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So the lovely Kerry from kerryjustbeauty.blogspot.co.uk has asked me to do this TAG. The my perfect imperfections TAG is basically where you share the little things that you don't feel that comfortable about yourself and also the things you like about yourself. I think it's also a good way to say "look these are the things that aren't perfect about me, but who cares! Our flaws are what make us unique and what other people may love about us!:)"

Teeth - I've always been a little bit self-conscious of my teeth, everyone else seems to have perfect straight, white teeth and I just don't. I was too scared of getting braces when I was younger so my parents never forced that upon me. I regret that now as I wish I had them at a young age, I don't feel comfortable having braces now in my 20's. My 2 front teeth go a little bit back and the 2 teeth either side of them seem to come out a little and they also never seem to look perfectly white, even after brushing! I'm OK with my teeth now I'm older, but I do wish I had braces when I was younger. I guess you could say, they add character!

Skin - I never used to be so hung up on my skin, until recently. In the last 6 months my skin has become very spot prone, even more so than when I was in my teens! I don't feel comfortable without make-up on and I just feel like people would think I was a bit gross! I know that's silly, because I don't think that of other people who may have troubled skin. I'm hoping my skin is slowly starting to clear up now, so at least it may not be a permanent thing!

Stomach/Hips - I think probably over 50% of us girls have this issue with ourselves, even though we're probably fine! I have quite slim legs and I feel like my hips are just a little too big and look a bit silly in comparison! I seem to put on weight even if I smell a chip! I have never had that flat toned stomach that we all crave that looks perfect in a bikini, but hey its OK! We got a little more curves and I'm OK with that!

So now it's the hard part, thinking of things I actually like about myself!

Arms - My arms are probably the one part of my body that I have never really felt too self-conscious about, I guess you could say I have average normal arms!

Legs - I have my Mothers legs. My legs are quite slim and I don't tend to put weight on my legs first except on my thighs I think, but I can deal with that. The one thing that does annoy me is the bottom of my legs don't tan!

So now it's your turn to do this post. I Tag you all beauties!
If you decide to do this tag after reading mine, then give me a little mention in the post:)

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  1. Lovely picks for the spring. Absolutely want the YSL rouge and the satchel from river island just seems perfect :) x


    1. I guess your meaning my Pastel & Brights post hehe!:) http://www.corriearnold.co.uk/2014/03/pastels-brights.html
      Thank you, You should treat yourself they'd look perfect together! xx



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