Yankee Candle Christmas 2015


I'm very exciting to finally be able to write this post for you and get all my Christmas Yankee candles out! This season is definitely the perfect time for the warmth and cosiness of gorgeous sweet, vanillary and spicy candles, Yankee are always right on the money with their scrumptious scents and the cutest names too. So what did I pick up this year?

Yankee Christmas Collection 2015

Berry Trifle | This gorgeous deep red candle is new in this year and I am loving this. It smells just like berry trifles funnily enough! It's just like the gorgeous rich cherry sauce you find in a black forest gateau this time of year.
Snowflake Cookie | The cutest baby pink, so pretty I almost don't want to burn it - but the sweet cookie scent wins. This needs to be burnt this Christmas, It's so cute and Christmassy. If you don't get round to baking cookies this year, Snowflake Cookie's warm cookie and cream scent will definitely be the perfect substitute.
Fireside Treats | Smells gorgeous, just like vanilla and marshmallows with a subtle little hint of a festive wood fire burning. This is so cosy, definitely a favourite!

Yankee Christmas Collection 2015

White Hearts Votive Holder | I don't think this is in the Christmas range, but I thought it was just so cute it will look great all year round and in any room!
Candy Cane Lane | As soon as I heard the name I had to have this and the scent hasn't let me down. It's the perfect mix of sweet peppermint and vanilla, this one has really got me feeling festive.
Snow In Love | Again the name sold it for me, can you think of a cuter name! To me it reminds me of those frosty winter days that leave you with a fresh rosy blush and smile on your face.
Cranberry Ice | Another gorgeous fruity scent. So fruity and sweet, this will leave any room with the scent of frosty red fruits this Christmas.

Yankee Christmas Collection 2015

Angel's Wings | Again the name got me. This is another gorgeously sweet vanilla scent, perfect for warming any room this Christmas.
Bundle Up | This one is new this year and as you can tell for the dark green, to me this has more of a masculine scent compared to all the other scrumptious sweet/vanilla scents.This has a fresh but warm feel about it. It kind of reminds me of being out in the fresh Winter weather and being bundled up in your boyfriends coat, whilst he's probably freezing - whooops!
Christmas Eve | I don't remember loving this last year, but to my delight Yankee added this as a little extra to my order - aww thanks Yankee! I'm actually really loving this, this year. It's sweeter than I remember and definitely has a bit of the Christmas warmth and spice, I can't wait for Christmas Eve!

I think I am definitely ready for the festive season now thanks to Yankee Candle! I cant even pick a favourite they are all just so yummy!

What are your favourite Christmas scents this season?

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  1. Great haul! I absolutely love Snowflake Cookie - it smells amazing :)

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird / Win a MAC lipstick on my blog!

    1. Thanks, I got a little bit too much even though they're the small jars I still have so many hehehe! xx



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