Nailbox July 2016 Review


Nailbox July 2016 Nailberry Coconut Nailbalm, Brush Works Toe Separators, Nails Inc. Gel Effect in Soho Place, True Brit London in The Summer House and Angelica Nails in Snow White.
I'm a bit of a nail polish hoarder and have boxes full of shade after shade and brand after brand. Although, I only wear polish on the weekend I can't help but keep buying more. If you're a bit of nail product hoarder like me, then I may have just the thing for you! A monthly nail subscription box dedicated to all things nail and nail care related! Who doesn't want a surprise box of goodies every month for just £13.50-£15!
Introducing Nailbox.

This months Nailbox is inspired by paradise, the perfect theme for anyone wanting to escape the typical British Summer weather, we can at least have a bit of paradise on our nails this month! The box comes with three gorgeous Summer shades and two manicure & pedicure essentials. First let's talk about the polish.

Nailbox July 2016 Nails Inc. Gel Effect in Soho Place, True Brit London in The Summer House and Angelica Nails in Snow White.
Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polish | Soho Place - Aqua Green. RRP £14
True Brit London | The Summer House - Warm Bronze Tan. RRP £12.50
Angelica Nails | Snow White - Fresh Snow White. RRP £2.75

The first shade I noticed was Soho Place by Nails Inc! This is a gorgeous aqua green, that I think will be pretty easy to wear compared to some greens. I love that it's a Gel effect, polish they're always my favourite. The formula is lovely and smooth and so easy to apply. Can I just take a minute to say how spoiled we've been? The retail price of this one polish is the same amount as the price of the box, but with four more added extras! The next polish that caught my eye was Angelica Nails, Snow White. It's the perfect Summer fresh white that will be perfect all year round. This is the perfect shade to make your tan really stand out! I was so surprised to find out you can buy this for less than £3, the formula is lovely and opaque and gives you great full coverage! Definitely a brand to look out for. Last but not least of the polishes, a glamorous True Brit Shade (Again, spoiled!). We've got the perfect Summer shade with the perfect Summer name, The Summer House. The Summer House is a beautiful warm tan shade with gold pearl, I think this would look amazing with a cute white Summer Dress, but it could also look sooo fierce in the evening!
Overall I'm really impressed with this months shades and you can really create your paradise look with these gorgeous Summer beauties! Snow White is so refreshing and Soho Place is the perfect palm tree shade. I love that Nailbox encourage you to try new shades and also find new brands that you wouldn't of bought before. To be honest with you I had never heard of Angelica Nails, but I'm so impressed with their Snow White and for just £2.75, it's hard to ignore!

Nailbox July 2016 Review Nailberry Coconut Nailbalm, Brush Works Toe Separators
We didn't just get three beautiful polishes, we were also treated to two new accessories to add to our collections. First up are the Brush Works Toe Separators RRP £2.49. I don't have any of these and I find it such a pain to paint my toe nails. I always seem to get in a bit of a mess, so these are going to be so helpful - and they're pink!
The last thing in my box was the Nailberry Coconut Nailbalm RRP £14. I'm very excited to try this little beauty out! I've been needing a cuticle balm to soften my cuticles and this just smells beautiful and feels so nourishing and moisturising!

So that's everything in the July Paradise Nailbox and haven't they just spoiled us rotten! My top products this month are the Nails Inc Gel Effect in Soho Place and the Nailberry Coconut Balm, I want to go and give myself a mani/pedi right now and feel Summer fresh!
The whole box contents adds up to £45.74 but you get it for just £15, you can't afford not to really! To get your hands on a box full of nail treats every month worth so much more than just the £15, subscribe to Nailbox.

What's your top pick from this months Nailbox?

Start your Nailbox Subscription now beauties.

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Birthday Beauty Haul!


Birthday Beauty Haul MAC Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish, MAC Cranberry Eye Shadow, Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Electric Poppy Lipstick and Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer
A week ago it was my 23rd Birthday and what better way to celebrate than to go shopping! So to celebrate I dragged Simon around the Bullring for a good few hours with one intention only, to get to the Selfridges beauty hall! I didn't go too crazy but I did get a couple of treats for myself. I had a list of items in mind and got a few of those ticked off. I was really wanting to find the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, but unfortunately Selfridges don't carry Hourglass and Simon was getting a bit sick and tired of me walking round and round doing swatch after swatch, so I couldn't really drag him out of town as well (although, it was my Birthday!). I did manage to get some long lusted after products, so of course I have to share with you beauties (besides, can you really have a successful shopping trip unless you've done a haul post? Hehe!).

Birthday Beauty Haul MAC Soft And Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish and Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer
One of the first items on my list was the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. Iv'e heard sooo many amazing things about this and I've been wanting it for the longest time. Unfortunately I don't live near an Urban Decay stockists and I prefer to be able to try and get the perfect match for base products. The Urban Decay stand was one of the first I saw and I knew exactly what I was after! The sales assistant suggested I go for Fair Neutral. To me this looks very pale but I think it will be fine, even if it is a bit too light, it will be a perfect under eye concealer! This is supposed to give you great coverage whilst feeling weightless on the skin, I can't wait to see this in action.
The next counter I set my sights on was of course the MAC counter. Again we don't have a MAC counter where I live (what day an age are we in!?) so I always try and get a few MAC bits whenever I'm near one. I picked up Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish after wanting it for so many years! I finally got my hands on it! Soft & Gentle is the most beautiful highlight with a gorgeous golden shimmer with a subtle peach tone to it. This is going to be perfect for the last couple of months of Summer and to be honest, I think I'll be using it in the Winter too. I love a warm look in the Winter! This is lovely and soft and I think this will last me quite some time, so I'm sure I'll do a review on this later.

Birthday Beauty Haul Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Electric Poppy Lipstick and MAC Cranberry Eye Shadow
As I was at the MAC stand I thought I would get a new pan for my eye shadow palette As you may know, Autumn/Winter are always in the back of my mind somewhere - it's just the best time of year! So my Autumn/Winter mind came out and I picked up Cranberry, a warm red plum shade with a hint of pink/golden glitter. I just know this is going to be so gorgeous for Autumn and Christmas time! I hardly step away from my bronze and golden shades, so I'm so excited to use this more colourful Autumnal shade. It's one of MAC's frost shades, they have to got to be one of my favourite formulas. They're always the beautiful shimmering metallic shades that aren't over glittery!
I didn't really have anything left on my wish list that I immediately wanted to buy, but I knew I wanted something else! Then I spotted the Charlotte Tilbury stand and couldn't ignore the new Hot Lips Lipstick collection! Her new Hot Lips collection is a collection of 16 glamorous and confidence boosting fierce shades, inspired by some of the worlds most inspiring celebrity women - girl power! I didn't have a shade in mind so I asked Simon what he liked. I think he has a thing for the hot pinks and red lippys! He chose Electric Poppy, inspired by Poppy Delevigne. Electric Poppy is a bold matte cerise cherry shade, that is sure to get you noticed! 

I didn't go too over board this year as we are moving out this Summer, but I'm so happy with everything I bought - some have been very long awaited! I can't wait to go and try these out and I'm sure you'll hear more of my thoughts on these later on!

Have you been shopping recently? What have you picked up?

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NYX Butter Gloss Review


NYX Butter Glosses
Here I am again with yet another lip post. This one is a long overdue review on the NYX Butter Glosses! Probably some of the most talked about and hyped up lip glosses out there, so naturally I bought into this and now have 8 to my name! I thought it was about time I'd share with you my thoughts on the NYX Butter Glosses.

I was always more of a lipstick girl but since I've got my hands on these, I can't seem to get enough of lip glosses! The first thing I noticed was the massive shade range, ranging from pale pinks right up to dark vampy reds - there's definitely something for everyone. The next thing I noticed was that each Butter Gloss has a gorgeous sweet vanilla scent, this is a real bonus for me - I enjoy a gloss with a great scent! I was immediately impressed with the super cute packaging, I love that you can really see what shades you're picking and you don't have to rely on memorising the names and shades (although the names are super cute too!). Since going a little bit wild on FeelUnique website, I seem to be finding these everywhere I go - in my dressing table, in my makeup bag, in multiple handbags! There's definitely a gloss for every occasion. 
So how do these apply and feel on the lips? Well as the name suggests, they feel super buttery and moisturising, but in a light kind of way. The applicator is nice and soft, making these a joy to apply. The applicator is also the perfect size and not too big, so they'll be no going over the lines! Although these are so nice and soft on the lips, they're not sticky at all. This has always been a massive put off for me! There's nothing worse than having a great shade lip gloss and looking great, but your hair gets stuck in and you start to look like something that's been dragged through a bush! Instead these are nice and creamy and feel lovely on the lips!
NYX Butter Glosses Swatches, Créme Brulee, Vanilla Creme Pie, Peach Cobbler, Cherry Pie, Red Velvet, Apple Strudel, Praline, Red Velvet
The colour pay of is beautiful too. These apply evenly with no steaks and you can really get a neat precise finish very quickly. The shades are very buildable and you can use these to get a nice light shade, or build them up to get a bolder, more noticeable look - they really are very versatile! If you've been after that deep cherry red lip or bold vampy purple, without drying - then these really are what you need! The only thing I've noticed with these glosses is, they're not likely to stick around for long when drinking and eating, but to be honest I don't except that from even the most expensive lip products! For just £5 I don't mind having to re apply once or twice through out the day. They're so affordable, it's very easy to  grow your collection and with the massive shade range, it's hard not too! If you're looking for the glittery shiny glosses, then these may not be for you - but if you want a more grown up creamy finish, that's perfect for every occasion then you need to give these a try.

NYX stands are popping up in Boots stores around the country, so we can finally get in on the massive NYX craze like everyone else. Get down to Boots and try some of the gorgeous shades of NYX Butter Glosses!
If you want to see my review on NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, pop over here beauties!

What shade Butter Gloss are you loving?

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Saturated Colour Cosmetics | Double Ended Lip Brush Review


Saturated Colour Cosmetics Double Ended Lip Brush Review
If you're a regular reader here you'll know I'm a massive fan of any lip products - lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners and accessories are my thing! So of course I'm so open to trying any new lip product out there. When it comes to applying my lip products, I usually just go straight in with the lipstick, but admittedly sometimes this doesn't give the neatest and most precise finish. So when Saturated Colour Cosmetics asked me to try their new Double Ended Lip Brush, I couldn't resist!

Saturated Colour Cosmetics Double Ended Lip Brush Review
Saturated Colour know their stuff when it comes to lips, so if you're looking for the newest lipstick trends and shades then you know where to go. They have a massive range of cruelty free as well as some vegan friendly lip products, that aren't going to break the bank. The range of different finishes, shades and formulas will ensure you will find your perfect product. So when it comes to achieving that perfect precise pout, I couldn't wait to try the new Double Ended Lip Brush. The brush consists of two high quality, carefully designed angled brushes - one to define and line your lips, the other to fill. I was immediately impressed with the retractable end that not only retracts, but it covers the brush too - so their will definitely be no drying of the brush! The retractable end and lids are designed to protect your brushes to keep them clean, hygienic and in tip top condition (perfect for the hand bag!). The bristles are super soft and such high quality, they feel lovely on the lips!
I love how much thought they have put into the shape of the brushes, I'm so impressed with the 'Define' end, it makes it so effortless to line my lips and create a sharp and precise shape. The quality of the brush is amazing, the bristles are so soft and make it so easy to follow the line of my lips and cupids bow. I've never been great at lip liner, so this is exactly what I need! It's that precise, you can even use this with your eyeliner! Of course the 'Fill' end is just as perfect. It's the perfect size to fill in your lips quick and easy, but keeping that bold precise lip we want. This is great if you want to up your lip game and create different lip looks. You can use the brush to create a more natural look even with your most bold lipsticks, by applying small amounts at a time. You can also create a more dramatic and daring look by building up the colour with your brush. 
Saturated Colour Cosmetics have really done well with this one, I'm so impressed with the quality and of course the finished look this gives me. It blows my mind how affordable they are and the quality in return. You can get precise, perfectly shaped and filled kissable lips for just £5.50!

Saturated Colour Cosmetics Double Ended Lip Brush with Caressing Red
Saturated Colour Cosmetics 'Caressing Red' applied with Saturated Colour Cosmetics Double Ended Lip Brush
This is the perfect lip accessory if you want defined precise lips, with minimal effort! I'm so impressed with the quality and the control this gives, I can't see myself applying my lip products in any other way now!

Get your hands on the Double Ended Lip Brush at Saturated Colour Cosmetics. Check out their gorgeous products and massive shade range whilst you're their.

How do you apply your lipstick?

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LUSH Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask Review


LUSH Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask Review
I've realised recently I've been missing a very important step in my skincare routine for some time now. I hardly ever use a face mask and I don't know why because I love them! I love taking the time to just pamper myself and really rejuvenate my skin with a mask once or twice a week - I just haven't made the time recently. So I've made it my mission to incorporate more masks and put the time in! Of course, I made my way to LUSH to pick up a gorgeous fresh face mask.

The one that stood out to me was Love Lettuce, it just sounded so soothing and relaxing. Love Lettuce is packed full of Almond shells to gently exfoliate and polish skin as well as Honey and Almond oil to help soothe and soften. You can really feel the mask exfoliate and get rid of any dead and tired skin, leaving you with a fresh and replenished look. Although this mask is very exfoliating, it's not at all harsh, thanks to the moisturising Honey and Almond oils. Love Lettuce is suitable for normal to oily skin types, so don't let all the beautiful oils put you off if you sway towards the oilier skin type (facial oils are for everyone!). As well as exfoliating your skin, this gorgeous fresh face mask is packed full of Agar Seaweed gel that is said to be nutrient rich, to help brighten your complexion - this was a major factor in my decision making! I love the idea of healthy, fresher and brighter skin! 
Of course like every LUSH product this is packed full of amazing natural ingredients, but how do they really feel on the skin? When I apply this it feels surprisingly creamy, even though it's packed full of exfoliating Almond shells.  It's easy to apply and blend and not at all harsh. The soothing Lavender oil scent immediately hits you and this just adds to the experience. I find this mask to be very refreshing and relaxing - exactly what I want from a face mask! After a while this does tighten a little bit, but nothing compared to some masks! I can still drink and eat if I wanted to without cracking. 
I find this mask surprisingly easy to remove. You're left with smooth replenished skin that feels noticeably softer and nourished. Your skin will appear noticeably cleansed and brighter, your face will have a new lease of life! All in all this really feels like an at home spa experience, perfect for a pamper night!

Have you tried any of LUSH's fresh face masks? What should I try next?

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Products I'll Always Repurchase


Products I'll Always Repurchase Maybelline, Collection, Rimmel, Soap & Glory and NARS
We all know I'm a massive fan of makeup and a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to buying new products. I feel like I can never have enough of anything and growing my collection is one of my most loved things to do. Whilst growing my collection and trialling out hundreds of different things, I have come across a few trusty favourites that I just love to repurchase. These few, are products that I use time and time again and I don't seem to feel compete unless I have these in my dressing table at all times!

Products I'll Always Repurchase Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, Stay Matte Translucent Powder and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
The first item that has made it to my products I will always repurchase list is my trusty Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation. This is my go to everyday foundation and I've been using this for as long as I can remember. For at least 4/5 years I would say. This is the first foundation I really fell in love with. It's a trustworthy medium coverage that is very buildable. I can rely on this to even out my skin and give me good coverage on even the worst of blemishes! As the name suggests, this doesn't budge! Even after a long jam packed day, this is still looking flawless, I've been complemented many of times wearing this. My shade is Light Porcelain, a perfect match for me! I use this probably 85% of the time and it just doesn't sit right with me not having a bottle or two in my makeup bag!
The next product I need to have at least 2 of to my disposal is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is a massive cult favourite so of course I tried this out a long time ago and it just stuck! Shade 1 & 2 are just perfect for me and that's so hard to find in a drugstore concealer. The concealer is thick and creamy and really helps hide those stubborn nasties! I just can't fault the coverage and staying power of this drugstore gem! If you haven't already, I urge you to try this - for around a fiver, you can't afford not too!
To help keep my flawless base I use Rimmel's Stay Matte Translucent Powder. I just couldn't ignore the massive praise this was getting a few years back and had to try it. I just don't feel right if I haven't set my makeup, so again I always have a couple of these floating about. This evens out my skin and gets rid of any oily patches etc, it really sets my look. The staying powder is also great and I rarely notice myself needing to top up through the day. I love that this is translucent so it will go with any foundation I use. Again for around a fiver, this really deserves a try!

Products I'll Always Repurchase NARS Audacious Anita Lipstick, Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara and Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil
My go to mascara brand has to be Maybelline and my stand out favourite has got to be Lash Sensational. This is just the perfect mascara, I cannot fault it! I'm a massive fan of thick long lashes and this just does everything for me. The curved wand makes it so easy to apply, it's really no work at all. This gives me the full lashes I want without being too clumpy or spider like (if you know want I mean!). This gives me thick defined flirty lashes. It's so good they've even come out with a sister product, Lash Sensational Luscious that I've reviewed for you if you'd like to see the product in action. For me, the original Lash Sensational is faultless.
A lipstick I just can't get enough of is NARS Audacious Anita Lipstick. I haven't repurchased this yet, but I know when this runs out I will definitely need to get another. This is THE perfect warm rose toned nude - similar to MAC's Brave. I love this all year long and it compliments so many makeup looks. To me this gives you that Kylie Jenner nude we all crave. The Audacious formula is probably my favourite lipstick formula of all time. It gives a gorgeous satin matte finish, but is super creamy to apply. This is not at all drying and lasts all day long. I love this so much I couldn't recommend it enough. For a more in depth review and pictures pop over to my NARS Audacious Anita post.
My last product I can't help but repurchase again and again is the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil. This is just perfect for me! The pencil is nice and thin, making it so easy to build the perfect shape and a nice defined tail. The pencil is also nice and creamy. I can't do my brows without brushing them before and after so the fact that this has a brush on the end, makes this the perfect product for me. The brush is great for tidying up your brows and blending the colour in a little bit more. If you struggle to get your perfect brow, then I really recommend trying Soap & Glory's Archery.

I'm so glad to have finally shown you my products I'll always repurchase and been able to give them praise they deserve! If you're looking for some trusty firm staples to add to your makeup bag, give these a try!

What products do you always go back to beauties?

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