L'oréal True Match Foundation & Powder

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L'oréal True Match Foundation & Powder

It has took me a very long time to get round to trying these two! I've heard great things for years and my closest friend swears by this foundation. So of course when I was having a browse in Superdrug and saw the two for £12 on L'oréal, I took them up on that offer.
I think one of our biggest struggles as makeup lovers, is finding our perfect shade that actually matches! So of course L'oréal have twigged on to this and tried to create a range with warm and cooler shades that aim to match our skin tone and texture, hooray! 

L'oréal True Match Foundation

So how did I find L'oréal True Match Foundation? I loved the colour selection and found a pretty good match. When I first pumped some out onto my hand, I noticed it was pretty thin and more 'liquidey' than I'm used to. Because the texture is on the thinner side, I found it easier to blend and apply than other, more full coverage foundations. L'oréal are right by saying it's 'super-blendable' and a little goes a long way. I found this foundation to give me light/medium coverage that can be built up, which is perfect for everyday use, it feels light and non greasy on the skin but also evens out your skin tone. I would say this foundation can give you a flawless finish, but with the help of concealer and powder of course. I also love that it gives you that added sun protection with SPF 17. All in all I have loved using this foundation and I'm so happy I've found myself a new firm trusty favourite to add to my collection.

L'oréal True Match Powder

Now onto the powder, the powder is said to match perfectly to your skin and adjust to your tone just like the foundation. I normally use a translucent powder so I was a bit sceptical about this one I don't like to add a powder that may interfere with the shade of my foundation. What I love about this range is that they have a powder that pairs with your foundation, so it should be the perfect shade and not alter your foundation shade. 
I found this powder to be very soft and almost creamy to the touch, so it doesn't dry out your skin whilst giving that matte finish. It adds that little bit of extra coverage that I like from a powder to give you more of a flawless look and to even out your skin tone.
I've really enjoyed using this powder but I have only tried it with the foundation, for some reason I don't reach for this powder all the time. When using the True Match Foundation sometimes I will still go to my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte. Although I can probably see myself buying this again and I do love that it comes with a little mirror underneath!

L'oréal True Match Foundation                       L'oréal True Match Powder

I'm really enjoying using these two, they're perfect for everyday use and are so easy to use. I think I've found myself a new trusty pair and will most likely buy these two again. My skin is a little bit combination and I have a lot of scarring and redness to cover up and this really battles it for me. I recommend you give these two a go if you're looking for a natural finish with coverage.

Have you tried the L'oréal True Match range yet?

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NARS Starscape Blush


NARS Christopher Kane Starscape Blush
NARS Christopher Kane Starscape Blush

Once again here we are with a special NARS limited edition mash up! This season it's with Christopher Kane, take a look at one of his neoneutral bold, but beautiful blushes.

As I was having a little look through the collection, this immediately stood out to me. I've been looking for a bright neon pink for Summer and this just seemed perfect. This looked a little bit scary at first, but I thought as it's Summer you can get away with it! It's not as scary as you think though once applied. As all of the iconic NARS blushes do, this gives your skin that pop of natural, but healthy looking colour to compliment your complexion. Although it is described as a neon pink, it also reminds me of that super girly, dolly pink kind of shade when it's applied. A little goes a long way so you can brighten and bolden up your look depending on what you're going for. There doesn't seem to be any shimmer to this one, the bright neon shade does all the talking!

NARS Christopher Kane Starscape Blush

NARS have always been one of my favourite brands for blushes. They never fail to disappoint with their beautiful silky formula, making it so effortless to apply and blend, for the perfect hint of colour to give your skin a bit of a lift.

If you're looking for a fun bright Summer shade, then Starscape is definitely the one for you, get it quick from the Christopher Kane for NARS limited edition collection £23

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ESSIE | Sunday Funday



Hello strangers!
It has been a good 6 months since I've posted, but I've missed you guys and I'm excited to be back!
To get back in the swing of things I thought I would do a quick little NOTD post for you guys and what better way to start, than showing you my new favourite Summer shade, Essie's Sunday Funday.

This is a gorgeous bright orange with a reddish tint, perfect for these warmer months! I'm not sure you can tell from the photo, but it also has a cute golden/silver shimmer to it that looks gorgeous in the sun light. This shade would be amazing for your Summer hols and is a great compliment to almost any Summer outfit. Like any Essie polish, it is quick and easy to apply thanks to the smooth formula and the shaped brush, great for us girls in a rush. If you're after a perfect Summer shade to brighten up your day even if the British weather is letting you down, then Sunday Funday is the one for you!

I hope you have enjoyed my quick little post back and you stick around whilst I get back into the swing of things!:)

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