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Selfridge's Haul NARS MAC Dior
If you read my last post 'What's In My Travel Makeup Bag?' then you'll be expecting this one. Last weekend I took Simon to London for his 30th birthday and of course that means I could do a lot of shopping! So I made my way to Selfridges (with Simon tagging a long behind me)...

Selfridge's Haul MAC
We headed straight to MAC and it was very crazy (as MAC always is!). You kind of have to barge your way in there, because some of these girls are not going to budge from the lipstick stand until they find the one! I wanted to give up and let the crazy girls win (I'm sure some of you are these girls ;) haha!), but I got in, made my choices quick and got out, I was not coming all the way to London to give up! I remember ages ago how I had been wanting the lipstick Brave, so that's what I was set on. Brave is a gorgeous nude rose pink - so in right now (thanks Kylie!). I love the satin finish as it gives a matte look finish, but isn't as drying as a pure matte lipstick. Thanks to you beauties I just knew I had to have this and it would go with my only MAC lip liner, Soar - it really does!
Whilst at MAC I just knew I had to get my hands on some MAC blushers,  I can't believe I hadn't already tried any! I have tons of NARS a Charlotte Tilbury and an Hourglass blush (plus a load of high street), but no MAC! So we made our way to the Blush stand. The first shade that caught my eye was Peachykeen, this looks a lot darker in the pan than it is once swatched. It's a beautiful light peachy pink shade, with a subtle gold shimmer to it - much like NARS Orgasm. I thought this would be so cute for Spring/Summer!
One just wasn't enough for me, I needed another to start me on my MAC blush addiction. Next I went for a brighter pink shade that looked a lil scary in the pan - Dollymix. Immediately I recognised the shade Dollymix and knew I had to have it, as it was most likely some kind of staple for most beauty bloggers. When swatched this is a true dolly pink shade, use it sparingly as a little goes a long way, but once you've got the right application this is so fun and flirty!

Selfridge's Haul NARS Dior
Once I battled my way through and out of MAC a winner, it was time to go to a calmer stand (but still a lil crazy!), NARS. I knew I just needed an Audacious lipstick and I just have a bit of a thing for these matte nudey rose pink shades, so of course the one that stood out for me was, Anita. Much like MAC's Brave, this is a beautiful matte/satin rose pink nude. This actually looks lighter than Brave in person but once applied it is a darker warm toned rose pink, again so gorgeous and perfect all year round. I'm very happy with my first NARS Audacious lippy and Simon even thought the magnetic lid was very fun!
I had nothing left on my wish list but as I was browsing through the Dior stand, the Lip Glow Colour Revive Balm stood out to me. I had seen this around but never really knew much about this. It was just so cute and pink, I impulse bought! Come on I'm not the only one am I? Iv'e used this once and it's just a great balm that really does add moisture and a slight pink shade to your lips. Perfect for those no makeup - makeup days! I would need to use this more to see if it's actually worth the money, but so far I'm liking it. 

I couldn't drag Simon around any longer in the crazy women section and frankly my bank card was starting to feel the heat too! I'm very happy with all my new gorgeous bits and I can't wait to add them into my ever growing collection! 

Have you tried any of these yet? What have you been buying recently?

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  1. Someone has been feeling spend-y lately :) Great picks and Anita has to be my favourite... It is gorgeous shade.

    1. Well when in London you can't not really can you:P Oh I know, I love Anita, I wore it a lot as soon as I bought it! xx

  2. I've been after Brave for aches! Every time I swatch it for myself I don't know, I just don't like it, but it looks so beautiful on my friend. I'm so on the fence haha

    xo Millie



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