Charlotte Tilbury HOT LIPS Electric Poppy Lipstick Review


Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Electric Poppy Review
As you all know I'm a massive lipstick fan and I can't help but pick one or two up if I'm going makeup shopping. I love all kinds of finishes and shades and can't help myself even if I seem to have another 7 of the identical looking shade! I'm one of those kinds of people that gets persuaded by packaging. To me a lipsticks packaging is just as important as the formula. It's nice to have something that looks super beautiful on your makeup stand or in your handbag. Naturally I'm like a magpie to all things rose golden and elegant, so of course I've got a few Charlotte Tilbury lippys in my collection. But I was yet to have one of the new HOT LIPS and I knew I just had to pick one up!
Charlotte Tilbury's HOT LIPS collection is a collection of 16 new and powerful bold shades inspired by 16 of the world's most inspiring and powerful celebrity women. I love that Charlotte embraces girl power. The HOT LIPS collection is full of gorgeous bold shades, that will help add glamour and confidence to anyone's look in seconds! I totally agree with Charlotte, lipstick is powerful!

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Electric Poppy Review And Swatches On Lips
I was perusing the Charlotte Tilbury stand whilst shopping on my Birthday and I just couldn't ignore the HOT LIPS collection, I was not leaving without a new lipstick! I found it sooo hard to choose which shade to go for - did I want a nude I can wear everyday? A bright bold lipstick to stand out? Or maybe a darker Autumnal lipstick? I just couldn't decide, so I asked my boyfriend, Simon which one he liked best. He chose Electric Poppy. I was very impressed, Sometimes I steer away from the bright cherry/fuchsia pinks, as I get scared they'll make my teeth look yellow, but there was just something about Electric Poppy that I couldn't keep my eyes off. Electric Poppy was my winner. It's the most pretty and enticing cerise cherry, inspired by Poppy Delevingne. Electric Poppy is Poppy Delivingne all over, it's bold and electrifying, but also pretty and cool. The beautiful cherry pink is perfect for beauties with the fair English rose complexion (I tend to think I'm more pasty than English rose-esque). It really compliments fair skin and brightens your teeth too - always a winner in my books! The bold bright colour is sure to make you feel confident and hypnotising as soon as you put this on. The HOT LIPS collection lipsticks have the most beautiful bullet. It's sharp and angled, making it very versatile when applying. The angled shape reaches to all contours of your lips, for neat precise application. Charlotte has also added a cute embossed pout to the HOT LIPS range, for me it's these little details that make a product stand out and worth the high end price. Electric Poppy has a luminous modern matte finish, making this nice and creamy to apply. The shade looks a little sheer at first, but after about ten minutes you're left with the gorgeous light matte finish. I don't find this lipstick to be drying at all, thanks to the more luminous and sheer formula. So if you're after a matte lipstick without the dry cracked lips that tend to go along, then try Charlotte Tilburys HOT LIPS collection. Your lips are left looking healthier, fuller and younger, thanks to the 3D glowing pigments, soothing orchid extracts and magical antioxidant ingredients from the lipstick tree - your lips will look kissable and irresistible! I find this lippy to last a good 4 or 5 hours and holds on pretty well when eating and drinking. I like to re apply anyway - any excuse to whack out the stunning rose golden packaging! Overall I'm loving my HOT LIPS Electric Poppy, it's perfect for a night out and also to brighten up your casual day to day look. I've got my eye on a couple more HOT LIPS shades - Secret Selma for Autumn and Tell Laura for Christmas!

What shades are you loving from Charlotte Tilbury's HOT LIPS collection beauties?

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful!! I definitely want to pick some more of these up! xx

    Beautylymin| Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Giveaway

  2. I feel like this shade is way out of my comfort zone but if it suited me I would definitely buy it, it's so pretty for summer! x

    Gemma Louise

    1. Awww I'm sure it would look lovely on you! So perfect for Summer!

  3. Such a gorgeous shade. I really want to try out one of the lipsticks but it's just trying to make a decision thats the hard part :') I do love this shade though, definitely something I'd go for x

    Jordan || Darling Jordan

  4. Looks beautiful!! Really suits you, I think I may have to check it out :) xx

  5. This is gorgeous!



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