Pastels & Brights


So it's that time of year again where the birds are chirping and the sun is, well... not so much shining but it's Spring! Time to start thinking about our lighter wardrobe and brighter nails! I thought I'd do a quick little post on a few of my favourite pastel & bright items, that will keep you bang on trend this Spring/Summer

Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Ora - Lose Your Lingerie
Topshop - Tailored Lightweight Coat Pale Yellow

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine - 14 Coral In Touch

River Island - Blue Floral Print High Waisted Trousers
Essie - Mint Candy Apple
River Island - Coral Large Satchel

NARS Blush - Super Orgasm

I hope you've enjoyed this post and maybe feel a little inspired for this Spring/Summer! I'd love to know if there are any other pastel/bright items you think I'd love this Spring.

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TAG - My Perfect Imperfections


So the lovely Kerry from has asked me to do this TAG. The my perfect imperfections TAG is basically where you share the little things that you don't feel that comfortable about yourself and also the things you like about yourself. I think it's also a good way to say "look these are the things that aren't perfect about me, but who cares! Our flaws are what make us unique and what other people may love about us!:)"

Teeth - I've always been a little bit self-conscious of my teeth, everyone else seems to have perfect straight, white teeth and I just don't. I was too scared of getting braces when I was younger so my parents never forced that upon me. I regret that now as I wish I had them at a young age, I don't feel comfortable having braces now in my 20's. My 2 front teeth go a little bit back and the 2 teeth either side of them seem to come out a little and they also never seem to look perfectly white, even after brushing! I'm OK with my teeth now I'm older, but I do wish I had braces when I was younger. I guess you could say, they add character!

Skin - I never used to be so hung up on my skin, until recently. In the last 6 months my skin has become very spot prone, even more so than when I was in my teens! I don't feel comfortable without make-up on and I just feel like people would think I was a bit gross! I know that's silly, because I don't think that of other people who may have troubled skin. I'm hoping my skin is slowly starting to clear up now, so at least it may not be a permanent thing!

Stomach/Hips - I think probably over 50% of us girls have this issue with ourselves, even though we're probably fine! I have quite slim legs and I feel like my hips are just a little too big and look a bit silly in comparison! I seem to put on weight even if I smell a chip! I have never had that flat toned stomach that we all crave that looks perfect in a bikini, but hey its OK! We got a little more curves and I'm OK with that!

So now it's the hard part, thinking of things I actually like about myself!

Arms - My arms are probably the one part of my body that I have never really felt too self-conscious about, I guess you could say I have average normal arms!

Legs - I have my Mothers legs. My legs are quite slim and I don't tend to put weight on my legs first except on my thighs I think, but I can deal with that. The one thing that does annoy me is the bottom of my legs don't tan!

So now it's your turn to do this post. I Tag you all beauties!
If you decide to do this tag after reading mine, then give me a little mention in the post:)

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Brand Focus - Rimmel


After rummaging through my make-up drawer, I realised that a lot of my everyday go-to, reliable products are from Rimmel! Rimmel has been the one brand that I have stuck by since day one. For me, they offer great affordable, reliable products that work so well. 
Here's my top Rimmel favourites - 

I Love Lasting Finish &  60 Second Nail Polish - These have got to be my favourite types of polish, Rimmel offers so many gorgeous colours and finishes and I can say, I haven't really been disappointed by them. I think my favourite collections from them are the 60 Seconds range & the Lasting Finish. The 60 Seconds polishes apply so effortlessly thanks to the Xpress flat brush, they are such a joy to use and fit your nail perfectly. These are my favourite polishes to use as they apply effortlessly, dry super fast and make it so easy not to get it all over your fingers! The I Love Lasting Finish polishes are also on my favourites, thank to the gorgeous colours available and the hard-wearing, chip resistant formula. Rimmel always have the bang on trend shades and finishes we need to get our hands on, for the small price of £2.99 you can't go wrong!

Stay Matte Pressed Powder - This powder is raved about by many beauty bloggers and Youtubers out there, so I thought I would give it a go. I've only been using this for about a month, but I am definitely impressed! This powder may not have any magic powers or make you look like Megan Fox instantly, but it does it's job- controls shine, gives a matte finish and stays put! That's all I want my powder to do and for £3.99 I'm all about the Stay Matte Powder.

Day 2 Night Mascara - I haven't seen many people use this one, but I picked this up a couple years back and haven't looked back since. Personally I love full, long lashes and this gives me that look every single day. You can achieve 2 different looks with this one thanks to the double cap. The first one gives you the length and the second is for those who want full, dramatic lashes. Personally I use both everyday because that's how I like my lashes. Rimmel claims that using this mascara gives you 15X fuller lashes, well I have never measured my lashes, but it definitely gives them that full, sexy, eye lash look!

Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick - I cannot fault these lippys, I absolutely love them. I love the packaging, I love the shade's, I love the finish, I love the staying power, I just love them! These lipsticks give me such great colour pay-off without drying my lips and that is a must for me. The formula is really nice and creamy but not to slippery, so they do have the staying power you want. They do have a quite a strong scent, but personally I love that. I hate that plastic make-up smell, so it's really nice to have a fruity smelling lipstick. The formula of these, really reminds me of some MAC lipsticks and for a third of the price, I would gladly choose my Kate lipsticks over MAC if I had too. Although saying that, I would also pay extra for these lipsticks as they're that good.

Lasting Finish Mono Blush - These little blushes are perfect for everyday use. They give you a very natural, sheer finish with a little shimmer but not too much. They're very easy to apply and blend really nicely. They're a great little size to pop into your make-up bag and bring on the go. I love that you can also see what colour you have thanks to the clear packaging, there's nothing more annoying than having to open everything up to search for your fave! The only problem I have with these is, there's only 4 shades to choose from and they are pretty similar. We want more shades Rimmel!

Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation - As you can probably tell, I have a thing for the Lasting Finish collections, so of course my favourite foundation has to be this one. I have been loving this foundation for a long time now and I find it very hard to part with it, I'm pretty attached! This gives a lightweight/medium coverage that's very build-able. The one problem I did have with this though, was the colour matching. Rimmel aren't too great with their range of shades. I found the 'Ivory' to orange for me, but to my delight they have recently come up with 'Light Porcelain', that is the perfect shade  for me, hooray! It really does last all day long for me and doesn't dry out my skin at all. I'm not sure about 25 hours though, that's a bit nasty! 

If you're interested in any of these products I have mentioned, you can pick them here 
Please let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these and also if you have any recommendations for me.

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Clinique Take The Day Off Balm


On my search for the perfect skin care products, I had been left with spotty, irritated skin that had never been so bad. I had used Liz Earle, Simple & La Roche Posay, but all of these did not sit well with my troublesome skin.
I then was about to give up and lost all hope into hyped up skincare products, until I watched Tanya Burr's latest skincare video and she mentioned this cleanser. I thought, wow she always has gorgeous skin, I need to try this! I then read a couple more reviews on the balm and decided I should definitely give it a go. 
So I got my hands on this pot and couldn't wait to give it a go! I was very impressed with the packaging, as to be expected with any Clinique product, the packaging is very minimal and classy and the product itself is almost odourless.  I had never used a balm before, so it was very odd at first applying a balm to my dry face. I have to admit that this almost feels greasy to me when massaging into my face which can be very frightening, especially if you have oily/combination skin like I do. Don't be put off, this oily balm is probably what your skin needs! We tend to run a mile from 'oily' skincare products and end up stripping our poor skin of the natural oils it needs. 
Even though this balm transforms itself into a silky oil upon application, It leaves your skin feeling so silky smooth and not oily/greasy at all! My skin has never felt so baby soft and healthy. This doesn't leave that nasty oily film on the skin like some balms, your left with healthy, soft, radiant skin. 
You can apply this to a face full of make-up and the balm will dissolve all traces of make-up usually without having to scrub your face until it's bright red! As I said, my skin had been a little oily along my T-Zone but also dry on the sides from my previous cleanser, but after a week or so of using this, my skin had no oiliness or dryness to be seen. This has done such a good job with my skin, whilst being so gentle a the same time too. My skin was easily irritated before, but this has been a dream to work with. I believe this balm is gentle enough to calm oily/spot prone skin but also nourishing enough to moisturise dry/irritated skin. 
You don't need to use a lot of this stuff for it to work its magic, I find a small amount, goes a long way as it transforms into a cleansing oil. I have been using this now day and night religiously for about a month and I still have just over half left, I'm very impressed!
So please, if you feel like your'e in a losing battle against your skin and trying to find the perfect cleanser, give Clinique's Take The Day Off Balm a go!

Pros - Gentle, Odourless, Use with make-up on, Leaves no oily film, Hydrating, Doesn't leave skin greasy, Long Lasting, Relaxing to apply

Cons - Higher price range - £21

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Yes, I chickened out and didn't make a YouTube video, but that means you get this little treat! I have been to LUSH and things did get a litte OTT, but only because they have their Easter/Mothers day goodies in - soooo cute!!

On my little visit to LUSH I picked up mostly bath bombs and bubble bars. You can't beat a nice hot bubble bath after a hard day. Most of the things I bought, I have never tried but I know I'm going to love them. So lets get started - 

Tea Tree Water - This has got to be the 3rd/4th time I have repurchased this one in a row, I have really been enjoying this lately. I use this tea tree water as my toner twice a day, I just spritz it over my face and let it dry before I apply moisturiser. It's very gentle and refreshing on the skin and just gives my skin a little pick me up .Tea tree has antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, that make it a great product for people with oily/spot prone skin. It doesn't irritate my skin at all and this is another reason why I love this.

Bunny Bubble Bar - This little cutie is part of the Easter range and I couldn't not pick it up! I love bubble bars, they are one of my favourite things LUSH do, as I am a massive fan of a bath full of bubbles! Not only do they give you heaps of bubbles, they're also full of natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling so nourished and healthy, what's not to love! This one contains shea butter and coconut oil, to leave you feeling silky smooth. Bunny bubble bar smells nice and sweet, but not too much. It's similar to the Snowfairy scent but more 'creamy' if you get me haha! To use this, you just crumble it under the tap and watch as your bath fills with bubbles.

Golden Egg Ballistic - Now this one is not your typical bath bomb. Not only is it a bath bomb, but it's actually a bath melt too! The gorgeous eye popping, golden outer layer is actually a bath melt, ready to leave you feeling super duper soft and moisturised, thanks to it's main ingredient, Cocoa butter. After this layer has done it's job, it's the bombs turn. The centre will start to fizz away filling the room with it's sweet honey scent. I can't wait to try this one, I'm just a lil frightened of what myself and my bath tub are going to look like after!

Immaculate Eggception - To me this is the Mother of all Easter/Mothers day goodies, just look at the size of this thing! LUSH have really done a great job inventing new and 'Egg-citing'  things for us (I'm sorry I couldn't not get that one in!). This isn't just an enormous bath bomb, you can actually use it 2/3 times. You can crack this one open and use the 2 sides of the outer shell as bath bombs and then also the little surprise prezzie in the centre. The two main ingredients to this one are Lemon and Grapefruit oil that leave your skin feeling toned and refreshed, whilst giving you a mouthwatering zesty fragrance to enjoy whilst soaking in the tub. I love a bomb that rattles when you shake, you know it's gunna be a good one! 

Fizzbanger Ballistic - This is part of the standard range at LUSH and is available all year round, thankfully as I have a feeling I'm going to love this one. It's a gorgeous pale yellow colour with specks of green and pink which leave me wondering what's lurking underneath. I haven't yet used this, but I'm very excited to try it because it smells gorgeous, I could just eat it! It's claimed to release an apple, cinnamon and petitgrain (bitter orange) scent with a hint of Ylang Ylang thrown in for good measure. I've also heard things about popping candy, oooh I'm excited!

Pop In The Bath - This little flowery thing is another bubble bar. It's available all year round and in 4 different fun colours, all with the same floral orange flower scent. I haven't tried this yet, but I just know I'm going to love it thanks to all the citrusy goodness! If you haven't noticed yet, I have a thing for citrus scented products.The main oils used in this one are bergamot, lemon oil and mandarin oil.

Fluffy Egg Ballistic - This one, is one for the girly girls. It's a cute little, bright pink egg that smells like sweet candy. It even has little flowers on it, what more could a girl want!? If you're missing the Snowfairy shower gel from Christmas, don't panic! Get this bath bomb, it has the same candy shop scent.

Mumkin Bubble Bar - Another bubble bar I obviously needed, just look at it, it's so sweet! This is a great little gift for your Mum, that will be sure to put a smile on her face. To me, Mumkin smells like palma violets, those little purple sweets you used to get, you know the ones? This little guy will give your Mumma that relaxed, luxurious bubble filled bath that she deserves.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub - My lips have been really chapped lately and lip balm just isn't cutting it! This was a little bit of an impulse buy at the till, but I'm glad I got it. It smells so gorgeous and sweet and tastes very yummy! I'm not ashamed to say that yes, I have stuck my finger in  just to taste it and later on decided that wasn't enough, and stuck my tongue in the little pot too! (Please let me know I'm not the only one!) Anyway you're actually supposed to scrub this caster sugar based scrub, onto your lips to get rid of the dead skin. This scrub also contains jojoba oil to leave your lips moisturised and nourished, ready for your favourite lippy.

Avobath - This may seem very plain and boring, but it's actually one of my favourite bath bombs to use. It has the most mouthwatering citrus scent that leave me feeling so refreshed and relaxed that I buy this time and time again. It's great for those days you feel groggy/hungover and need a little pick me up. Avobath is packed full of natural goodies including fresh avocado, organic extra virgin olive oil , lemon-grass oil, bergamot oil and rosewood oil. No wonder why this leaves me feeling so refreshed but also relaxed and calm!

 I hope you have enjoyed reading about my recent visit to LUSH as much as I've enjoyed writing it. 
I hope I have inspired you to try some things out, let me know how you get on if so.
You should be able to pick up all these wonderful things here

If you have any recommendations for me, then please let me know in the comments.

TAG - Blog Your Heart Out


So the lovely Kerry at tagged me in the "Blog Your Heart Out" tag, here's my answers - 

1.Who/What encouraged you to start blogging?
Well I first started watching YouTube videos from Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter, Tanya Burr, Essie Button and many others. I really enjoyed watching them and I still do to this day. I then found their blogs and thought it looked so much fun having your own little page, to put what you want on it and talk about what you like, I decided to give it a go myself.

2.How did you choose what topics to blog about?
I blog about whatever I feel like I need to talk about in the moment. My blog is mainly beauty related because I enjoy and love trying new things (as do many of us here!) I also find it so fun and fascinating reading other peoples thoughts on beauty products and finding out what they've been loving/hating, so I'd give it a go myself. I have also wrote a little bit on fashion and lifestyle and plan to do a bit more on these topics.

3.What is something most people don't know about you?
Ummm that's a hard one, I think probably that I used to have my hips pierced and that I also have a tattoo on my ribs and tongue pierced etc. I think because I love make-up, perfumes, shopping and lots of girly things, people may not expect me to have piercings and tattoos.

4.What three words describe your style?
Fashion Style or blogging style? I think fashion wise would be girly, edgy &  I'd like to say "well put together" I know that's not 3 words ooops! I think I'm pretty versatile when it comes to fashion, I love all kinds of different styles. I love summer dresses and skirts etc but then I also love my black skinny jeans,  leather jacket & killer heals.
Blogging wise I'm not sure, you tell me haha! Maybe, simple, to the point and opinionated? I'm not doing good on the three word thing am I!?

5.What do you love to do when you are not blogging?
I looooove travelling! I think going out and going on day trips, holidays, weekend breaks and all those good things, really make life. Travelling and experiencing new things are what I live for. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this & feel like you know me a little better, I tag - 

(Sorry if you have already done this tag, I did try and look)

NOTD - Papaya


For Today's Nails Of The Day, I used Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine Papaya
This is a fun, bright orange colour, perfect for Spring/Summer (I'm a little to eager for the sunshine!) Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine polishes are a little bit thicker and shinier than their original polishes, so they're perfect if you love the fresh manicure look! I love this orange, it's bright and fun without being too "cheap", which I seem to find some bright colours to be. In daylight it's more of a pastel orange which is so cute and pretty! This colour really pops if you have a nice tan, so I think this is going to look gorgeous in the Summer.

You can view my last NOTD here

February Favourites


It's that time of month again, favourites time! 
I have tried a lot of new products this month and I have really found some that I have been loving, also a few golden oldies!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash
I have been loving this since I got it in my Yule Monty set. It is the perfect wash for waking you up in the morning, with the good enough to eat, limey, zesty scent. I actually think this smells a lot like cola cubes, you know those little cola sweets you get in pic 'n' mix. This wash is very conditioning and leaves skin feeling super soft and silky.  It leaves me feeling alive and fresh as a daisy, ready to conquer the day.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
I bought this, this month and have been loving using it. I have already wrote a blog post about this highlighter that you can read here, Mary-Lou Manizer
This is the perfect golden, champagne shimmer to give you a bit of a glow on a dull day. It is very pigmented and you don't need a lot at all to give you a pretty shimmer.

Rimel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation
I have always loved this foundation, but it has recently come out in a lighter shade "010 Light Porcelain". This shade is the perfect shade for me as the original lightest shade"Ivory" was a bit too orange for me which was the only thing that let this one down. This foundation is very long lasting (I'm not sure about 25 hours though, who needs to wear it for 25 hours, yucky!) It gives medium to full coverage and it is very build able.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm
I recently purchased this on my quest to find the perfect skincare products. I have really enjoyed using this! I have normal/combination skin that is prone to the odd breakout. My skin has been out of control for the past few months, but since using this I have really noticed it calm down a lot! It does get rid of my make-up, although I do like to remove my make-up before cleansing to give my skin a deep clean. It does feel weird rubbing a balm that can feel a tad greasy/oily on my skin to try and clear it up, but it really has helped and hasn't made my skin greasy or oily at all! Don't be afraid to use a oily textured cleanser on your combination skin, it's probably what your skin is craving!

Origins Super Spot Remover
I also bought this on my quest to find the perfect skin care products, to clear up my troubled skin. I'm not sure if it's the cleanser that has completely helped or this has played a part, but I like to think it has. I use this twice a day on any problem areas. I do think that it has helped my skin look less "angry" and irritated. This really does help to calm and slowly remove spots.

Maybelline Color Tattoo On and On Bronze
I've been feeling rather lazy lately when it comes to eye make-up and this is great for these days! I love to apply this gorgeous bronze colour to the lid using my ring finger, then maybe added a lil highlight in the corners and a crease shade and I'm good to go. You really don't need to put too much effort in to create a gorgeous look with this one, it almost creates a whole eye look on its own!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Pink In Confidence
I'm one for a bright lip, but recently I have been loving the girly pinks including this one. I have mentioned this in my Everyday Pink Lips post you can see here for a more details, and also pics on the lips. This is a perfect nourishing, pale pink shade for everyday, that you can build up for a more dramatic look too. It's so versatile and a joy to use. Of course the packing is just beautiful and  makes it that extra bit more special when you whip it out to reapply. I love a moisturising lipstick that doesn't dry out the lips, so this is great for me! 

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
This has been a life saver, a holy grail product for thousands of beauty bloggers for years, but I have only just tried this out! I wish I tried it sooner, I can see why everyone loves this. It gives that little bit of extra coverage you want whilst setting your foundation, whilst controlling shine. For the price, you really need to try this out, you cant go wrong!

OPI Avojuice Mango Hand & Body Lotion
For valentines day, my lovely boyfriend booked me an appointment to get my nails done. Whilst I was having them done, I was eyeing up the hand lotions and couldn't wait to use this one. I wasn't disappointed when I gave it a go! First of all let me mention the scent, the scent is so gorgeous, good enough to eat! It really gets you ready for Spring/Summer and fruit cocktails and smoothies. The smell is also very long lasting and I am pleasantly welcomed by it throughout the day. It leaves hands and nails feeling healthy, moisturised and hydrated. As soon as I used this I checked on-line for where I could get this for myself. I ordered this little travel size bottle from Amazon, as its the perfect size to slip in your bag or pocket on the go. I am also going to purchase the full size bottle so I can top up and never be without my beloved Mango lotion!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my February favourites.
 Have you tried any of my faves?


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