August Favourites | 2014


August Favourites 2014
August Favourites 2014
August Favourites 2014
August Favourites 2014

It only feels like a week or so ago I was doing my July favourites!
Well this month has been great for trying products. Everything new I have tried I have really, really loved. August is the month where we soak up every last ounce of the sun, before the rain comes back and Autumn arrives. I'm pretty read for Autumn now, it's one of my favourite times of year. Before we get on to Autumn though, here's my last Summer favourites for 2014, August.

This month I finally got myself one of these famous chocolate bar bronzers, Bourjois Délíce de Poudre 52. God knows why it's took me so long! I picked up the darker shade by accident, but I still have been loving this to give me a healthy glow this month. I have a more detailed review of this here.

 My go to lipstick this month has been MAC Chatterbox, it's a fun bright pink/red, kind of like a muted Fuchsia. It's bright and fun without being too much. This has been perfect this month because it's more wearable than a fuchsia but still super girly and perfect for the summer. It's an Amplified Creme, so it's very pigmented and opaque like the mattes, but with a little creaminess and shine, so it's not as drying. It comes out on me as a bright pink/red shade. I think this would be gorgeous on sooo many different skin tones, I can't think of a skin tone this wouldn't look good on!

I have also been all about NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer this month! I originally bought this as an all rounder concealer for blemishes and under the eyes, but I have especially been loving this for under the eyes, it's so brightening and creamy it really makes you look radiant and awake. It's also still amazing for any blemishes you have and it doesn't take much to cover those bad boys up! I have a more detailed review for you here.

I recently watched Gabriella Lindley from Velvetgh0st rave about the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover in a video, and I was like WOW! All you do is dip your finger in the pot, give it a bit of a swirl and voilà, you have a nail varnish free finger nail without all the cotton pad mess and horrid smell! I'm not going to lie, it does take probably more like 4/5 seconds to remove it completely, but still I think that's amazing! It leaves a gorgeous red fruit and vanilla fragrance on your nails, so you won't be stuck with the usual strong potent scent most nail removers leave! It also nourishes your nails thanks to the sweet almond oil goodness, rather than drying and stripping them like other removers.

I couldn't leave it any longer without trying Maybellines' Volum' Express Mascara Falsies. People have been raving about this for years and I thought it's about time I better try it. This seems to be the theme of this months favourites, I've been trying things that I've been hearing abut for years, but haven't felt that sudden erge to get before. The only reason it's took me so long to try this is that I've been happy with the mascaras I've been using, such as Rimmel's Day To Night & Maybelline's Big Eye's, I just haven't felt the need. But I just couldn't consider myself a TRUE beauty blogger, until I finally bought this. I'm planning on writing a full review on this soon, so I'm just going to say I've loved this, it's given me great full long lashes so easily and without all the faff of my previous 2 brush mascaras (that I still love by the way!).

If you haven't already seen, I've recently featured the Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen in my Soap & Glory EYE Queens series. I'm super impressed with this eye-liner, it gives the perfect cat eye look without all of the effort, mess and tension when applying! I love the pen style nib on this eye-liner, it makes applying so easy an precise, it's really been a joy to use whilst I've rekindled my love affair with the winged liner!

What have your go-to products been this Summer?

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  1. I must try the supercat liner, ive heard amazing things! Chatterbox is a gorgeous shade!
    xprincessjas | x

    1. I love it, it's so easy to use. It's so fun and pretty:) xx



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