This year Valentine's Day was extra special for me, Simon popped the question! He asked me to marry him and I said yes. Ever since we've been living in a dream land and loving every minute of it. It's been so exciting telling our friends and family and sharing the story of how it happened and showing off my beautiful ring! I thought I would share the story on my blog for you guys too. I knew a proposal was on the cards for the past couple of months, but he still did amazing at surprising me. First let's get onto the lead up of the proposal...

The times I thought it was going to happen...
So you may remember over a year ago we booked a trip to Disneyland Paris for Christmas 2017. Now, in my head I booked this thinking I was going to get proposed to at Disneyland. I thought Simon would be silly not to surely? Simon and I had talked about getting married for a year or too now, so it wasn't a question of if, just when? All the way leading up to Disneyland Paris, I had been silly enough to tell my friends that I'm probably going to get proposed to at Disneyland and we were all so excited. A couple of weeks leading up to Disneyland I got the inkling Simon hadn't bought a ring yet. I was showing him rings I like and he asked me to send him the link to the one I wanted - alarm bells rang, he should have my ring by now!! So the chances of getting proposed to at Disneyland were very slim. Although I didn't think it was going to happen any more, when we got to Disneyland I couldn't help but wonder. There were a couple of times he gave me the impression it may just happen!
When we first walked into Disneyland it was absolutely magical. It was so Christmassy and so beautiful. As we were leading up to the cutest princess gazebo and the huge magical Christmas tree, Simon grabbed my hand and said let's go up here. This was it, this is the moment I'm getting proposed to! In my head this was the kind of proposal I was expecting, Disneyland at Christmas time in the cute princess gazebo... it didn't happen. Then we were walking through the park and Simon saw a statue of Mickey and Minnie, and he goes "look it's me proposing to you". For that moment I was thinking OMG, he's let it slip, he is going to propose to me at Disneyland! The next day we were in line for a ride and I tried to put my hand in his pocket to keep it warm, normally he would let me. not this time, he said "No the important things are in that pocket". He had never done this before, immediately I was thinking MY RING IS IN HIS POCKET!! I was buzzing on the inside, he's going to propose to me at Disneyland! Maybe tonight whilst we watch the fireworks, how cute! So a few days in and no proposal, I was starting to get back to the idea of it's not going to happen - it didn't. On the last day Simon bought me a beautiful glass Beauty & The Beast rose ornament that we'd been looking at all week. He said "Now I've bought you this, I feel complete and ready to go home" - I bloody didn't, where was my proposal!? I then had to go home and explain to all my friends who were expecting me to come back as an engaged woman, that it didn't happen (my fault I know!).
I was quietly pissed of that it didn't happen at Disneyland haha! Christmas was just around the corner and all of my friends were convinced it was going to happen - I was not. I was not letting myself get my hopes up again... until Simon had a delivery come through the door. The crazy person in me couldn't help but search the sender on the box, it was a jewellery site! Immediately I was buzzing thinking this is my engagement ring, he's going to do it at Christmas - how magical! Then I searched the site, they did everything but Engagement rings. Christmas morning came around and I didn't think it would happen, but a teeny tiny part of me was kind of looking out for it. 
So Christmas had passed and I was done expecting an engagement any time soon, he'll do it in his own time. We bought kittens in the new year and they are the cutest things ever. I went to go and see my Dad and was telling him all about my new babies. Out of know where he said "Are you two engaged now?". Ummm no we just have kitten babies! He then told me that Simon had come and asked his permission that day! He definitely shouldn't have been telling me this. A week or so later Simon had another delivery, this time a special delivery! Again the crazy in me had to search the sender, it was the site I sent him with my ring eeeeekkkk!!! It was my engagement ring!! Granted, I knew way too much at this point.

The time it actually happened...
So I had stopped wondering when it was going to happen by this point because it feels really sucky if you get it wrong. I was thinking it will probably be before the Summer, maybe our anniversary in March? It was Valentine's Day, all of my friends were saying oooh it's going to happen. Simon hadn't even wished me Happy Valentine's Day yet. I honestly didn't even in the tiniest way, think it was going to happen on Valentine's Day. My hair was greasy, my nails weren't done, I'd been at work all day - this isn't the day I'm going to get engaged. Simon picked me up from work and I made him take my friend home and then asked if we could go to Tesco to get a baguette, you know just the normal everyday life things. We got home and I took my coat off and walked into the bedroom and it was the cutest thing! There were little heart fairy lights around our bed, red glittery love heart candles and a Beauty & The Beast rose on the bed. It was so sweet and so cute. He asked me to pick up the Beauty & The Beast rose and open the little draw. This was the moment, my ring is going to be in the draw!!!  I opened the draw and the rose lit up and it started to play the Beauty & The Beast music and a little fake Beauty & The Beast ring was in the draw... is he taking the piss!? I actually asked him are you taking the piss, when he asked me if it fits hahaha! He then told me to close my eyes, when I opened them and he was down on one knee and it was actually happening. The Beauty & The Beast music was playing, the candles were burning and the fairy lights were shining. It was so cute and so romantic, he'd really thought about it. I was so surprised it was actually happening I can't even remember saying yes, but I know there's a gorgeous diamond on my finger now! 

I've been living in a little love bubble ever since. I'd been hoping for it for so long and really on the case about when it was going to happen. I thought I would know exactly when he was going to do it, but I didn't - he totally surprised me! I'm so glad it wasn't in Disneyland now. Our engagement was so sweet and thoughtful and personal to us, I wouldn't change anything. We celebrated by ordering pizza, drinking prosecco and snuggling up and watching Valentine's Day - it was completely magical.

I can't quite believe I'm actually engaged to the most amazing man. I'm wearing the most beautiful ring and I can't stop staring at it. Soppy I know, but I love him more than anything and I can't thank him enough for making the moment so magical and thoughtful.

I now need to plan a weeding and have no idea where to start eeek! If you have any tips for a newly engaged couple, please leave them below beauties.

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Origins Refreshing GinZing Scrub Cleanser


Origins Refreshing GinZing Scrub Cleanser Review
By now you all know I can't get enough of the GinZing range from Origins. I wouldn't be able to count on one hand how many pots of the GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturisers I've gone through, so I can't quite believe it's took me this long to try the Refreshing GinZing Scrub Cleanser!
It was love at first application with the GinZing moisturiser, I just couldn't get enough of the refreshing zesty scent and lightweight feel. Still to this day I use my GinZing moisturiser religiously. Over the Christmas period I treated myself to some new skincare and finally got my hands on the Origins Refreshing GinZing Scrub Cleanser!

To be honest I was a little put off before by the whole scrub part. Every time I've used a scrub cleanser I've always found them to leave my skin very dry! I thought I would try this finally, as I'm a little bit obsessed with the rest of the range, it was on sale after all! Just like the moisturiser, I fell in love with this cleanser from first application. The cleanser has the same gorgeous juicy orange scent, it's so delicious it makes me want to eat it! This is the perfect range for a refreshing morning cleanse. When I first used this, I literally came out of the shower and told Simon I felt like a new woman and urged him to try it hahaha! The process of cleansing your face with this gorgeous scrub is so delightful. It's super creamy and moisturising and creates a lovely moisturising lather that feels so soothing and luxurious on the skin. The little beads in this buff away at your skin and leave it oh so smooth, honestly my face has never felt so smooth and revitalised! The GinZing scrub is packed full of natural Jojoba and Carnaubu wax to gently exfoliate and unclog pores, my skin feels so clean and fresh every time I use this. If you're like me and usually a bit scared of the scrub cleansers, especially for everyday then you need to try this. It's gentle and soothing so can be enjoyed every day, but also very effective and exfoliating. The Origins Refreshing GinZing Scrub Cleanser reveals a brighter and smoother complexion - it's a miracle in a bottle! My skin feels so soft and rejuvenated, I look forward to using this everyday now, I will definitely need to by a back up soon. I think I've found myself a new cleanser staple that I can't be without!

Have you tried anything form the Origins GinZing range beauties?

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LUSH Valentines Day Haul 2018


LUSH Valentine's Day Haul 2018 Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon and Love Boat Bubble Bar.
It's that time of year again where love and romance are kind of forced onto us. Some people love it, it's a time to celebrate love and spend time with your loved ones. Then on the other hand, some people really hate it. For those who may not have a partner it can be a reminder of how everyone else is so loved up and living a "perfect" life. Even a lot of people in relationships hate on Valentine's Day, they think it's a whole gimmick for companies to make a fortune and how love "shouldn't just be celebrated on one day". Personally I think these people are wrong. Most of the people who say this are acting as if they're Prince Charming himself every other day of the year, when in reality they wouldn't even be able tell you when they last did something romantic for their partner. I don't see the harm in having one day a year where we can all celebrate our loved ones, you don't have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine's day.

Whether you're in to the whole Valentine's day thing or not, one good thing that has come out of V-Day  is the LUSH Valentine's Day collection! Every year LUSH come out with the cutest little bath and body treats for the festive season. Whether you're buying for your partner or treating yourself, you need to check out the LUSH Valentine's Day goodies. This year I couldn't help myself and made a little online order.
The first thing I bought was the LUSH Love Boat Bath Bomb. I'm pretty sure this is new this year so I couldn't wait to get my mits on it, it's the cutest little blue boat with a pink love heart on it. I can't wait to see if this actually floats in the bath. The scent is right up my street thanks to the zesty orange and Sicilian lemon, it's refreshing and sweet and good enough to eat! I think this is going to look so cute in the bath with the pink and blue, I've even spotted some cute little red love hearts at the bottom!
The next thing I picked up was the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. Now of course I only bought this because of how cute it looks! I didn't even research what's in it, I just saw the cute pastel colours and had to have it! I'm pretty sure I picked this up last year too. I'm not sure why this is in the Valentine's range - I didn't realise Unicorns were romantic, but this would be a great Valentine's gift for your best gal pal! The Unicorn Horn Bubble bar has a subtle lavender scent with Neroli Oil to brighten your mood. Usually I don't go for Lavender but I do quite like the scent of this, it's very relaxing! Bubble Bars are my favourite thing to pick up from LUSH, so I can't wait to create some gorgeous magical Unicorn bubbles and drift away into some magical dreamy land.
The last thing I picked up this year was the Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon. I'm not too sure if this is new or not, I think LUSH have definitely done something similar previously. This is the most adorable little bubbleroon ever. I love the deep pink love hearts and the shimmering golden centre - this would make a perfect gift for your loved one. Of course I love the lemongrass scent with a hint of rose, it gives the normal citrusy scent that I love a romantic little twist. This is going to make the cutest bubbles, I can't wait!

Whether you're in to Valentine's Day or not, your can't ignore the fact that there are some amazing LUSH products out for the festive season. If you're buying as a gift or treating yourself this Valentine's Day, LUSH have the cutest bombs and bubble bars to choose from.

Have you tried anything from the LUSH Valentine's collection this year beauties?

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The Lazy Girl's Answer To Face Masks


The Lazy Girl's Answer To Face Masks Sephora
This post is a long time coming. Last year (yes last year!), I went to Disneyland Paris and had the most magical trip - I still need to write a blog post about that, oops! Whilst I was in Paris I just knew I had to escape the most magical place in the word for just a couple of hours, to go and find a Sephora! I had never been to Sephora before and knew I wouldn't be able to go again for a very long time, so I needed to take the opportunity to go. For the longest time I've seen people raving about the Sephora skincare, the face makes especially. I had to get a couple for myself, I picked up the Green Tea and Algae Sheet Masks and I've finally got round to trying them myself!

I was immediately impressed with these masks before even trying them because they require such minimal effort! All you have to do is apply the mask wait 15 minutes and then massage the excess in - no face washing at all! This is right up my ally, I love applying and relaxing with a mask on, but I hate the faff of scrubbing your face after to get it off, the Sephora sheet masks are the lazy girls answer to skin care! The masks are very wide so would fit the majority of face shapes and sizes. I did find the eye holes to be a rather odd shape and I'm not sure they fitted very well, but apart from that the masks are very easy to apply. They're very... moist - I'm so sorry to use this word I know the majority of people will be cringing like there's no tomorrow, but it really is the best way to describe them! I almost feel like a lot of the moisture gets wasted which is a bit disappointing, I just want to slather it all on my face!
I tried the Green Tea mask first because I've been noticing myself become very shiny by afternoon time and the Green Tea mask is supposed to mattify, whilst sort your blemishes out! The scent was very calming and this felt so soothing on my skin. It's very refreshing and cleansing - everything you would expect from a face mask! When it was time to peel off the mask, I was very excited to not have to wash my face! Instead you just peel this off, chuck it in the bin and massage the excess moisture. These masks do feel glorious to massage in to your skin, I almost felt like I was giving myself a mini at home facial. After about five minutes or so, your skin has soaked up all the goodness and is ready for the rest of your skin care routine. So, did the Green Tea face mask work? Well I kid you not, the next morning my blemishes that I just knew were ready to expose their disgusting little heads, had dramatically reduced! I had a couple spots that were brewing and these had been completely shut down by this Green Tea mask! To be honest I didn't really notice any changes to my shininess, but it definitely did reduce my blemishes!
After my great success with the Green Tea Mask, the next evening I tried the Algae mask. This one is  supposed to purify and detoxify. Again this mask felt amazing on the skin, so moisturising and cleansing. This ones smells a little salty/sea weed like, but not at all in an offencive way. I love how soothing these masks feel, they're so relaxing! After my 15 minutes were up, I peeled of the mask and massaged the excess thoroughly into my skin. The next day if I'm honest, I didn't really notice a difference but it was definitely a lovely experience!

I have definitely found the perfect type of face mask for me. The Sephora sheet masks are just genius and no fuss at all. I need to get my hands on some more of these, I think I'll be making my first little Sephora online purchase soon.

What other Sephora sheet masks do I need to try beauties?

Blogervisary Charlotte Tilbury £50 Gift Card Giveaway ending 26/02/2018

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Blogervisary Charlotte Tilbury £50 Gift Card Giveaway!


Blogervisary Charlotte Tilbury £50 Gift Card Giveaway
This day four years ago I posted my first blog post. It really does feel like it was just a few months ago, I can't quite believe it was in fact four years ago! I'm so happy I started this blog, I've really found my passion and what I enjoy doing. A lot of things have changed since 2014. I've grown up and moved house, I've started a YouTube channel, I've worked with some great brands and I've even got two little kittens! I love that I can not only have the opportunity to work with some amazing brands and write about what I'm passionate about, I also get to document my life and have something look back on.
2017 was an amazing year, I vlogged our trip to Disneyland, I started my Invisalign journey, I managed to get my first sponsored post and I hit the 1K mark on Bloglovin' & Twitter! These are all amazing things that I love that I can write/film about, that's the whole reason I started this little blog. I know for a lot of people, after four years they would expect tens of thousands of followers etc but everyone's journey is different and their own. I've been bit on and off with blogging sometimes and I can't thank my followers enough for sticking with me.
I have some exciting plans for this year, I want to move forward and grow my blog even more, I want to make the transition to WordPress early this year and I've also created a second YouTube channel, DailyLake's! Now I'm not planning on daily vlogging anytime soon, but it's definitely something I want to try in the future. You may also notice, I've called it DailyLake's and Simon and I are certainly not married.... yet! *wink face!*. We both love the idea of vlogging on the regular and documenting our lives to look back on, so why not create a channel together? I'm still undecided when I'm going to upload on this channel. I'm also battling with the idea of quitting vlogging on my original channel or not. It's hard enough to get a small following on one channel let alone a second, but I don't need to make any decisions yet. I can't wait to see what my fifth year of blogging will bring.

As a little celebration of my blogiversary, I always like to give something back. I want to give my followers a chance to win a £50 Charlotte Tilbury voucher. Charlotte Tilbury is such a gorgeous brand I know a lot of you would enjoy a little splurge! All you have to do to enter is be a follower of this blog and Twitter and you also have the option to increase your entries by Subscribing to our new YouTube channel!

This giveaway is open internationally and will close at 12AM 26/02/18
(All terms and conditions are below)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

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We Got Kittens | The First Week


It's the third week of 2018 and I've already completed one of my goals for the year, we got kittens! Simon and I welcomed in 2018 by adding two little fur babies to our family. As I'm writing this post, I currently have a little 10 week old kitten scratching me, biting my MacBook and climbing up my top and eating my hair! two weeks ago we picked up two little kittens, Theo & Lola.
My whole life I've grown up with a house full of animals and since moving in with Simon a year and a half ago, I've been living with no pets in the house! Simon and I would love a dog one day, but for the time being it wouldn't be fair for us to get a dog. Simon loves cats and I've always grown up with cats, so they are the perfect pets for us at the moment. We picked up our two little babies two weeks ago and we're absolutely obsessed with them. Theo is a little boy with blue eyes and white little socks and chest, Lola is our little girl with a pink little nose and ginger face. They're brother and sister and spend their days playing, fighting, eating and napping together. We really wanted to get two together because then they can play together and have company when we're not here. Even when we first picked them up and were in the car home, they were just so chilled out and snuggling up together. At first we thought Theo was the cheeky confident one because the first day we got him, he just loved to climb and explore and little Lola slept all day. In fact Lola is definitely the crazy wild child! Lola spends her day beating up her brother and exploring everything she possibly can. Theo's a little sweetie. He loves to play with his sister but also loves to snuggle up to you. 
The maternal side of me has definitely come out since getting these little babies! I find myself checking if they've had a enough to eat, if they've been to the toilet if they've been playing enough etc constantly. If I'm not at home, I can't help but text Simon to see how they're doing and what they're up to. Getting kittens is definitely an adjustment, we now have two little beings to look after. I feel like they need constant attention. If they're not needing to be fed, they've made a mess in their litter tray, or if they're not constantly attacking you and making sure you have no time for yourself, they're being too quite and you spend half an hour tying to search the house for them! 
I wouldn't say they've turned our lives upside down, but they've definitely shook it up a little bit. As much as they are a bit of work sometimes, they're so worth it. They're the cutest little things and have the best little characters. We love and care for them so much, they've turned us into a little family. 
We have vlogged them a little bit on the first day they came home, so if you'd like to see little Lola & Theo you can over on my YouTube channel. We can't wait to see their characters blossom.

Are you a cat or a dog person?

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Boxing Day Buys


The festive season may be over, but it just keeps on giving in my household. Over the past week I've been welcomed home with a mound of deliveries - my boxing day buys! Gone are the days I would go into town on boxing day and spend my Christmas money. Boxing Day is all about family, with a cheeky bit of online shopping of course. I bought a ton of skincare and a few other things in the boxing day sales this year.

The first two things I bought were the Origins GinZing moisturiser and cleanser. I've used the GinZing Moisturiser for a couple of years and I love how refreshing and light it feels. It smells absolutely delicious and I've been missing it the past month or two. I picked it up for just £20 on the Origins website. I also picked up the cleanser to go with it. I don't know why I have never tried the Origins GinZing Cleanser before. I knew I would love it, if it was anything like the moisturiser. This is a lovely scrub type moisturiser, it's not at all drying like some scrubs. It feels so creamy and luxurious when using it, my skin definitely feels fresh and new after. This is the perfect wake me up cleanser and moisturiser duo in the morning.

The next thing I bought was the Pixi Glow Tonic. I've been meaning to try this for the longest time! I bought a 100ml bottle for £10. Everyone raves that this just does wonders to your skin. I can't wait to give this a go and see how much a toner can really do. I really loved the Pixi and Caroline Hirons Double Cleanser so I can't wait to try more from the Pixi range.

I thought I was done buying skincare, until a girl tweeted about a crazy sale Superdrug were having and she swore by the Superdrug skincare. So I couldn't help but make the most of the crazy prices. I got a ton of products from the Naturally Radiant range for about £2 or £3 each, madness! I bought the Hot Cloth Cleanser - a dupe for the Liz Earl cleanser. It even comes with a muslin cloth and cost me under £3! I couldn't afford not to buy it. I've used the cleanser once and it feels lovely, it's very similar to Liz Earle, it has that same spa like scent. I also bought the Glycolic Tonic as well as the Glycolic Acid Pads. They both feel so lovely on this skin, I really look forward to this step in my skincare routine. I will do a proper review on the Superdrug range but I also picked up two moisturisers. The 2 in 1 Moisturiser & Serum, I really wanted to try this because I don't usually use a serum! The other moisturiser I picked up from the range was the Brightening Day Cream for normal to combination skin. I haven't used this yet, but I've been very impressed with the rest of the range. The last thing I bought was the Brightening Eye Cream. I've been so bad at using eye cream at the moment. I'm so glad I have found a very affordable skin care range that literally makes me feel like I've been to the spa! I'm going to use this range in rotation with my higher end products.

I also treated myself to some new makeup brushes over the festive period. I had £24 on my Boots card and luckily Boots had a deal on the Obsession Ultimate Marble Brush Set for £24, it was fate! I've wanted to try these tilted kind of brushes for the longest time and these were on such an amazing deal I couldn't not! I haven't tried them properly yet but I will pop a review up soon. The set comes with a couple face brushes, eye brushes, a blending sponge, a silicone sponge as well as a brush cleanser! I've never even tried using a sponge before let alone a silicone sponge, so I'm very excited about this set. Of course they look gorgeous too, thanks to the marble finish. They're still on sale online at boots for £24, reduced from £60!

The last thing I picked up was a repurchase, MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural. I love this finishing powder so much but had hit pan badly on my old one. I only really used this for special occasions since I hit pan, so I'm so happy I've bought a back up. I bought the same light shade but the numbers are different and the shade looks a tiny bit different, I hope it still suits me! I bought this with a gift card I received for Christmas - I just love being able to shop and not spend money hehe!

As you can tell my Boxing day buys consists of a ton of skincare. I'm willing to try anything to get clear and radiant skin this year.

Did you pick up any treats in the Boxing day sales beauties?

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2017 Most Loved Beauty Favourites


2017 Beauty Favourites including Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, NYX Ultimate Warm Neutrals Palette, L'Oreal Paradise Mascara, MAC Mehr and MAC Soft and Gentle.
I didn't try a massive amount of new makeup in 2017, but I certainly found some new favourites! When I find something I like, sometimes I just can't help but use it over and over for months. Here are my most loved beauty favourites from 2017.

2017 Beauty Favourites including Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette and L'Oreal Paradise Mascara.
2017 was the year I finally got my hands on the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette and I've never looked back since. This gorgeous palette features 18 warm peachy bronze shades that are so divine. The texture is so soft and creamy, they're beautiful to blend. Some of my favourite shades are nectar, luscious, caramelised and cobbler. I'm a sucker for a warm bronze shade and this palette has so many as well as some pops of colour to add to your look. To put the icing on top of the cake, this palette smells so sweet and delicious I could eat it!

Usually I stick to my maybelline mascaras or Too Faced Better Than Sex, but this year I couldn't ignore the hype the L'Oreal Paradise Mascara was getting. Since L'Oreal and Maybelline are part of the same brand, I thought I would give it a try and had high expectations. The Paradise mascara blew my mind, it's a complete dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara for less than half the price! My lashes are thicker, fuller and longer. I need to pick this up again, it's definitely a new staple in my makeup bag! You can see this mascara in action in my Dupe Alert post, comparing it to the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

2017 Beauty Favourites including NYX Ultimate Warm Neutrals Palette,  MAC Mehr and MAC Soft and Gentle.
Another new palette I picked up this year was the NYX Ultimate Warm Neutrals Palette. I had never tried anything from NYX except there butter glosses before, but couldn't resist the warm Autumnal shades of the Warm Neutrals Palette. I've been so impressed by the quality of this palette, I can't believe it was only £16 for 16 shades! The warm neutral shades are perfect all year round, the coppers and burnt reds are gorgeous for an Autumnal rusty look and for a heated Summer vibe! The shades blend lovely and they're not at all chalky or dry like other high street brands can be, I'm very impressed!

The lipstick I was obsessed with all of last year was MAC Merh. I love watching The Sacconejolys and Anna talks about how much she loves MAC Mehr. Anne looks gorgeous 24/7 and has amazing lips, so of course I'm going to buy whatever she's wearing! I love a warm nude lip, so I fell in love with this straight away. I think the warm pinky nude is so flattering, I can't get enough of it I've been wearing it non stop. It's perfect for all occasions, a natural day look or you can add some darker lip liner for a sexy evening look. The matte formula is so surprising, it's not drying in the slightest. If you want to see this lipstick in action then you can read my full review here.

The final product I want to talk about is the holy grail MAC Soft & Gentle Highlighter. I've used this everyday since like, forever! I can't not include this, it's my go to highlighter. It's just perfect for all occasions. I like to add this to my cheekbones and inner eyes everyday to add a natural warm glow. The powder is so soft and blendable it can give you a gorgeous natural glow, or you can go all out for a golden goddess sun kissed look. I think Soft & Gentle is a must have in everyones makeup bag!

I'm carrying all my 2017 beauty favourites into 2018, I just can't get enough of them! I'd love to know if you have tried any of these products beauties?

What were your most loved beauty favourites from 2017?

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