3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS | Dark Room


3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS Dark Room Nail Polish
3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS Dark Room Nail Polish
3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS Dark Room Nail Polish

It's been a while since I've wrote about a nail polish, but I thought I should at least mention my favourite polish for Autumn at the moment, 3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS - Dark Room. No surprise I'm into my darks at the moment, they just really get me in the Autumn/Christmas mood! If you're looking for some gorgeous Autumn darks, olives and festive shades, then you really need to check out this collection for NARS this Autumn!
On to my favourite at the moment though, Dark Room. NARS very kindly sent this to me and luckily it matches perfectly with a new Winter scarf I had bought recently, so I was even more excited to receive and try this. It comes in the same classic packaging as the other NARS polishes and just like everything else from NARS, it's beautiful. I'm also in love with the tapered thick brush, any nail polish with this kind of shape brush is already a winner in my books! They just make applying so easy and effortless because they fit your nail, making less room for mistakes. Also thanks to the brush shape, applying was so effortless and quick, I had both hands painted within a couple minutes, so these polishes are great if you're in a rush.
The shade it self is a beautiful deep navy green/blue, perfect for this season. I found the polish applied very opaque even after just one coat! Now I'm definitely a two coat kind of gal, but with the colour so deep already, I left it at just the one coat. The formula is super glossy and smooth and I had no problems with streaking, bubbling or consistency. I also found this to dry very quick, so if you're looking for a beautiful finish that you can apply in a hurry, then these polishes are definitely for you women on the go.
After a week I did have a few chips here and there, but I put that down to my job. I'm using my hands 24/7 in my job and I know I will never find a polish that will be able to compete with my work. Although it did chip, it was no more than any other polish I normally wear. I'm sure this would last for those in less physical jobs.

Overall I'm super impressed with the formula, the brush, the finish and how effortless and easy this polish is to apply. Of course the shade is gorgeous for right now and I've definitely got my eye on a couple others in the collection.
You can pick these beauties up here for just £15 each.

Have you tried the new 3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS Autumn/ Winter collection? 
Which shades do you have your eye on?

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HUGE Autumn LUSH Haul!


Autumn LUSH Haul

It's that time of year again where we all rush down to LUSH and spend way too much on all their cute seasonal goodies! To me, it isn't Autumn until LUSH have their Halloween and Christmas stock in, nothing makes me happier than to go and pick up way too much of it. So without too much rambling here's what I got!
Autumn LUSH Haul

Surprisingly I have never ever purchased a bath melt, so I knew this year that had to change, so I picked up Snow Angel Bath Melt. This is the cutest little glittery angel that smells like marzipan and cherry bakewells. You just pop this one into your bath and it will slowly melt leaving a gorgeous shimmering foam, that will leave you super moisturised thanks to the cocoa butter, rose, benzoin and cassie absolute. What a perfect addition to a Christmas bath!
Next up is one of my holiday favourites, Cinders Bath Bomb. The scent is an amazing mix of sweet and spicy thanks to the cinnamon oil, almond essential oil and sweet orange oil. These oils will leave your skin feeling so nourished, as well as warming your heart in the cold winter months thanks to the delicious spicy cinnamon scent.
This year LUSH have bought a few new exciting products out such as Northern Lights. This looked so fun and exciting I just had to pick it up! Sadly when I opened it up at home, it had broke in half. Northern lights has a floral jasmine and ylang ylang scent, which isn't my favourite but I had to pick it up just because of how exciting it sounds. The ends of this are supposed to start fizzing first which means it will be swirling around your bath, leaving blue and neon green water filled with tiny little stars. Now I don't know how that's going to work out for mine thanks to it being broke in two, but I guess I can just use it twice!

Autumn LUSH Haul
Now I'm pretty sure that Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb was the first bomb I ever tried from LUSH, so of course I picked it up for old times sake! This is a fun one to try, you probably won't expect much from it as it's white but it has a golden surprise in the centre that smells sooo lemony sweet, the citrus scents are my favourite so I'm all about Dragon's Egg!
Next up we have Butterbear Bath Bomb. Isn't he cute!? This little one will leave you gorgeously smooth and silky as it's rich in cocoa butter, just like it's big brother Butterball. It has a sweet vanilla scent, so it will be great for those cold Winter nights.
As I said I'm a sucker for the citrusy scents so of course when I sniffed this bad boy I just knew I needed Brightside Bubble Bar. It smells so yummy and sweet due to the Sicilian mandarin, bergamot and tangerine essential oils you will just want to eat this! Of course not only do these oils make it smell delicious, but they are so good for your skin, so when you crumble a bit of this up under the tap, it will create amazing bubbles that will refresh and revitalise your skin.

Autumn LUSH Haul
Lord of Misrule comes out every year, but this is the first time I felt like I needed it. At first this doesn't smell like something I would go for, it smells pretty spicy and herbal, but then if you try it again the vanilla will come out and tone down the smell a little. This one sounds so fun and I can't wait to use it, I've heard lots of talk of popping candy, fizzing & a pink centre!
As I mentioned before, for some reason I have never picked up a bath melt so of course I had to get Melting Snowman Bath Melt this year, just look how cute he is! Sadly mine is missing his nose, but I know he will still be a joy to use! Now if you love Christmas and you want something to warm you up and get you in the mood, you need this one, it smells just like Christmas! It will slowly melt away in your bath revealing it's spicy cinnamon and clove leaf scent, this will be perfect for Christmas eve! It will nourish your skin as it's rich in cocoa butter and almond oil. I can't wait to use him!

Autumn LUSH Haul
The next one I picked up isn't part of the Autumn range, but I gave it a whiff and had to have it! I've never used Blackberry Bath Bomb before I think it will be super relaxing. It has a mild sweet but woody scent that is supposed to be great for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression. The frankincense and bergamot oils in this will leave you so calm and relaxed. They even say there's a little surprise left when it's all fizzed out!
Next up is probably one of the most exciting Christmas arrivals, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. This massive golden prezzie is super exciting to use, you have to save this for a special occasion. Not only is it massive, shaped like a prezzie AND gold, but if you shake it, it also has an exciting little rattle to it leaving you wonder what it has in store for you. This will leave your bath with a surprising deep green water with a gorgeous golden shimmer, as well as it's little surprise! This smells very refreshing and citrusy thanks to it's blend of sweet orange, lime and cognac oils.

Autumn LUSH Haul
Now this simple white bath bomb is one I wait for all year round, So White Bath Bomb. To me this smells like fresh apples, it's such a joy to use. The sweet citrus scent will relax you as will the simple light pink water it will leave in your bath. So White has no magic popping candy, stars or surprises in it, it's just simply relaxing, I stock up on this every year.
Another cute little Christmas treat, The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar. As you must be able to tell by now, of course I have a thing for anything with Bergamot oil, Scicillian lemon oil, orange flower absolute or just anything citrusy in general! All you have to do is crumble this little penguin under the tap and it will give your bath the most amazing bubbles and of course a gorgeous scent too.
Last but not least is pretty much one of my all time faves, Avobath Bath Bomb. This is out all year round but I still HAVE to pick it up every time I go into LUSH. It's so simple, but it still wins me over. There's no surprises with this one, the water will be a light green just as the bomb suggests. Of course it has a gorgeous sweet citrus scent that will leave you feeling so refreshed, I save this one for days where I'm not feeling too great, as I know it will make me feel brand new!

So that's it! If you have made it this far then well done you! I hope you have enjoyed this years Autumn LUSH Haul and I have made you want to go try some out!

I'd love to know your favourites too!

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