Everyday Pink Lips


Although I love bright lips in the Winter to brighten everything up in the dullness, I have been loving natural pink lips lately and wanted to show you three of my favourite everyday pinks.

Revlon Colorburst Laquer Balm "Demure"

This is one of Revlon's new "Laquer Balms" following on from the original "Colorburst Balms". The original balms have proven to be very popular amongst thousands, so it was only a matter of time before Revlon added some new balms to the collection.This laquer balm is a gorgeous sparkly, natural pink colour great for everyday use, It  has the original peppermint scent which some people absolutely love!  I love this balm it's so easy to use and makes lips look super sparkly and shiny! It won't be long before I go out and grab them all.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush "Give Me A Cuddle"

I've had this one in my collection for a long time and have only just routed it out again. This one is more of  a brighter raspberry pink. It's is still shiny, but has smaller glitter particles than the Revlon's Demure. It's long lasting as Rimmel states and also has the cutest name (I'm a sucker for a cute product name!) What I love about this one is, that it smells like some of MAC's lipsticks (almost to the tee!), very sweet and vanillary, good enough to eat!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine "Pink In Confidence"

Let me just start by saying, I am IN LOVE with the packaging of these lipsticks, They're just so beautiful and feminine and luxurious! This lipstick is a gorgeous everyday pink that's not to overpowering but not to subtle either. It glides like butter which makes it a joy to use. This pale pink lipstick keeps your lips feeling nourished and moisturised, which is a big plus for me as I hate lippys that dry out the lips. It's a very wearable colour for many women, as it can be built up for a deeper pink (A plus for those who want to spend the extra pennies on a lippy that's versatile and wearable) The scent is very fruity and non offensive to me. I think this lipstick makes lips look so healthy and juicy, good enough to kiss!

Have you tried any of these lipsticks, what did you think?

Liebster Award


So I got nominated for the Liebster Award by the gorgeous Louise Lilley 
at littlelilley.blogspot.co.uk and I thought I'd rustle this one up for my blog's 1 month anniversary!
I'm so excited and thankful, go check her out guys!:)

Thank you Louise!

If you are not aware, a Liebster Award is a way of getting other bloggers known, shared and generally getting the word out about them, if they have under 500 followers.

A few simple rules apply - 
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
3. Nominate 11 other followers with less than 500 followers
4. Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer
5.Tag your nominees & post a comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them

So here are Louise's questions for me - 

1. What is your favourite make-up brand? 
I love many different brands and I love trying out different brands, but I think I'm gunna have to go for the first brand that I really started to love and still do to this day, Rimmel. I love almost anything they put out! My favourite products are Lasting Finish Foundation, Stay Matte Powder, Day 2 Night Mascara, Lasting Finish Blushes, Lasting Finish by Kate Lipsticks and the list goes on...

2. What/who inspired you to start blogging?
If I remember correctly I think I stumbled upon Zoella's YouTube channel first and started really loving YouTube beauty Videos especially from her, Louise & Tanya. I then found their blogs and thought this looks so much fun! I also thought "oh that looks so easy and fun to do, I can do that!" (Boy was I wrong about the so easy part haha!) I've  always loved keeping things for memories sake so that also inspired me to start my own blog, so I could look back in 30 years time and remember what I was like in my 20's. 

3. Favourite social networking site?
It has to be Twitter, it's just such a great way to meet new people who have the same interests as you. It's great to be able to put out there what you want to say, and have so many other people who get what you're on about and who get you! (The 140 character limit can be a tad irritating though!)

4. You're stranded on an island - the 3 products you'd choose to have?
Oooooh that's hard! 
1. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
2. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
3. Burt's Bees Mango Lip Balm
(I also need Rimmel's Day 2 Night Mascara, then I can look alive which would be nice haha!)

5. High street/high end? why?
Of course I love high end make-up and a bit of luxury in my life and I admit, I do have expensive taste, but who doesn't?  I love anything that looks beautiful and that makes you feel special. I would have to pick high street though. There are so many high street products that are just as good, even better for a fraction of the price! Also then I can have more products for the price hehe!

6. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Which breed if dog?
I have always had both Dog's & Cats but I think Dogs are more of a rewarding pet to have, They need you more to play with them and walk them and love them. They're just so fun and loyal and I don't think I could be without a dog in my life for a long period of time. I love little Terrier dogs, I have a Patterdale/Springer/Cocker Spaniel named Tess and she is just the smallest bundle of craziness and cuteness, she makes me laugh every single day:) I also love Springer Spaniels, they're so loving and soft and cuddly!

7. What is your favourite hair style when you are in a rush?
The scruffy bun! This is my go-to hairstyle, just shove it all up in a hair band and you're good to go!

9. Would you prefer a night in with the girls or a night out with them?
 I love a good night out but I think I would have to say a night in. You can't beat a good gossip with your girls plus some yummy food, pj's and good films!

10. What is your favourite perfume atm?
I have this perfume oil called Secrets Of The Desert, I got it when I went to Egypt last year. It's such a fresh fruity/musky smell and I love it. Also because it's an oil, it lasts really long. I also love Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, that's my signature everyday fragrance.

11. What is your favourite place in the world? and why?
I want to say Egypt, because it is the most beautiful place I have been to and perfectest holiday, but I'm gunna have to say England. England's my home and there's no place like home:)

So there are my Answers:)
 I hope you enjoyed reading, I really enjoyed this post. Thank you Louise for nominating me, here are my Nominees - 

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Livia - http://allbeautyconfessions.blogspot.it/

Jessica - http://jessicagracie.blogspot.co.uk/

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Brittney - http://thedivinediabetic.blogspot.co.uk/

Melissa - http://beautycouturexox.blogspot.co.uk/

Believe It Beauty - http://www.believeitbeauty.com/

Nicola - http://www.notesbynicola.com/

Laura - http://lauraclairee.blogspot.co.uk/

Soph - http://simply-s0ph.blogspot.co.uk/

Becca - http://www.beccaswonderland.co.uk/

I want to know - 

1.What was the first brand of make-up you really started to love?

2. What inspired you to start your blog?

3.Lipstick or Lipgloss?

4. If you could go anywhere, where would it be and why?

5. What are your 3 "cant live without" products?

6.What was your first piece of high end make-up?

7. Date night or Day out together?

8. What is the worst beauty product you have ever bought?

9. Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle? What's your favourite to blog about?

10. Flats or Heels?

11. How often do you hit the shops for new make-up?

Remember to let me know when you have posted:)

Small MAC Haul


I did something very naughty last week. I made a spontaneous visit to the MAC website, thank God it was only a short visit! I got some pretty basic/boring essentials, but we're a nosy bunch so thought you might want to take a look anyway!:)

Brush Cleanser - This is a very boring, but essential purchase. You gotta keep those brushes clean guys! I was getting very tired of deep cleaning all my brushes with shampoo and conditioner every week, even though I only use them probably only twice, so needed to get this one.

217 Blending Brush - You can never have too many brushes and I thought, I should probably buy a new one if I was buying the cleanser (excuses excuses!). This brush is a perfect fluffy eye brush great for packing on colour and getting into the crease for blending.

Crosswires Lipstick- This one is the fun one, my reward for buying boring necessities (This thought process is probably why are make-up drawers are more packed than our underwear drawers!) I really like to wear bright lips in the Winter, I think it looks really nice in contrast to the dull weather. Also I'm so ready for Spring now and this is the perfect Coral shade.

Hope you liked my haul, what colour do you like to wear on your lips this season?
(Sorry the photo's have been a bit off, I just got a new camera and really wanted to take a few quick snaps!)

COTW - Yankee Wild Passion Fruit


This weeks Candle Of The Week is yet another Yankee Candle, I just can't get enough! I have been loving Wild Passion Fruit this week. This candle has a gorgeous fruity scent good enough to eat! It really reminds me of some kind of refreshing summer drink/ice lolly, maybe similar to the scent of "twisiters" ? I don't know it could just be me haha! 

Yankee describes this scent as "Bright and vivacious...this exotic passion fruit is blended with melon and mandarin."  Again with the mandarin, I seem to have a thing for this scent!

It is definitely an exotic scent, it really takes you to a relaxed, gorgeous Caribbean Island where the sun is always shining and there isn't a care in the world.

View my previous COTW here

Disappointing Products


When you love trying out new beauty & skincare products, there are bound to be those ones that just  don't do it for us. The ones that have the potential to be our new best friends, but end up just not cutting it at all. Here are some of my disappointing products:

Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder

I tried this after reading some good reviews about it, I usually love anything Rimmel come up with, but when I tried this, I just was not satisfied. This powder doesn't give me the coverage I would like at all. It is also very messy which makes it very hard to apply without having big patches of powder all over your face. I open this pot up ever so carefully just knowing it's all going to spill out on me. It also comes with one of those pointless puffer things, how are we supposed to use this! Just puff all the powder on our face!? I need to blend Rimmel! 

La Roche-Posay - Effaclar Foaming Gel & A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector

 After everyone raving about the Effaclar Duo, I thought hey, why not try the whole range? I gave these products a good amount of time to work their magic, I used both of them up and my skin has not got better at all. At first I noticed that they got rid of some oiliness and did dry my spots out after washing, which made me feel good about these products. After actually finishing them though I realised, wow you actually haven't done anything to my face at all except dry it out. Especially the sides of my face, this cleanser has really dried my hairline and left it very flaky! The targeted breakout corrector has done absolutely nothing also. For some reason in the last 6 months I have had really terrible skin that I am not used to. These products have not helped at all. Sorry La Roche-Posay:/

Topshop Lipstick "Ruthless"

Okay this one is partly my own fault. I was after the perfect Autumnal plumb colour. I went in to Topshop looking for a specific shade and I couldn't find it (don't you just hate it when this happens!). I didn't actually swatch this lipstick before buying, but the colour on the end looked really pretty so I just bought it anyway. To my surprise when I opened this at home, the lipstick is almost black! I tried it anyway thinking oh it won't be that dark! This shade is not for me, it is not the perfect plumb I wanted at all. It is a very dark, Gothic purple. This is probably a gorgeous shade on someone else, but it just wasn't what I was looking for.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Light Moisturiser

 When I tried the Liz Earle skin range, I was soooooo excited and was expecting miraculous things from this, oh so magical range. My skin wasn't that bad when I started using this range, I just wanted to make it more healthy. I opted for the light moisturiser as I was only 19 and if anything my skin was probably normal/slightly oily. The Cleanse & Polish and Skin Tonic were okay, but this moisturiser was so bad on me! It made my skin so greasy and it felt like my skin was almost sweating through the day when I had used this. My skin before was not super greasy at all, if anything it was probably more normal, so I really wonder what this would be like if  I had greasy skin to start with. I tried using teeny amounts of the moisturiser and only using at night, but in the end I just had to stop using it. After using this range, I have never had such bad skin in my life. I don't mean to be dramatic but it's true. I know thousands of people have had amazing results with Liz Earle, but I really do think that my skin has got a lot worse since using these products. Liz Earle was a massive disappointment for me!:(

LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel

 I know there are a lot of people out there who love this shower gel, but sadly I am not one of them. After watching a lot of Youtuber's say how amazing and perfect and gorgeous this shower gel is, I just had to get it! I usually love sweet scents and Snow Fairy is the cutest name, I was really excited to give this a go! At first in the shop I was disappointed by the smell and wasn't sure I really liked it that much. I bought a small bottle anyway just to give it a go. I love shower gels that really lather up and make you feel super duper clean! This product just doesn't do that for me I'm afraid:(

Sorry we're all doom and gloom today! I hope you enjoyed this post, I love reading/watching other peoples disappointing posts so hope you have too. 

What are your thoughts on these products?

Drugstore Beauty Haul


So I couldn't see my wonderful boyfriend on Valentines day as he's a chef and well he was busy cooking for other lucky lady's haha! To cheer myself up me and one of my oldest girl friends plus her gorgeous little bundle of joy, went for a gossip and a catchup to Frankie & Benny's and kind of ended up in Boots/Superdrug as you do!
(As you can see my gorgeous man is in the reflection of my cleansing balm!)

I haven't opened a lot of these yet but I thought I would just show you all what I bought anyway:)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation - This foundation has been one of my long time favourites for a couple of years now and I haven't seen many other beauty bloggers talk about this one. I love it, it gives great coverage and it's very build-able. It lasts all day with a good powder. I've even done the horrifying "sleeping in your make-up after a wild night out" in this. Oh god, yes I said it, you're all frowning and gasping at me now aren't you! I'm sorry! I got to tell you though, this foundation stays put, I woke up feeling not so fresh but I didn't look half bad haha! Anyway long story short, this foundation is worth a try, the only problem I've always had with this, is the colour. The lightest colour "Ivory" is too "orangey" for me. So when I saw my foundation now came in "light porcelain" I just had to get it! I haven't used it yet, but I'm so excited to try it!

Maybelline Color Tattoo "On and On Bronze, Permanent Taupe & Pink Gold" - Yes surprise surprise, I love these little pots of goodness too. I'm sure you're all bored of hearing about these things, so I'm not going to say too much about them. These are my favourite kind of eye-shadow colours, especially "On and On Bronze" so I thought I'd pick up more. I love these things they're so easy to use on an every day basis as they almost give a whole eye-shadow look in one. Hip Hip Hooray for Color Tattoos!

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - Lately I have been on a real mission to find the perfect skincare products for me. Lately my skin has been acting up and has been worse than I have ever seen it before. I have never really been a spotty person, maybe the odd one or two, but not all over everywhere all the time! Lately that's kind of been happening. I've tried Liz Earle and La Roche-Posay, but I haven't had amazing results like everyone else seems to have! I think my problematic skin is mostly due to my work and touching dirty crates, but hey what can you do? I thought I'd try this cleansing balm after hearing a few people have really got on well with it. I'm excited to try this one and I'm sure you'll hear about how I get on with this, "fingers crossed".

Origins Super Spot Remover - On my quest on finding the perfect skin care, I came across this little pot. First of all come on, the name says it all, of course we're going to buy something called "Super Spot Remover" Spot Remover, yes please! I was watching a skin routine video, I cant remember who's exactly, but it could of been Essie Button's? She said that she used this and the next morning her spot is literally gone, so I just knew I had to give this a go, it sounds magical! I used this last night and honestly, about an hour after putting this on I already felt like my spots were dramatically reduced! I'm hoping this little gem will lead to great things in the future!

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - I'm going to start off by saying I have never used this powder, yes that's right, I have never used this cult classic powder! So I'm giving it a go! You may be wondering, how is it that you have never used this powder that is loved and raved about by every beauty blogger & their aunt!? Well I have just never got round to it, I've been using Max Factor's Creme Puff as my powder for ages and it really gives me a flawless, long lasting finish that I have never really questioned. Until now, I've gave in, I'm giving this bad boy a go!

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm "Demure" - Of course any Revlon lip product is a must have. So I was excited to see these new lacquer balms in store after loving the original balms. I only picked up one this time on my little trip even though they were on a tempting 3 for 2! This is a gorgeous sparkling light pink, that I thought would be perfect for everyday/summer looks. I haven't tried this one yet but I'm very excited to. I'm sure I wont be disappointed and it wont be long before I have the whole range in my collection.

Beauty UK Simply Define Eyebrow Pencil - This last one was a complete impulse buy. I have never bought anything from this brand in Superdrug & I didn't even try out the colour for this one before buying. I just picked it up and off I went to the till with my random pencil. This was only like £1.99 so I thought why not just give it a go, what could go wrong, so yes, I'm intrigued to use this one.

So that's what I picked up on my little trip to Boots and Superdrug. I hope you have enjoyed reading this, sorry about the lack of photo's but I'm sure I'll post more about these later on.

Have you tried any of these products?

theBalm - Mary-Lou Manizer



Today I want to talk about this gorgeous highlighter, Mary-Lou Manizer. If you're wanting those fresh, glistening angelic cheekbones for Valentines day, this is the one to go for! You can pick this baby up for as little as £16 on-line from many different websites such as feelunique

I just had to order this a couple of weeks ago when I heard/read a few beauty bloggers/youtubers rave about it, I just knew I had to give it a go as I was in the market for a perfect highlighter anyway. Thank God I found this one, it does everything you would want a highlighter too, it glistens, it shines & it shimmers! The Mary-Lou Manizer is sooo pigmented and gorgeous so you don't need a lot to get an amazing, glistening look. I think this golden, champagne shimmer would look gorgeous in the summer, when you have a lil bit of a tan and you want that fresh faced look! It claims on the package it can be used as a highlight, shimmer and an eyeshadow and I don't see why it couldn't be, I'd use this all over my face if that was the norm, it really is that pretty. When I opened this lil pot of  heaven up, I could hear angels singing haha! Seriously pick this up when you get a chance it's the perfect highlight, I wouldn't be without my Mary-Lou Manizer!

NOTD - Caramel Cupcake


Today's Nail is Rimmel London's 60 Seconds "Caramel Cupcake"
Let me just start by saying what a cute name! I love a polish with a cute name like this it really makes me smile! Caramel Cupcake is a very nude, nude. It's almost unnoticeable. This colour would be great for an every day look for those who work in a very professional environment, job interviews or for when you want some colour but you don't want the focus to be on your nails too much. It's a very subtle shade that would be great for both winter and summer. The 60 Second nail varnishes are one of my favourites because they have great brushes! They're flat and curved at the corners to give maximum coverage of the nail, really making it very easy and fast to apply varnish without any mistakes (we all know how frustrating these are!) 

You can view last weeks NOTD here

Valentines Eye Look - Naked 3


January is yesterdays news now and February is upon us, which means it's that time of year again! You know, the one that gets us all loved up and sickly sweet, or maybe a lil stressed and down in the dumps! Either way, a new smoky eye look will be sure to perk you up this Valentines Day!:)

I thought I would use this loved up time of year to focus on Naked 3! This palette is a great one to go for when thinking about your look for the lovey dovey holidays. The gorgeous rose gold tones are perfect for valentines day to create a romantic, dreamy look. Remember girls, pink will always make the boys wink! ;)

Using this gorgeous palette, I have come up with a smoky eye look that would be great for a Valentines date with your loved one, or a night out with the girls. To create this look I used the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, Urban Decay Eden Primer Potion, Real Techniques eye set, Barry M Kohl Pencil & Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara.

So the first thing I did was add the Urban Decay Eden Primer Potion to create that all important base. By using this primer, my eye shadow will stay on through the day/night without me having to worry about touching up on my hot Valentines date!
I then added my base shadow, I chose "Buzz" as you can see it's a gorgeous satin rose. I applied this all over the lid.

I then applied "Liar", a sexy metallic shimmer to my crease and outer V to create more of a smoky eye. I also added a bit of a coppery/golden glitter over the crease and outer V, just to give it a bit more shimmer and sparkle (after all it is a magical time of year:P), I used "Trick" for this. To highlight my eye I used "Strange" and added to the inner corner, below the brow and also in the centre of my lid and blended in. 

The next thing I did was add "Liar" underneath my waterline to really help frame the eye. I also created a bit of a winged liner look with my Barry M pencil. I added to the waterline too. (Winged liner is one of my all time faves!)

To finish my eye look off, I added plenty of Rimmel's Day 2 Night mascara. This has been my favourite mascara for a while now.  It just really gives me that full lash look so easily, after all it is Valentines day, you gotta flutter those lashes!;)

So there's my Valentines eye look:) Sorry about the rubbish picture quality, I had to rely on my iPhone for this one! (I almost didn't post these pics because of the rubbish quality!) 

I would love some new Bloglovin friends, so feel free to follow me here to keep up with future posts:) 

Thank you so much for reading! What are you getting up to for Valentines day?

COTW - Yankee Soft Blanket


This weeks Candle is actually in "tart" form. These little wax tarts from Yankee are great little things to have. All you need is a wax burner, an unscented tea light and a Yankee tart and you're good to go! Collect all your favourite Yankee Candle flavours in tart form for a fraction of the price, you can pick these up for about £1.25! These are amazing value as you get at least a good 8-10 hours per half tart! I usually break a tart in half and burn half at a time, you can reuse them also.

This week I have been loving Soft Blanket, this is one of my all time favourite flavours from Yankee. Its so soft and warm, it really makes your house feel cosy. This is how Yankee describes Soft Blanket
"Wrapped in sweet dreams...a lullably of clean citrus,luxurious vanilla and warm amber"

This tart is great for when you just want to relax, unwind and cosy up in bed!:)

You can view last weeks COTW here

My Winter Wellie Loves


So January has been and gone, but the rainy weather is still with us! I couldn't not mention my winter wellie loves <3 I have been obsessed with my Hunter boots this year. They really make me feel fabulous even in the grey, gloomy weather! I look forward to rainy days now since getting my babies and I cant help but feel like a complete boss when walking through a puddle! 

I think they just looks so fashionable and cute with leggings and a cute trench kind of coat. I wear my glossy black original tall boots with a creamy coat, and most of the time with the cream "wellie socks". The wellies are very cute and cosy with these socks, they're made out of fleece so they're so soft and warm, exactly what your feet want on a wet, cold, rainy day! You can get many different colours of boots and socks from Hunter, so it's very easy to create new wellie looks. I chose the glossy black ones because I think they go with everything and I can wear them all the time (which I do even when it hasn't been raining!) I chose glossy ones instead of Matte because I think its more girly and more of a statement. The wellies are made out of high quality natural rubber, so they're bound to keep your tootsies dry and warm in the rain!

You can pick these babies up from www.hunter-boot.com and many different shops such as Schuh, House of Fraser and Office. You can also get really good deals and prices at country/farm shops like Countrywide and www.countryattire.com

These boots are soooo comfy and stylish, they make these wet months just that lil bit easier! What are  your Winter Wellie Loves?

NOTD - Berry Cosmo


Today I have chosen Barry M's "berry cosmo" 
I love this colour for winter, the deep berry colour is very warming and really fits in with the colours of Winter. The polish itself is very smooth and pigmented and dry's very quick. By the time I had finished with the second hand, the first was ready for the second coat so it dry's in perfect time. I love wearing this colour with other warm wintery colours such as navy, dark olive greens and berry reds colours.
(excuse my messed up pinky cuticle!)

Today's Eyes & Lips


ATM I'm in the car on my way to see my bf, but I thought I'd mention what I've used on my eyes and lips today:) (this is the first time iv used the blogger app to write a post so if it's a bit of a mess I'm sorry!)

So today I've gone for a natural, smokey bronzed look today. To get this look I used my Urban Decay Vice 2 palette & Real Technique eye brushes.

First I started off adding Strike all over the lid with the RT base shadow brush, this is a beautiful golden colour. I then went in and added Toxic over Strike just to add more of a colour to the corners of my eyes and over the lid. 
I then used my RT deluxe crease brush to add Ambush to the corners and crease of my eye to make it more smoky. The next thing I did, using the same brush was add a lil bit of Radar to the corners and crease just to give it a lil bit more of a bronzey colour. I continued to blend this out. 
I also added a tiny lil bit of Poison using the first brush again to the crease to make it more smokey and to deepen the colour. 
The next thing I did was add a tiny bit of the first colour, Strike to the centre of the lids and blended out to bring the look together and give more of a neutral feel. I used the Real Techniques detailer brush for this.
Finally I added Ambush under my waterline with the RT angled eyebrow brush to define the eyes. I then finished the look using my Rimmel Day to Night mascara in black. 
I would usually add Dope to the inner corner of my lid for a highlight, but I was in a bit of a rush this morning and left the house before doing so! 

My lip look is much simpler:) before I started on my eyes I added Stawberry Chapstick to give a lil moisture. I then applied my eye makeup and used Topshop's Pillow Talk to the lips:) 

You can find swatches of all the colours I used in my January Favourites.

So that's my look for today guys, have a great day everyone! 


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