LUSH Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask Review


LUSH Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask Review
I've realised recently I've been missing a very important step in my skincare routine for some time now. I hardly ever use a face mask and I don't know why because I love them! I love taking the time to just pamper myself and really rejuvenate my skin with a mask once or twice a week - I just haven't made the time recently. So I've made it my mission to incorporate more masks and put the time in! Of course, I made my way to LUSH to pick up a gorgeous fresh face mask.

The one that stood out to me was Love Lettuce, it just sounded so soothing and relaxing. Love Lettuce is packed full of Almond shells to gently exfoliate and polish skin as well as Honey and Almond oil to help soothe and soften. You can really feel the mask exfoliate and get rid of any dead and tired skin, leaving you with a fresh and replenished look. Although this mask is very exfoliating, it's not at all harsh, thanks to the moisturising Honey and Almond oils. Love Lettuce is suitable for normal to oily skin types, so don't let all the beautiful oils put you off if you sway towards the oilier skin type (facial oils are for everyone!). As well as exfoliating your skin, this gorgeous fresh face mask is packed full of Agar Seaweed gel that is said to be nutrient rich, to help brighten your complexion - this was a major factor in my decision making! I love the idea of healthy, fresher and brighter skin! 
Of course like every LUSH product this is packed full of amazing natural ingredients, but how do they really feel on the skin? When I apply this it feels surprisingly creamy, even though it's packed full of exfoliating Almond shells.  It's easy to apply and blend and not at all harsh. The soothing Lavender oil scent immediately hits you and this just adds to the experience. I find this mask to be very refreshing and relaxing - exactly what I want from a face mask! After a while this does tighten a little bit, but nothing compared to some masks! I can still drink and eat if I wanted to without cracking. 
I find this mask surprisingly easy to remove. You're left with smooth replenished skin that feels noticeably softer and nourished. Your skin will appear noticeably cleansed and brighter, your face will have a new lease of life! All in all this really feels like an at home spa experience, perfect for a pamper night!

Have you tried any of LUSH's fresh face masks? What should I try next?

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  1. I think I'll try this mask next, I've tried a couple of their masks and I've always been impressed (although the oat one is a nightmare to wash off!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. Oh this sounds lovely! I used some of the Lush masks, but never a fresh one before.

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Oh wow I didn't even know they had masks that weren't fresh, I thought I was pretty clued up, obviously not haha! I'll have to check that out too.

  3. I definitely need to start using a face mask! but like you, I hardly make the time to apply one even though I love to pamper myself now and then :) I love the Cupcake mask from LUSH, smells gorgeous. x

    Liv | Ramblings of a Makeup Lover

  4. I've only tried sheet masks, but I've heard so many great things about Lush masks! Can't wait to get my hands on one. Will definitely put this on my list.

    Jorj | Mad Cherry



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