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Maybelline Colorshow Preppy Woman Nail Polish Dear Magenta, Top Coat Tweedy and Runway Rose
I'm back with another Autumnal post (no surprise there!). I've talked about Autumn Eye Shadows, Autumn LipsticksAutumn Candles and now it's time for my Autumn Nail Polish. I want to talk about one brand in general Maybelline. Maybelline sent me three of  their new Preppy Woman shades and I have fallen in love with them!

If you're looking for that sophisticated neutral Autmnal hue to warm up your look this Winter, this may just be the collection for you. These gorgeous winter warmers all have a gel based formula giving you a professional and polished look. The polish glides on so smoothly thanks to the tapered edged brush. For me the tapered edge is a must, I just can't get on with a polish that doesn't have this shaped brush. The brush makes it so easy and quick to apply, reaching into all corners and groves with no mess. This quick drying formula lasts me over a week and I have a very manual job and use my hands a lot, I'm very impressed with the formula and the lasting finish! I have 3 of the 4 new shades:

Maybelline Colorshow Preppy Woman Nail Polish Swatches Dear Magenta, Top Coat Tweedy and Runway Rose
Dear Magenta | Sophisticated magenta plum
Top Coat Tweedy | Gold and silver 'shred' top coat
Runway Rose | Warm rose beige neutral

At the moment I'm wearing Runway Rose, it's the most beautiful warm neutral shade. This is so perfect for Autumn time. I love these earth neutral hues, they look great with any outfit! I've been wearing Top Coat Tweedy on my ring finger to give my nails a bit more of a shimmering, festive look. Thanks to the gold and silver 'shred' like specs, Top Coat Tweedy will look great with a million different shades and finishes, it's especially perfect for this time of year with all the festivities!

If you're looking for the perfect autumnal nail polishes, then check out Maybelline's new Colorshow Preppy Woman collection beauties!

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  1. These colours are so gorgeous and perfect for the autumn!!

    Parie x



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