Nailbox July 2016 Review


Nailbox July 2016 Nailberry Coconut Nailbalm, Brush Works Toe Separators, Nails Inc. Gel Effect in Soho Place, True Brit London in The Summer House and Angelica Nails in Snow White.
I'm a bit of a nail polish hoarder and have boxes full of shade after shade and brand after brand. Although, I only wear polish on the weekend I can't help but keep buying more. If you're a bit of nail product hoarder like me, then I may have just the thing for you! A monthly nail subscription box dedicated to all things nail and nail care related! Who doesn't want a surprise box of goodies every month for just £13.50-£15!
Introducing Nailbox.

This months Nailbox is inspired by paradise, the perfect theme for anyone wanting to escape the typical British Summer weather, we can at least have a bit of paradise on our nails this month! The box comes with three gorgeous Summer shades and two manicure & pedicure essentials. First let's talk about the polish.

Nailbox July 2016 Nails Inc. Gel Effect in Soho Place, True Brit London in The Summer House and Angelica Nails in Snow White.
Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polish | Soho Place - Aqua Green. RRP £14
True Brit London | The Summer House - Warm Bronze Tan. RRP £12.50
Angelica Nails | Snow White - Fresh Snow White. RRP £2.75

The first shade I noticed was Soho Place by Nails Inc! This is a gorgeous aqua green, that I think will be pretty easy to wear compared to some greens. I love that it's a Gel effect, polish they're always my favourite. The formula is lovely and smooth and so easy to apply. Can I just take a minute to say how spoiled we've been? The retail price of this one polish is the same amount as the price of the box, but with four more added extras! The next polish that caught my eye was Angelica Nails, Snow White. It's the perfect Summer fresh white that will be perfect all year round. This is the perfect shade to make your tan really stand out! I was so surprised to find out you can buy this for less than £3, the formula is lovely and opaque and gives you great full coverage! Definitely a brand to look out for. Last but not least of the polishes, a glamorous True Brit Shade (Again, spoiled!). We've got the perfect Summer shade with the perfect Summer name, The Summer House. The Summer House is a beautiful warm tan shade with gold pearl, I think this would look amazing with a cute white Summer Dress, but it could also look sooo fierce in the evening!
Overall I'm really impressed with this months shades and you can really create your paradise look with these gorgeous Summer beauties! Snow White is so refreshing and Soho Place is the perfect palm tree shade. I love that Nailbox encourage you to try new shades and also find new brands that you wouldn't of bought before. To be honest with you I had never heard of Angelica Nails, but I'm so impressed with their Snow White and for just £2.75, it's hard to ignore!

Nailbox July 2016 Review Nailberry Coconut Nailbalm, Brush Works Toe Separators
We didn't just get three beautiful polishes, we were also treated to two new accessories to add to our collections. First up are the Brush Works Toe Separators RRP £2.49. I don't have any of these and I find it such a pain to paint my toe nails. I always seem to get in a bit of a mess, so these are going to be so helpful - and they're pink!
The last thing in my box was the Nailberry Coconut Nailbalm RRP £14. I'm very excited to try this little beauty out! I've been needing a cuticle balm to soften my cuticles and this just smells beautiful and feels so nourishing and moisturising!

So that's everything in the July Paradise Nailbox and haven't they just spoiled us rotten! My top products this month are the Nails Inc Gel Effect in Soho Place and the Nailberry Coconut Balm, I want to go and give myself a mani/pedi right now and feel Summer fresh!
The whole box contents adds up to £45.74 but you get it for just £15, you can't afford not to really! To get your hands on a box full of nail treats every month worth so much more than just the £15, subscribe to Nailbox.

What's your top pick from this months Nailbox?

Start your Nailbox Subscription now beauties.

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  1. Wow that box is really good value for money and agreed that it's good to try out some different shades and formulas to what you'd normally pick. I'd be intrigued how it would be subscribed to it for a few months though as I bet you'd end up with too much manicure stuff!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. Amazing value! Yes you may need to up your manicure storage haha! Or you can gift the extra products :)

      corrie |



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