My NARS Obsession


My NARS Obsession including NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, NARS Blushers, NARS Eyeshadow Duo's, NARS Audacious Lipsticks and NARS Velvet Lip Glides.
Today I'm here with a very exciting post that I've been wanting to do for a while now, a post all about NARS! As you may know already if you read my posts or watch my videos, I'm OBSESSED with NARS! I can't get enough, they were one of the first high end brands I ever tried and they just stuck. I've never been disappointed with any products and I think it's about time I share my love affair with NARS, officially!
Naturally I'm going to start of with the base products. Of course I just had to get my hands on NARS Sheer Glow the foundation of all foundations! When I was first getting into make up, Sheer Glow was the foundation that everyone talked about, so of course I needed to try it. It's a beautiful lightweight formula that gives you flawless even skin with a natural 'sheer glow'.  A little goes a long way and you can really build this up to suit you. I love how easy it is to find your perfect shade with their massive shade range. Sheer glow leaves my skin so radiant, soft and smooth - I almost feel like a new woman!
The next base product that is an absolute staple in my makeup collection is of course NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. This concealer is just perfect, it just does so much more than any other concealer out there. I love to use this to conceal my blemishes, it's very buildable and easily hides any nasties, but at the same time it's not cakey. Your skin will be radiant and soft and looking gorgeously healthy. This is also perfect for under the eyes. It will hide any dark circles and give you light radiant under eyes. If you're looking for a high end concealer, you need to try this!

My NARS Obsession including NARSissist palette, NARS Sin Blusher, NARS Orgasm Blusher and NARS Deep Throat Blusher.
The first love affair I had with NARS was with Orgasm blush. I think this may have even been my first NARS product. When I think blush, there's nothing more iconic than a NARS blush. They're just so reliable and perfect you cannot go wrong with a NARS blush! The first couple I picked up were Orgasm and Deep Throat, I think these two are the most iconic blushers out there. Orgasm is a gorgeous peachy pink with golden shimmer. This will brighten your cheeks and add warmth to your look in an instant - a true staple! Deep throat is more of a deeper soft pink, again with golden shimmers to add warmth. This will instantly give you a healthy radiant finish thanks to the beautiful soft and silky formula. At the moment I can't get enough of Sin. Sin is a deep mauve with yes, you guessed it - a golden shimmer. This is perfect for the Autumn/Winter, I love the purply shade with the subtle warm shimmer, it's just beautiful!
I fell deep in love with NARS blushers, I couldn't wait to try the much loved Laguna Bronzer and Albatross Highlight. I got myself a NARSissist palette a year or two ago that conveniently has the two together, three blushers and a lipgloss - how perfect is that!? Laguna is a gorgeous diffused brown with golden shimmers, it's perfect to add a beautiful warmth to many skin tones. I love that it's not over powering or orange, a bronzer can be hard to find for paler skin. This adds a subtle healthy warmth to my look without making me look like a wotsit! I also like to use this to add a bit of contour to my face, I use it to sculpt my nose and cheekbones and it really gives a natural defined look. Of course Albatross is equally as beautiful. This is the perfect highlight shade. I love how it has transparent pigments, this really helps give you a gorgeous radiant glow without looking to heavy or cakey. This will give you a natural shimmer perfect for everyday. Of course like any NARS product this is so versatile and you can also go all out and build this up, to get your perfect 'disco ball' look (in a more classy/beautiful way of course!).

My NARS Obsession Kalahari Eyeshadow Duo
Another product that I've really been impressed with is the NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Kalahari. I only have one duo, I need to get my hands on more because I can't get enough of Kalahari. I'm a big lover of the copper bronze shades, I just think they look so gorgeous on brown eyes so this is the perfect duo for me. The duo consists of a taupe brown/plum and a shimmering copper bronze. I love that you have one super shimmering glitter shade and a more of a subtle shade. This just makes the perfect duo to create a gorgeous bronze/brown eye. The shades are so pigmented and warm, this makes application easy and stress free. This is the perfect handbag staple, I find myself reaching for this a lot. I can't wait to get my hands on some more gorgeous duo's, they're just the perfect eye look in one handy little package.

My NARS Obsession NARS Audacious Lipstick and NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound.
Last but certainly not least I want to share with you my favourite NARS lip products. I'm OBSESSED with the NARS Audacious lipsticks and my favourite so far is Anita. I've talked about this lipstick so much but I just need to share! I'm obsessed with the warm nudes at the moment and Anita is just perfect. It has a gorgeous satin finish, that just feels so smooth and creamy on my lips - it's effortless to wear. The formula is creamy and moisturising, there's not a crack in sight! Of course I love the packaging of all NARS products (how could you not?) but the audacious range just has the coolest magnetic closure - I love it! 
My newest NARS love that I just need to get more of our the NARS Velvet Lip Glides. I have 'bound' and again, I'm OBSESSED! I love a liquid lipstick so I just couldn't wait to try a NARS version. I'm all about the rose nudes at the moment and Bound is perfect. The formula is creamy and moisturising and so easy to wear. The applicator is very soft making it a joy to apply and so easy to get a precise finish. These truly have a velvet smooth finish packed with a high pigment punch!

There's not a NARS products I've tried and haven't loved, I couldn't recommend their products enough. I'm so glad I've finally talked about some of my all time favourite NARS products, I now want to go makeup shopping and pick up a load more! 

What are your favourite NARS products beauties?

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Why Do We Keep Our Blogs Secret From Our 'Real Worlds'?


Why Do We Keep Our Blogs Secret From Our Real World MacBook Air Charlotte Tilbury NARS YSL Kate Spade
I have a question. Why do so many of us keep our blogs top secret? We desperately try and promote and grow our following, but we refuse to let anyone we actually know in the real world in.
I read a post a couple of weeks ago that just stuck with me, I found it so interesting to hear someone else's thoughts on sharing their blog and realised I'd love to share mine. Sadly after spending a good half an hour trying to find the girl who wrote the post, I can't seem to find it anymore. She wrote about her experience with sharing her blog with people in her - what I like to call "real life". As I've been blogging for nearly three years and started a YouTube channel this year too, I've realised I have a lot of opinions on the matter. 

I kept my blog top secret from pretty much the majority of people in my 'real life',  for probably over two and a half years. Only just the past two months I would say everyone in my life has started to find out. I find it so interesting how most of us keep this part of our lives so secret. We put so much time, work and effort into creating our blogs, hoping, just maybe it may lead to something bigger. We spend the majority of our time trying to grow our following, but yet we refuse to share this part of us to real people, in our real worlds. Are we embarrassed? Are we Ashamed? 
Sadly I think this may of been the case with me. Although when I think about what I've created and how much work and time I've put into my little space on the internet, I can't help but be a little proud of myself. I'm proud that I've managed to create a space that I'm passionate about. I'm proud that I have hopes and dreams and I'm proud that I've been able to keep my blog/YouTube up, slowly grow my following and work with brands. These are things to be so proud of, so why do most of us keep them secret? I've realised that I kept this secret from most the people in my life for so long because I was kind of embarrassed, I didn't think they would 'get it'. I think I was hoping to be able to tell them some massive success story when I came out about my blog/YouTube. When in fact I think, just creating your blog and putting your all into something for a period of time, is a great success in itself.
Only my boyfriend and best friend really knew about my blog until recently. I spend a lot of time working on my blog and it takes up so much of my life I could'nt help it kind of, spilling into my 'real life'. I started to tell a couple friends from work. At first they didn't really get it, but they thought it was pretty cool. It wasn't until I received an amazing blogger package from one of my favourite brands, that I just could'nt keep it a secret from my family anymore. I happened to open it in front of my Dad and didn't really have an explanation for why I was receiving a large case full of makeup, so I spilled the beans. I don't think he really got it at first. He did say something along the lines of  'Oh wow that's great, good for you' kind of thing. Then it wasn't until he spread to my Mum and she told everyone and the blimmin' cat, the fact 'Corrie has a blog and YouTube channel!' It was the top news in the family. I started to get random texts from family members saying great videos etc. I was not ready for this. The thought of people reading my blog was one thing, but watching my newly created YouTube videos was another. I've never been so cringed out in my life! I wasn't confident in the slightest about my channel yet, but there was nothing I could do, it was out there.
Now I'm so happy that everyone in my life knows about one of the biggest passions in my life. Blogging and YouTube is my thing and I shouldn't have to hide it. Everyone thinks it's amazing and are completely supportive. My family are proud and that's all you can ever ask for. It's easy in this community to feel down about your blog and feel you're stuck in a rut and going nowhere compared to everyone else. Once you share with real people in your real world, they'll be amazed of what little old you can do! If you're keeping your blog secret, then I really hope you can pluck up the courage to share with someone your passion, you'll be surprised about the reaction.

Why wouldn't you share your passion with the people you love?

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High End vs High Street | False Eyelashes


Today I want to talk about a product I've never really talked about on here before, false eyelashes. In the past I've worn them occasionally on special occasions or on a night out, but I've never really been a massive lover of false lashes, I was a mascara girl through and through (notice the word 'was'). My best friend, Jazz is obsessed with false lashes and wears them everyday, I just never really got it. A few weeks ago I got an email asking me if I would like to choose two sets from I was sceptical at first because I wasn't a massive false lash fan, until I ventured onto the site. I've never seen so many gorgeous lashes from so many different brands! carry over 1000 styles from brands such as Eylure, Ardell, Eye Candy, House Of Lashes, Red Cherry and tons more, they have all the brands you could think of!
As I was a bit new to the whole lash thing, I thought I would choose one high street brand I had tried and heard of before, Eylure and one high end brand, House Of Lashes. This way I would be able to get a real feel for the whole false lash thang!
Eylure Enchanted Lashes in Forever
House Of Lashes Sweet Romance False Eyelashes
I chose the Eylure Enchanted Lashes in Forever. I love lashes that are longer on the outside, I think they're so flattering and girly. The Forever lashes are gorgeously bold and full for a fluttering enchanted look. These lashes come with a little adhesive and easy to follow instructions. This was so helpful for me because I don't use these on a regular basis so any tips are well appreciated! I followed the steps and cut my lashes to fit my eye and applied the glue, I found these pretty easy to apply, a tad fiddly but that's to be expected! Once I got my lashes on I loved the full romantic look! I love how easy it is to get perfect lashes and there's no mess like there can be with mascara!
I wore these all day and they stayed put through shopping, cleaning and the windy English weather! As I'm a false lash newby I did feel like I could feel the presence of the lashes most of the time, but not in a painful or uncomfortable way. I think I just needed to get used to them. I loved having gorgeous lashes all day long. The Eylure Enchanted Lashes in Forever are perfect for so many different occasions, they're bold and full making them perfect for a night out and dinners, but they're also a little shorter than most making them perfect for everyday glam too. After wearing these all day I was quickly turning into a false lash girl! I now want to wear these just to clean the dishes!

The next day I wanted to give my House Of Lashes Sweet Romance Lashes a go. The Sweet Romance Lashes are handmade from 100% human hair. They're curled and long for a romantic and sophisticated full lash effect. Of course I couldn't ignore how gorgeous and cute these lashes are and of course the packaging, but I was disappointing that they didn't come with glue and instructions. I think this is great for the lash fanatic who is used to applying and has stacks of lash adhesive, but not so great for the lash novice. Luckily I could use the Eylure adhesive and followed these steps. I found these pretty easy to apply and the shape of these make them perfect for every eye shape. I could hardly feel these on my lids, they're very comfortable! They just felt so weightless and natural and I did love forgetting I even had them on but knowing my lashes looked gorgeous! These are the perfect lashes if you want long fluttering lashes with a natural feel and finish. They stayed put all day and were easy to take off.

Overall I can safely say I am now a self confessed false lashes convert! I'm totally into false lashes now and I want to try different brands and different styles! I can see myself wearing these on a regular bases. Overall I think I was most impressed by the Eylure Enchanted Forever Lashes, just because of the amazing quality for such an affordable price! I would like to try some other styles from House Of Lashes, perhaps more of a bolder look. 
If you're a false lash fanatic or you want to give them ago, I strongly recommend You will find something for all occasions and price ranges (plus free 1st class delivery!)

What lash brands do I need to try next beauties?

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October Favourites 2016


October Favourites NARS Sin Blush, MAC Diva Lipstick, Maybelline Colossal Spider Effect Mascara and Maybelline The Rock Nudes Palette
It's been a long time since I've wrote about my monthly favourites but I thought it's a whole new season now and it's about time I show you what I've been loving lately. I've been trying a few new makeup bits recently and I've found some real gems! Autumn/ Winter is in full swing so of course you know what that means - dark bold lips, warm plum cheeks and plummy/bronze eyes!

October Favourites Maybelline Colossal Spider Effect Mascara and Maybelline The Rock Nudes Palette
October Favourites NARS Sin Blush, MAC Diva Lipstick
My first favourite is the gorgeous NARS Sin blush. I bought this back in the Summer especially for this time of year. I wanted a plummy blush for Autumn time. Sin is a beautiful plum mauve with a warm golden sheen. This is the perfect blush for your Autumn looks.  I love how Sin still adds warmth to your Autumn look thanks to the subtle golden sheen. I'm a bit of a NARS 'blush-aholic', I just love the soft blendable formula and the colour pay off and Sin does not disappoint.
To go with my berry plum cheeks I've been loving my Maybelline Rock Nudes Palette this past month. Usually I steer towards the high end eye shadows but I've been very impressed with this palette. I love the shimmering smoky shades. I usually stick to bronzes and browns but this palette has made me explore different shades. Each shade is beautifully soft making this so lovely to apply. Even though the shades can look a little scary to the smoky eye newb, they aren't too over dramatic when you first apply, the formula is very blendable. I've been loving the purples, blush and silvers. The shade range is just perfect for Autumn/Winter.
To finish of my rock nude eye looks, I've been using Maybelline's The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara. I knew I would love this, you just can't go wrong with a Maybelline mascara. I'm all about the black dramatic long lashes and this delivers all three. The plastic spider brush makes sure your lashes are long and defined with no clumping. My lashes are bold, defined and dramatic. This mascara ups your make up game every time.
Of course I can't do a favourites without mentioning my go to lipstick of the month. For me lipstick is the most exciting part of any look and I've been using MAC's Diva every chance I get. It's THE perfect Autumn lip, a bold burgundy matte. Diva is just so beautiful, it give you that bold intense dark lip, whilst being so irresistibly flattering too. There's just something so classic about a matte red, Iv'e found the formula to be great too - none of those crusty dry lips from this matte! I know I'm going to love Diva for years to come.

What have you been loving this past month beauties

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