COTW - Yankee Soft Blanket


This weeks Candle is actually in "tart" form. These little wax tarts from Yankee are great little things to have. All you need is a wax burner, an unscented tea light and a Yankee tart and you're good to go! Collect all your favourite Yankee Candle flavours in tart form for a fraction of the price, you can pick these up for about £1.25! These are amazing value as you get at least a good 8-10 hours per half tart! I usually break a tart in half and burn half at a time, you can reuse them also.

This week I have been loving Soft Blanket, this is one of my all time favourite flavours from Yankee. Its so soft and warm, it really makes your house feel cosy. This is how Yankee describes Soft Blanket
"Wrapped in sweet dreams...a lullably of clean citrus,luxurious vanilla and warm amber"

This tart is great for when you just want to relax, unwind and cosy up in bed!:)

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