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Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil with ELLE UK Magazine
Occasionally I like to browse the magazine stand for any freebies/discounts. Magazines can be a great way to save yourself a bit of cash or try out a new products without forking out the full price. Last week I noticed ELLE UK were giving us Benefit's newest brow pencil yet to be realised! Of course I snapped this up, who can resist a chunky fashion magazine, plus the newest benefit brow product!?

As soon as I got home I ripped it open to try out Benefit's Goof Proof Brow Pencil. It's the cutest silver triangular pencil with a diamond shaped lid - love it! The freebie is a third of the full sized product that retails for £18.50, so this is a great sample size. If you couldn't already tell, Goof Proof is supposed to be super easy to use to fill and shape your brows - even your boyfriends could probably figure it out! I was eager to put this to the test. The pencil itself is a unique diamond shape, it's unlike anything I've seen before. The diamond shape is supposed to make it easy to shape your brows from the thickest points, to the tail of your brow - as well as making it easy to fill in and define. I love how it has a pointed edge, it really does help gain that sharp defined edge we all crave. I also found this super easy for filling in thanks to the angled gradient shape.

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil with ELLE UK Magazine
I got shade 02 which is a light brown, it's a bit light for me but it does the job. If I was going to buy this I would get a dark brown, but for a freebie I can't complain. The formula is gorgeously creamy and really does glide on super easy! The only thing I found annoying with this, is I like to brush my brows before and after usually using my Soap & Glory Archery with spoolie, I find it really helps blend and neaten up my brows. Thankfully after popping onto the Benefit website, I found out the full size comes with just the thing - a spoolie-brush end! Yay well done Benefit! This will be perfect for blending your brows and really defining your brow look. Knowing this I would definitely recommend picking up the full size Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil coming very soon 26/06/2016. This is the perfect brow pencil for anyone starting out with brows, who's in a rush or just generally want gorgeous brows, that don't take up your whole morning routine!

If you don't want to wait until the 26th for your full size version, then pick up a copy of ELLE to try it out before anyone else. You will also receive a free Benefit Brow Bar eyebrow wax after booking your first - how spoiled are we! Thanks ELLE & Benefit!

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  1. Gutted that I missed out on this freebie! However will definitely be picking up Marie Clare and Glamour this month for the freebies of Gimme Brow and Ready, Set Brow! Great blog, glad you left your link on Stephanie Usher's blog!

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