MAC Lipstick & Eye Shadow Giveaway


Corrie Arnold's MAC Lipstick & Eye Shadow Giveaway

I'm feeling very festive and in the giving mood already this year, as soon as August is over I'm all about Autumn, Halloween and Christmas! So I want to give something back to my lovely readers. I've really been loving blogging lately and you lovely lot so as an early Christmas treat to you, I want to give you a chance to win a MAC Lipstick AND Eye Shadow of your choice!

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Unfortunately this give-away is only open to UK beauties with a UK postal address:(
The lucky winner will be contacted on Twitter or email within 48 hours of being contacted and must be able to give me an email address.
This give-away ends at 12:00am 06/11/2015
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Autumn Bronze Eye Shadows


Autumn Bronze Eye Shadows

Summer has come to a close and Autumn will soon be making it's arrival and I for one can't wait!
To me Autumn means colder weather, snuggley jumpers and socks as well as the lead up to Christmas! From the beginning of September I start to feel festive and can't wait for hot chocolates, ear muffs and rosy cheeks. I've already dug out my Uggs and bought some new winter boots! Autumn is also a time for new makeup looks, woohooo! bring on the berry lips, strong brows, highlighted cheeks and one of my favourites, bronze eyes!

My Skincare Routine


Skincare Routine

I never really had too much of an issue with my skin as a teenager, just the usual spots around my T-zone. Since I've been in my 20's though, my skin has become a lot worse. I noticed I was getting spots on my cheeks too, which is very odd for me. My skin has become more acne prone and also more scarred. I decided I really need to take more notice of my skin and looking after it. The first step in helping getting your skin healthy is putting your finger on what type skin you have. This can be tricky, I assumed I had oily skin as I was getting spots, but really I think I have more dry/combination. Having dry skin can make you acne prone too. 
One you've pin pointed what type of skin you have, you can start to work out what your skin needs. I have combination skin, so this means I can have dry skin at times and my skin needs more moisture and water but also I can get oily skin too, so my skin wouldn't benefit from any deep moisturising. Every skin type will benefit from drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep and eating a well rounded balanced diet, but we can also help our skin with our skincare products. 


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