Apple, Merry Berry Kiss and Frosted Cranberry.

Huge Bath & Body Works Christmas Haul PocketBacs Winter's Magic Antibacterial Hand Gel Pack
I couldn't make a Bath & Body Works order without trying the Anti Bac Hand Gels! Everyone raves about these and they're are super cute and very affordable. I ordered the festive Winter's Magic set of five. The gels have sparkling glitter in them that just makes them that much cuter! The gels are very fast drying and so handy for your car or handbag! My favourites are Frost Cranberry and Snow Kissed Citrus!

We've reached the end of my gigantic Christmas Bath & Body Works Haul. I'm very happy I finally have my festive candles and I'm loving enjoying them this festive season. I think I have enough to last me a good while so I won't be making another order for a while (Simon's actually banned me!) 

I'd love to know your festive Bath & Body Works favourites beauties?

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