Colourpop Give It To Me Straight Eyeshadow Palette


So it's been a good few weeks since my first Colourpop haul and I've managed to try out some of my new goodies. I only bought one palette and I've been wearing it not stop ever since. Today I want to share with you my Colourpop Give It To Me Straight Eyeshadow Palette.

Base: Matter Of Fact, Crease : Straight Up, Blend: Fortnight
I usually stick to my high end eyeshadow palettes because they're usually amazing quality and so soft and gorgeous to blend. I couldn't help but order a palette though whilst I was making my first Colourpop order, as they are just so gorgeous and also very affordable! The Give It To Me Straight palette is just $16 which works out to just over £11 for 12 shades, which is just insane! I normally expect more affordable eyeshadow palettes to be a bit dry and not really have much colour payoff, but thankfully Colourpop has changed everything!
When I first unboxed the palette I couldn't help but think it was absolutely gorgeous. I'm a sucker for a shimmering warm bronze burgundy shade and this is just what my palette dreams are made off! The warm bronze shades are perfect all year round, at first all I could think about was wearing this in Autumn time with the lovely burnt copper and burgundy's, but of course this is perfect for Spring and Summer too thanks to the warmth! The palette has a great mix of matte and shimmering/foil like shades, I really can't wait to experiment more with the mattes. The colour pay off is amazing, I normally expect high street shadows to be hard work but these are something else! I love blending these shades, because the more you blend the more amazing they look. I was expecting some fall out thanks to the high shimmer, but again was very surprised with the great quality and no fall out! The glitter isn't too chunky, in fact it's more metallic so it's perfect for creating a beautiful multi dimensional look without having full on glitter chunks all over your face. My shadow always stays put and doesn't crease when I wear these shades, it's a perfect all rounder. Although there are some very beautiful stand out burgundy and mauve shades in this palette that are probably more suited to an evening look, this is great for day time too. There are some really lovely warm nudes and light metallics that work really well everyday. I can't really think of an occasion where I wouldn't be able to create a perfect look using this palette.

I'm so impressed with my first Colourpop eyeshadow palette, I really cannot fault the quality!
I'm sure I will be making another Colourpop order soon as I just can't get over how affordable and gorgeous their products are.

What else do I need to try from Colourpop beauties?

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How To Beat Bloggers Block | 15 Blog Post Ideas


How To Beat Blogger Clock | 15 Blog Post Ideas
When you run a blog it can be difficult to keep churning out high quality, regular content. From time to time you may find yourself in a bit of a blogging rut! I find the best way to try and get of this, is to list as many blog ideas as you can and writing them all down. Here's a list of some of my go to blog post ideas:

1. A favourites post - Grab a few of your most loved things lately and write a post about what you love about them.
2. A haul post - been on a a bit of a shopping spree? Write  post on your new goodies.
3. A review post - Tried out something new recently? Let your readers know about your most recent purchase.
4. What I've been watching - I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good netflix or youtube binge!
5. Shop your stash - Have a look through your makeup collection and bring out some golden oldies.
6. A daily makeup routine - Let us know about your most loved and used daily products.
7. A skincare routine - Tried some lovely new products recently?
8. A life update - Catch your readers up on what's been going on in your life recently.
9. An empties post - What products have you loved that you've used all up?
10. Nails of the week post - What's on your nails this week?
11. What's in your makeup bag - A look at the products in your everyday makeup bag.
12. A Night out look - Your go to evening look.
13.Your holy grail products - Your most loved products that you buy time and time again.
14. High street Vs high end - Your most loved products.
15. A blog post idea post - A list of some of your favourite go to blog post ideas!

I hope this has helped you get of the blogging rut we can all find our self in sometimes. I've really enjoyed this quick little blog post idea and I'd love to do more in future.

How do you beat 'bloggers block' beauties?

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Colourpop Echo Park Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick


Recently I made my first Colourpop order after years of lusting over so many gorgeous products, I finally got round to ordering some for myself! The first thing I new I needed to try was the Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks, so I made sure I picked up a few - you can read my haul post here. I had high hopes for the satin liquid lippies as satin is my go to formula, thanks to the gorgeous semi matte finish but soft creamy formula - usually! Ever since picking up my first Colourpop goodies I've been wearing Echo Park, non stop!

Colourpop's Echo Park Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick is a warm peachy nude,  I feel like it really is one of those shades that's great for all occasions and all year round. The peachy tone makes it a lovely Spring/Summer shade whilst the warm nude touch to it gets me all excited to wear it this Autumn, I love a warm nude to brighten up your look in the Autumn time. It's nude enough to be able to wear it in the day time but also has that pop of warm peach that makes it gorgeous for an evening look too.
The formula is just incredible. The applicator is just so soft and feels so lovely on the lips and the formula instantly feels creamy but so pigmented! After a couple of minutes the satin formula drys a little, leaving you with a velvety soft finish that looks like matte but it's so much more comfortable. This feels so lovely on the lips and not at all drying in the slightest, that's why I normally go for a satin lip! The staying power is sooooo impressive! The first day I wore this I applied it at 8AM, after talking all day, eating and even brushing my teeth (#invisalignlife), the liquid lipstick still looked gorgeous at 5PM and I'm not telling porkies I swear! I honestly can't fault the look, the finish and the feel of this product. I had high expectations and they were exceeded! I think the only slightly negative thing I could say about this was the fact the cute Colourpop logo has rubbed of since having this lippy in my bag for a few weeks!
Colourpop Echo Park AFTER I had eat far too many burgers and hot dogs!

I'm completely obsessed with Colourpop's Echo Park Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick and I'm dying to try more, I did pick a couple of others that I need to try out, but I've been so drawn to Echo Park! I can't believe the value and the quality, I can honestly say that this Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick is the best (and most affordable!) liquid lipstick I have ever tried, I can't fault it! I can't believe they are just $6.50 (around £4.50!). The gorgeous soft satin finish and the high pigmentation makes the custom charges oh so worth it!

What's your favourite Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick beauties?

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DIY Lash & Brow Tinting with Colorsport


I've always thought about going to get my eyebrows and lashes done but never really got round to it. I've always been a bit scared that it would go wrong and I wouldn't like it. The thought of spending a lot of money to maybe end up looking like something from a horror film, was something I just was not really prepared to do. The pressure to have perfect brows and lashes is all too real these days, we spend too much extra time perfecting our brows in the morning - I'd rather have ten more minutes in bed! So when Colorsport got in contact asking me to try out their 30 Day Mascara Dye30 Day Brow Tint Kits, I was on board!

 Before                                                                                                                                                  After
As I said I have never got my brows done before I've been too scared I would hate them, but I also would love to shave of some of my precious time in the mornings from my makeup routine. Colorsport's 30 Day Brow Tint promises minimum effort and maximum impact! Of course the thought of having to dye my own brows was a bit nerve racking, I've never done this before - but I was so eager to not have to worry about filling them in every single morning, I couldn't wait to give it a go. I followed the instructions and re watched the tutorials over and over again on the website. The application was very quick and easy. All you need to do is mix up the formula and brush it through your brows with the applicator and wait 2 minutes to wash it off - so simple! My brows are near enough black, so to be honest with you I wasn't sure if the Dark Brown dye was really going to effect my brows at all. Once I removed the dye, I was so thankful the dye wasn't completely over board and bold! My brows looked natural but neater and more defined. The dye has filled in my brows, they no longer have an ashy grey shade to them, they look refreshed and ready to go! The dye didn't make a dramatic change to my brows because they were very dark anyway, but I do feel comfortable enough to go out without filling them in now! Once I had put my makeup on, I looked at my brows and for once, I felt like they just didn't need to be filled in. The dye lasts for around 30 days and the kit costs just £6 from Boots at the moment (normally £8.25). You get enough for up to 16 applications, which makes this mind-blowing value for money! £6 for over a year of perfect brows!
Of course I tried the Colorsport 30 Day Lash Tint in Black a the same time. Again the application was very quick and easy. I watched the tutorial on the website and began the process myself. For this one all you do is apply the solution with a cotton bud onto the lashes and wait for 1 minute, then brush on the colour gel with the brush provided and leave on for a minute, then wash off. The whole process takes around 5 minutes! I love bold dark lashes and I spend so much time applying mascara in the morning to my non existent lashes, I was very excited about this product. Once the process was finished, my lashes looked immediately darker and more defined. I feel so much more comfortable now wearing no makeup, I feel like my lashes still look pretty even without mascara. The dye has really helped frame my eyes and and also make my eyes look a lot brighter and healthier as my lashes are now darker. The dye lasts until your lashes fall out and are replaced by new ones. So again this is incredible value for money, just £6 (normally £8.25) from Boots for around 12 applications! I still love to apply mascara when I go out, because I just love longer and fuller lashes, but this dye has definitely improved the appearance of my lashes and eyes when I'm not wearing makeup. Every girl wants to feel beautiful without applying makeup don't they?

I'm so happy I no longer feel the need to fill in my brows every single morning, they look defined and ready to go. I also feel so much more confident with my natural lashes. You can pick up the Colorsport Lash & Brow kits from Boots for just £6 until the 10th of April (£8.25 normally).

Have you tried at home tinting yet beauties?

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My Cosy Home Day Essentials


There's not a lot of things in life where I could proudly blow my own trumpet and say, yeah - I'm awesome at that! But the one thing I know I do right is a cosy home day! Life can be so busy and fast pased these days, it can be hard to find time to wind down and relax. It's so important to make the time to chill out and just have a cosy home day. I'm going to share with you my essentials for the perfect cosy home day.

The scene
You need to start of by setting the most relaxing and cosy scene. For me this usually involves my bed or the sofa with the cosiest blanket and my pyjamas/dressing gown. Simon and I both have a cream soft blanket from Tesco. I think they were only £10 each and they're so huge and so soft, they've even stayed super snuggly after being washed a zillion times. I love to have clean and tidy surroundings, otherwise I just can't relax. There's nothing better than chilling out in a nice and tidy house. I like to have everything smelling delicious and this normally involves burning a couple of candles. At the moment I'm trying to bring Spring in to my home so I've been burning my Yankee Candle in Pink Dragon Fruit, it's a lovely sweet fruity scent. In the colder months I love Bath & Body Works Leaves & The White Company's Winter candle. The new little essential that has made it's way into my cosy scene are my two adorable little kittens. Currently right now they are snuggled up on my arm whilst typing. They refuse to let me have five minutes without them, especially if I'm in my pyjamas with a fluffy blanket they can get all cosy in! As much as they can be annoying and get in the way, I just can't get enough of them and absolutely love that they feel like they have to be on me 24/7. They're cute, warm and fluffy - I think everyone needs a couple of kittens to make their cosy home day!

The chill time
So you're in your best pyjamas and have your favourite candles burning, now what do I do I hear you asking. Whatever you want to do! My favourite thing to do when I don't want to do anything productive is watch a boxset or a film! At the moment every spare moment I get I'm watching The Sex & The City boxset. I've watched it at least 3 or four times but I just think it's such a good binge worthy boxset I always go back to it. Another great cosy home day boxset is Gilmore Girls - I like to save this for Autumn time though! I've been trying to read more lately as I love just having a couple of hours getting lost in some love story or made up world. I've just finished reading Louise Pentland's Wild Like Me and it's such a cosy little read, you can definitely see Louise's sense of humour in this book! Of course I have a Harry Potter book on the go at the moment too, so I cannot wait to get back into the magical world of Hogwarts! Another amazing way to relax and unwind is of course taking the time to have a self indulgent bubble bath. I'm talking candles, all the LUSH products and maybe even getting the razor out! Again once I spend time relaxing I love to be watching a good boxset or catching up with my favourite YouTubers and TV shows. I love to bring the iPad in to watch vlogs in the bath!

The food
Every cosy home day must involve some of your favourite naughty little treats! I like to start a cosy home day with a my favourite go to breakfast - a bacon baguette! Most days I don't normally have time to make a delicious cooked breakfast (thank good because I'm sure that wouldn't be good for my waste line!). So usually on a Sunday I like to get a fresh baguette and have a delicious bacon baguette with ketchup and a coffee whilst again, I watch YouTube! Usually Simon & like to watch Louise Pentland's weekly vlogs on a Sunday morning with a bacon sarnie! Now as much as I would love to, you shouldn't really just eat a ton of crap all day long so I like to think I'm being super healthy by having a jacket potato and salad for lunch times usually. Then onto dinner time, now the ultimate cosy home day dinner for me is a home cooked roast dinner! I just can't get enough of the Yorkshires and the stuffing and roast potatoes with all the gravy! I'm the one who has to actually spend the two hours making the roast dinner, so if I'm having a really chilled out day, the next best option is of course a takeaway! Who doesn't want to slob around all day then order their favourite pizza to come to their door - perfect!

I love spending time in my home being super cosy and doing all my favourite things with Simon and the kittens, or if I'm feeling extra sociable my friends! It's so important to let yourself have a day or just a few hours in the afternoon to chill out and have some me time, so you'r ready to conquer the world again tomorrow!
I'm now going to make myself that healthy jacket potato and salad (to counter act that big fat Toby Carvery I had last night and the pizza I'm thinking about ordering tonight!) and snuggle up with my kittens, whilst I relax and maybe read a book this afternoon!

I'd love to know what your cosy home day essentials are beauties?

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My First Colourpop Haul!


My First Colourpop Haul
Last month I made my first Colourpop order after a year or two of obsessing over everyone else's hauls, I finally bit the bullet and made my first wonder over to the Colourpop website. I have no idea why it took me so long as I've always thought their products looked absolutely gorgeous and are super affordable (once you come to terms with the import charges!). I knew I needed to try their liquid lipsticks and I couldn't just stick to one or two, I wanted to try a few different formulas. I also couldn't resist a cheeky little palette and a couple of lip liners to go with my new lippies.

The first type of liquid lipstick I knew I needed to try were the Ultra Satin Lips. I love a satin formula it's so comfortable to wear but gives a gorgeous soft matte finish. I haven't tried these on the lips yet, but whilst swatching on my hand in my unboxing video, the formula felt so creamy and comfortable with insane pigmentation! I picked up:
Echo Park | A warm peach nude - it looks lot darker once swatched on my pale skin than in photos online, I can't wait to see how it looks on.
Dopey | A warm purple mauve - perfect for Autumn!
ILUVSARAHII 951 | A warm nude brown - I love this on the website, but I'm a bit nervous to try this myself as I don't tend to go for darker browns like this, but I'm also very excited!

My First Colourpop Haul Swatches
Left - Right | Beeper Liner & Lipstick, 951 Liner & Lipstick, Dopey Liner & Lipstick, Echo Park & Fairy Floss
I also picked up an Ultra Glossy Lip in Fairy Floss. I thought this would be the perfect everyday lip gloss that will look gorgeous for everyday wear. It's a pretty nude peach shade that will be great coming into Spring and Summer. I did actually wear this last week and my friend complimented the formula saying my lips look full and pretty!

I also wanted to try an Ultra Matte Lip. I only picked up one because I was a bit nervous about the matte formula and the chances of this being uncomfortable and drying. I chose Beeper, a warm brown similar to 951 but with a taupe hint to it. The formula is very thin but super high pigmented. I've only swatched this on my hand as yet, but it does look gorgeous on first application and I can already tell the staying power is insane as it won't scrub of my hand! It will be interesting to see how this holds out in everyday life.

I also bought a few of Colourpop's Lippie Pencil's to go with my new liquid lipsticks. The liners feel super creamy to apply and of course they're very pigmented, I cannot wait to see if they have the staying power. I chose three Lippie Pencils:
Dopey | It's described as a warm mauve just like the matching Satin Lip, but in fact I think it's a lot lighter. To me it's more like a purple with a hint of pink.
ILUVSARAHII 951 | This is described as being a little darker than the 951 Satin Lip to compliment the shade, but again I think this is actually a shade or two lighter. 
Beeper | A warm brown shade lighter than the Matte Lip.
I usually prefer my lip liner to be darker than the shade I'm wearing, so to be honest with you I am a little bit disappointed that I've found all of the liners to be lighter than their matching liquid lipstick. I would have thought they'd be at least the same shade, if not slightly darker. This doesn't mean I'm disappointed in the actual product though, I will still try them with their pairs and see how they look on the lips and I can always use them with other lippys!

My First Colourpop Haul Give It To Me Straight Palette
The last thing I bought was the Give It To Me Straight eyeshadow palette. I couldn't resist the gorgeous warm burgundy and copper shimmers. I know I have so many palettes like this but it's just so beautiful and so affordable at $16! On first impressions the shades are so gorgeous and there's a lovely mix of metallics and mattes. The formulas are lovely and soft and high pigmented to swatch but of course I will do a full review once I have tried the palette. At the moment the shads I'm most excited to try are:
Fortnight | A metallic rose burgundy.
Candid | A metallic warm copper.
Straight Up | A metallic warm golden nude.

I absolutely love the look of all my new Colourpop goodies and I can't wait to try them. Of course I'm sure I will be back with some full reviews for you. The products that stand out to me right now are the Ultra Satin Lips in Echo Park & 951, the Ultra Glossy Lip in Fairy Floss and of course the give It To Me Straight Eyeshaodw Palette!

Have you tried anything from Colourpop yet beauties? Do you have any recommendations for me?

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Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect


Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick Review

The last time I did a lipstick review was in November, so it's about time I share with you the lipstick I've been loving lately. I've been wearing the Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick non stop recently! I bought this a while back but have just fell in love with it all over again. It's the perfect lipstick to bring in Spring with.

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick Review
Even though I bought this two years ago (I probably should have chucked this by now due to the 'use by dates' eeek!), I've been wearing this non stop for the past month or so and I just can't get enough. It's a lovely peachy pink shade that's so easy to wear. It's kind of like a your lips but better shade. I've been wearing this for all occasions, meeting friends, working and even just around the house! Bitch Perfect is part of Charlotte Tilbury's K.I.S.S.I.N.G range meaning it's super comfortable to wear. This range is pact full of hydrating ingredients to ensure your lips look and feel cashmere soft and oh so kissable! It even protects your lips from UV damage! I love the formula of Bitch Perfect, it glides on so smoothly and creamy but it's not at all sticky. Bitch Perfect feels so lovely on the lips, almost like a lip balm making it such an easy go to lippy. Although the formula is lovely and moisturising, it does still last! Now I do apply again after I've eat food but that's to be expected right? Despite the creamy formula, the shade does look good five or six hours later. My lips feel and look fuller and plumper. I've been pairing this with the MAC Whirl lip liner lately to add a little bit of dimension, it's slightly darker but has a really nice orangey/spicy shade to it, that compliments the peachy tones in Bitch Perfect so well. I think this is going to look gorgeous coming in to the Spring and the Summer months. I definitely want to add some more lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury's K.I.S.S.I.N.G range to my collection.

Have you tried Bitch Perfect beauties? What else do I need to try from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range?

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February Favourites 2018


February Favourites including MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara and Charlotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect Lipstick
It has literally been 11 months since I last posted a monthly favourites. How is that possible! Monthly favourites were one of the posts that I used to love writing when I first started my blog, so I definitely want to do more this year. Now I'm not saying I'm going to do every month, but I will definitely be doing more than last year! The reason I haven't really been doing them is because I just feel like I've talked about all of my makeup! I use the same kind of products most days and only switch up a couple of things, so I just thought they would be kind of boring for you! Well I've decided to post a monthly faves anyway!

February Favourites including MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural & NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
Last month I switched up my daily base routine a little bit. Normally I would stick to my much loved Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation and Stay Matte Powder. This month I've gone a bit more high end - ooooh fancy! I've been using my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation as my everyday foundation and using my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural to set my makeup. I received a MAC gift card for Christmas so I stocked up with a new Mineralize Skinfinish, as I had hit pan previously. I love this powder so much it's so silky and leaves my skin looking so healthy and clear. I'm a sucker for a setting powder, I just can't finish my makeup without setting it! As much as I love my trusty Stay Matte, it can leave me feeling like my face looks a bit dry! MAC Mineralise Skinfinish leaves you with a natural satin finish, I think I'm going to be using this more often!
As I was using the Mineralize Skinfinish more often, I felt like it was only fitting to pair it with a high end foundation. Normally I save NARS Sheer Glow for special occasions, but I found myself just not using it enough. I've reached for this much more often recently and I've fallen back in love with Sheer Glow. It's such a gorgeous foundation for a healthy flawless finish. I love how buildable this foundation is, it's perfect for all skin types. You can use a little on a good skin day to give you that healthy glow or you can build it up to create a more flawless finish. I haven't had a good skin day in years, so I definitely find myself building this foundation up - a little does go a long way though. My skin looks so much more healthy and hydrated - I don't know why I stopped using this! Do you ever just love a product so much you save it for a "special occasion", well I've decided I'm going to stop doing that. If I love something, I'm going to use it as much as I can from now on.

February Favourites including Urban Decay Naked Palette, Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara and Charlotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect Lipstick
The eye shadows I've been reaching for lately have come from my beloved Urban Decay Naked Palette. The original Naked palette is by far my favourite. Last month I had been drawn to Sin & Virgin for my base shades. Virgin is a barely there pink/nude whilst Sin is a shimmering pale pink. I've been mixing these two to create my base and applying Toasted in my crease. Toasted creates a gorgeous soft shimmering brown look with a hint of copper and pink. I've also been adding Hustle to add a bit of depth. The shades in the original Naked palette are right up my street, they're shimmering bronzey perfection! Of course the quality is amazing, the shades are so soft and easy to blend -  everyone needs a Naked palette in their collection!
Last month I tried a new mascara! Maybelline sent me their newest mascara, Total Temptation and of course I couldn't wait to try it out. Maybelline do some amazing mascaras, so I definitely had high hopes. I usually stick with Lash Sensational to give me longer fuller lashes, but I think I've found my new holy grail! Total Temptation gives the same gorgeous lashes like Lash Sensational, but so effortlessly! Total Temptation is enriched with coconut extract to leave your lashes feeling conditioned and so soft, it makes my lashes feel so soft and light - gone are the heavy weighted eyes! I have wrote a more in depth review and you can also see this mascara in action here beauties!
The last product on my February Favourites is my most loved lipstick from last month, Charlotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect. Since wearing Invisalign, I've had to shy away from the deeper shades as it just gets all over my teeth and looks horrendous! Bitch Perfect has been my saviour! It's a pretty peachy nude shade that's perfect for everyday. It's like a your lips but better kind of shade. It's part of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range so it feels so nourishing on the lips, it makes my lips feel so soft and I must so they do look very kissable - if I do say so myself! If you're looking for a gorgeous comfortable lipstick for all occasions, Bitch Perfect is definitely worth looking at.

I hope you've enjoyed my first favourites back after a long old time without one! I'd love to know if you have tried any of my February Favourites beauties?
 What have you been loving recently?

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