Moving-in Together Tips


Moving In Together Tips
Moving In Together Tips

As you may know I've recently moved in with my partner Simon just under a month ago. I think in the grand scheme of things, we've had a pretty un-stressful and successful time moving out. I'm no pro at moving out, in fact this is the first time I had ever moved house. I thought it would be great to share with you some tips I used to make the move and lead up less stressful and also some things I wish I considered before hand.

1. Get organised! (Lists are your best friends!). There's a lot you need to think about before moving in, especially for the first time. You need to think about the furniture and what you need to buy, setting up your bills and what you will need straight away and what can wait. A list is your best friend. We had to buy everything from our sofa to our extension leads. I found it best to make a list for each room of what was needed to get, so we could tick them off as we went. You also need to remember about bills and what you need to set up, for example, gas and electric, internet, council tax and that's just the start of it! Make yourself a list of what you need and also when it's due. You may find it pretty handy to get yourself a family calendar.

2. Buy as much as you can before you move! Even if it's just cutlery, towels or utensils. For months leading up to the move we would buy something every week, we must of spent every weekend for 6 months walking around the same home shops! I could probably tell you the whole inventory for NEXT, Dunelm Mill and Homebase! Start as early as you can buying things. Especially if it's your first home, you will need to buy everything from furniture to tea towels. I'm a big fan of lists and I just had to get everything crossed off before the big move. Luckily this meant we had our home fully functional and up and running from day one! Even if you're as prepared as I was, there will still be things you will need to buy, there's always something. It helps sooooo much to spread the costs and start shopping as early as possible, kitting a home out is very pricey!

3. Talk about the house hold chores and responsibilities before hand - make some ground rules! There's nothing worse than moving in to feel you have no idea who's paying for what or feeling as if you're taking on more of the responsibility. To make it as smooth as possible, we found it very helpful to agree to go halves on everything because we earn around the same amount, so it's the fairest way we could think of. Having this planned out before hand meant there has been no arguments about money and no added stress. I also agreed that I don't mind taking on a little bit more of the household chores if Simon at least would clean up after himself, wash up and help out etc. Usually whoever doesn't  make dinner will wash up after and this just makes it so much easier for us, so we don't feel like someone isn't doing as much. To settle this before moving in can make the process a lot easier! You don't want to find yourselves squabbling over petty house hold chores and putting an extra strain on your relationship.

4. Be realistic and prepared that moving in together is an adjustment. Simon and I have always had a pretty comfortable and strong relationship. We don't seem to argue, bicker or wind each other up too much. As much as you think you'll be fine and nothing will change in your relationship, you both have to be prepared that it's a big change and it may take some getting used to. Be prepared that you may find yourself bickering or stressing out more than usual, but just remind yourself this is normal and to be expected. You just need a few weeks to find your 'new normal'. If you're having a few doubts or sudden realisations once you've moved, it's important to relax and just let them know how you're feeling.

5. Finally, don't stress too much! Sit down, relax and enjoy each others company still. You may find that even though you are now living together and seeing more of each other, it can feel like you're not spending any quality time together. I found at the beginning I was too obsessed with getting everything perfect in the house and making sure it was clean and tidy and that we had everything ticked of our lists - I wasn't really relaxing like we used to. You need to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and at the end of the day, all that really matters is that you are both happy. Take the time to ask each other about your days, watch movies together, run each other baths etc. It's the little things that mean a lot. It may help to agree on a time in the evening that you're just going to stop house chores, sit down and enjoy the evening together.

I hope that some of my tips may help you have a less stressful time moving out! Good Luck with your new home and new step in life beauties!

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  1. This is perfect timing for me to find this post, I was just having a casual browse through Bloglovin - woop! I'm moving in my with my boyfriend on Saturday so have done all the prepping in terms of buying for packing. I think the last point is really important to me - I'm a naturally stressy person which I hate but I need to take a chill pill! xo

    1. Oh I hope it's going well! Just chill out and enjoy it :)
      Good Luck!

  2. These are some really great tips! My boyfriend and I plan on moving in together in the next few months so these were really helpful tips :D Sophie x



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