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Ok so this is my first blog post, welcome if your reading!:D So my first post should probably be about who I am, what my blog is about and all that boring stuff!! Well no,  I'm just gunna go straight in and talk about the Real Techniques Starter Set 1406 (as you most likely already know I'm talking about "the eye kit") Samantha Chapman has hit the ball out of the park with this one (no surprise there). I love all Real Technique brushes and I have the other individual brushes, but this is the first kit I bought and I'm very impressed! The brushes are made from handmade synthetic taklon bristles that are beautiful to touch, I could just sit and stroke my face with them all day because they are that soft! (or I'm a lil strange) They are widely available in the UK, you can pick them up on the high street from Boots or Superdrug and many sites online.

Before I go into detail about the individual brushes, I want to talk about the case they come in. I love that the brushes come in a travel case, I think its so handy! not only does it have the little holders for the individual eye brushes, you have sections for your other brushes! This really is a great little case for travelling you've got all your eye brushes so you don't have to pick just a couple and make do, you have room for foundation/powder/blush brushes etc. and it looks great, it feels sturdy, I just love this product so much and we haven't even got started on the brushes yet!

So before I write a whole page on the blimming case lets get started on the brushes, so first I'm going to talk about the Base Shadow Brush. Of course this brush is so soooo soft. like all RT brushes. before I got this one I was using the separate shading brush you can buy, for my base shadow which I think is great btw! The base shadow brush is great for sweeping on your shadow evenly and creating that all important base. it also allows you to really pack on and build up that colour when you want to. This brush is a flat tapered brush and is also a very handy brush for applying concealer and getting right into those tricky spots! I haven't noticed any harshness or shedding with this brush at all, what more could you ask for?
The next brush is the Deluxe Crease Brush and let me just tell you know, This is my favourite in the set, it is perfect! So soft, so fluffy and the perfect shape to get into that crease and let you blend blend blend till your little heart is content! I don't know what else to say, its perfect, I am in love.

Then we get to the Accent Brush. this is a great little brush and very versatile. I like to use this to add a lil highlight to the inner corner and brow bone. I also use it to put a little colour where my shadows are joining on the lid, just to help blend it, it is a great lil brush for this! you can also use it to add colour to your lower lid along the waterline, to define your eyes and give that sexy smouldering look!

Then there's the Pixel Perfect Eyeliner Brush. I don't usually really use an eyeliner brush so I can't comment on that because iv never used it for that, but this brush is also great for highlighting the inner corner and applying small amounts of colour for extra detail just to add those final touches.

Last but not least is the Brow Brush. The brow brush is great for defining your brows with some powder, its beautiful, soft and a pleasure to work with. I would say that the Mac eyebrow brushes have a great range of sizes though so maybe more helpful giving you that real precision some crave out of an eyebrow brush. This is perfect for a natural everyday eyebrow look though because of the soft bristles. It would also make a great lip brush. I do love to use this brush for adding colour to my lower lid under the water line as well, as it covers a greater area horizontally than the accent brush.

So before I ramble on any further with my rubbishy descriptions that probably only I can understand and get what I'm talking about, I should wrap this thing up. All in all this is a handy lil set to have. They are high quality, soft, beautiful brushes that really live up to the hype. Amazing value!:O you can pick up this set online for under £20 which is pretty mind blowing when thinking about the quality/versatility of these babies. I really hope to see more brushes in the future. Well done Sam!


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